Could I go to jail for this?

I wonder if applying leg warmers to your dog counts as animal cruelty? Hmmmm, something to ponder. Please observe.

My loving mother sent us an Easter care package and realized once she shipped it up to The Great North that the contents were a little biased towards the canine member of our family. Nate and I got a bag of M&Ms and an unopened Golf Digest addressed to my father---hope you didn't want to read your April issue, Dad.

The rest of the items were for our little spoiled fur baby. I'm frightened to see how she handles her first grandchild, aren't you? We might not even get M&Ms at that point. Probably just outdated copies of magazines will suffice.

One of Henry's pressies was inspired by four year old me, seen here:

Pay no attention to my tree-decorating skillz, nor my disgustingly sweet Sleeping Beauty pose. Even my pimped out pink leotard does not deserve the spotlight here....but instead, my rocking purple leg warmers are the point of interest.

Henry is bringing the 80's back, as you can see:
one legged warmer

I know what you are thinking. Argyle leg warmers for a dog? In April? The answer is 'Oh heck, yes' when said dog is this stinking cute:


Not only did he get leg warmers, but a new Easter bandanna, too. As if he weren't borderline gay already...
his new attire

"I want no part in this, woman. Take these absurdities away from me at once!"
stretch armstrong

"Maybe if I shake with enough brute force they will shoot off my arms in one freeing motion?"
aggressive shake.

"Mother, please. I'm being a good boy right now. But I might eat your face off soon if you don't stop laughing."

"Perhaps you didn't hear me?"
more hank

"And now you make me stay with a freaking treat on my paw? The horror! I could not hold more contempt for you right now."
totally pissed at us.

"Just give me my new fox from Missouri and I'll forgive you."
henry loves The Fox
All better now.

Until I force the warmers on him again just to see him prance around, avoiding any bend of his knees.

Cute, right? And I'll go ahead and say that Henry secretly loved the warmers but only pretended to hate me for them. In fact, I still got my face licked multiple times this day so it can't be so bad.

More weekend fun to come...stay tuned.


  1. i cannot even tell you how hard i am laughing right now. so hard it produced coughing. charlie is staring at me.

  2. Oh my goodness!! He is so so so cute!! haha!!!

  3. Doggie leg warmers???? What will they think of next?!?!! :)

  4. I LOVE the leg warmers!!! Miles needs some right away!

  5. That has honestly made my day! ha ha ha! :)

  6. I agree, that was totally hilarious!

  7. I love it. I have about 6 or 7 dresses and tshirts for my dog and people probably think its ridiculous!! lol....i think your pooch is adorable!!!!!!! and the leg warmers are much classier (lol) looking than the little pink dresses i put mine in :)

  8. Now that I know this exists, my pup will sure to be sporting them around STL. He struts when I dress him up. He loves it. His father, however, not so much.

  9. Oh my gosh, that is borderline cruelty lol. How can you go against his eyes?!

  10. Those doggie leg warmers are hilarious! I've never seen them before. :-)

  11. most adorable thing i've ever seen on a dog!!! my fav is the one of him trying to "shake" the leg warmer off :) too cute!



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