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If you are like me, you've always drooled over dreamy destination weddings. Nothing says fabulosity like getting married on a sandy beach, with the ocean as a background, and the sun shining down. Ah, pure paradise.

I got the pleasure to design my first destination wedding album for Brigid---who also happens to have her own photography business called Ramblin Rose Photography. It's a bit nerve wracking when you design a photo album for a photographer: their attention to detail can be more precise than non-photographer brides. But after tweaking her layouts so that both of us are satisfied, her album is officially ready for print!

Brigid's photographer was Eric Dahl from Maui Wedding Photography. Now THERE'S a career that makes me jealous enough to cry...taking gorgeous photos of weddings in Hawaii? Yes, please!

Here are a few of my favorite layouts but you can see the entire album under 'example's at J.Lorene Design. As always, click the images to make them bigger.

On a completely unrelated note [something that should probably be it's own post, but I'm feeling lazy right now]: Keri is scheduled for a lung biopsy on Monday. The re-read her CT scan and cannot deny that the spot is bigger, so they feel a biopsy is the only way to properly diagnose her. You can read more about it at her journal but please keep her in your prayers [thank you for doing so even before this new discovery!]. I spoke to Keri last night and she was rightfully overwhelmed by all of this new information. I simply cannot imagine. Ugh.

One positive bit of news is that she WILL get her boob job on Tuesday! Yay for new boobies:) I know she's been looking forward to the new girls and after much discussion the doctors decided she could go ahead with the original surgery date. Needless to say, Keri has a big week ahead of her.

Not to sound like a broken record but please let Keri's story impact your life in some way. For me, the recent events have brought me back to reality again. It's made me reasses my priorities in life and has helped me let go of the little things that seemed so important last week. Looking at the big picture that is life, and stepping back from the daily grind has helped me appreciate life's little blessings. And I hope it's done the same for you.


  1. J- I am obsessed with your amazing work. You truly have a talent! Also, thanks as always for being such a great friend. You know I couldn't make it through everything without your love and support. I miss you lots!

  2. Holy Crap....that's gorgeous! I looooooove the shot of the rings in the sunflower!! And how could she not be happy with what you've done?!
    I'm thinking of keri and wishing her well.

  3. First off I LOVE my album. You did such an amazing job and were so patient with me.

    Second, Keri is in my thoughts and prayers, I couldn't imagine having to endure what she has gone through all before she turns 30! She is a strong woman, stronger than I have ever imagined myself being and with the new spot on her lung, I have decided to quit my "social" smoking habit that I have.

  4. I saw Keri's update on her journal. I think about her every day and I hope the results of the biopsy are nothing to worry about.

    Brigid's album looks beautiful. Her wedding lends itself perfectly to that style of album with the two-page photo.

  5. Another great album Julia! And I also think about Keri everyday. I'm so happy that she's going home this weekend. I think it's perfect timing.

  6. The book looks gorgeous! You did a great job.
    Keri is in my thoughts and prayers I read her journal everytime there is an update.

  7. Julia you have truly found your calling. Brigid's album is gorgeous.


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