I have been attempting to show off Truman's teeth for some time now but he's just so shy about flashing his chompers at me for photos. So I had to be a little more aggressive with it. I mean, these teeth are like badges of honor for our household. They've been around for over a month now and seriously, it was not easy to deal with life when they entered into existence. Very unpleasant times until they finally cut through the gums....and thus, these little nubbins are both adorable and symbols of added lost sleep for everyone involved. Yes, it's THAT deep and important:)


Not only those two bottom teeth, but now all of a sudden I can see this upper right side tooth on the verge of breaking through. Of course, he didn't want me to show you this one either. But if you look REALLY hard you can see a little white glimmer of a tooth under the gum right by his upper lip on right side. I swear it's there. And actually, the left side isn't far behind, either. Sort of odd because they are coming in before the center upper two teeth...and these side teeth are almost popping through the front of his gums instead of coming through the under side. See how I over analyze every potential tooth?

Still chewing and drooling and at times, cries in a sharp pain just like he did for the bottom teeth. Which makes me think the uppers will be in within a week or so. And then I'm sure more will be on their way so that the first two years of life are sprinkled with teething episodes. Fun times!!! At least he has his spoon to get him through.



Oh and by the way, he's still freaking adorable. And almost pushing up on all fours.

And he's still generally happy and smiley and awesome.


Can't believe my baby boy is almost 8 months old! Doesn't he look so mature and less like a baby, more like a toddler? Sigh.


  1. He is ADORABLE!! I am sure you know that already, but I am just saying...

  2. Isn't it crazy? Brady is no baby anymore but he's still my baby, :)

    Teeth=suck. someone said to me the other day and i NEVER thought abuot it but when they fall out yu kinda cry inside bc you remember how hard you had to work for them! HA! We had 6 come in at one time=hell.

    When you posted about his sleeping on fb that is immeditatly what i thought--teeth, they are the root of all evil! HA!

  3. HAHA! That first picture is hilarious, yes, you um, got aggressive! :)

    Yay for Truman, what a big boy he is! Love all of the cute pictures.

  4. Ugh, teeth. Don't get me started. They are evil.

    My first son, teeth were a breeze. They all came in without so much as a single drop of slobber.

    My second son, it's a nightmare. Slobber, crying, red/sore gums, chewing on everything including my hair.

    It's really strange how two babies can be SO different. And somehow I knew it was going to be like that. Moving on . . .

    Truman is flippin' adorable. Those big baby browns? Gorgeous. He's gonna break some hearts unless you teach him not to :)

  5. Hailey is finally getting her first tooth and is such a trooper about it, I didn't even know she was getting them until I felt it coming up.

    Truman is adorable.

  6. He looks so grown up with his teeth! Aww :)

  7. Ugh, teeth!! Why does it have to be so hard for the little guys? We are on number six and seven in just two short months. Ridiculous!

  8. Just wanted to say hi and can't believe how big Truman is getting! I've been catching up on your blog and its so fun to read! Thanks so much and congrats on such an adorable boy!!


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