The Fourth

Something about holidays make me get all nostalgic and thoughtful. There's just something about repeating the same celebrations year after year that force us to reflect on the past and imagine the future. Fourth of July was like that for me this year.

The big Fourth that always comes to mind was in 2009. I had taken a pregnancy test that Friday after work and it was negative, and I was sort of bummed but okay with it because that meant I could have yummy beers downtown during the fireworks. Of course, little did I know that 3 days later I'd take another test and get a totally different result----mister Truman made his presence known. But that night of the fireworks downtown (with the yummy beers) I had fun with my new tripod. And Nate and I snapped pictures of each other, too. Fond memories...



And then last year in 2010---we had a chubby, four month old baby boy to celebrate. My parents were in town for the Fourth and I remember going downtown for the same fireworks while my father-in-law stayed home with Truman. I think I remember having to pump right when we got home because I was totally engorged from being gone so long. Again, ahhh----the memories.


And now this year in 2011: we have a long and lean 16 month old toddler to celebrate. We are still healing from our loss of baby #2, remembering my recent pregnancy test and 'final' drink before that test, just like the memories from the Fourth in 2009. But overall, this Fourth was a happy one filled with friends and festivities and not too much grief. Just a twinge of sadness mixed in with lots of contentedness.

We went to the Farmer's Market in Madison on Saturday with Dizzy, Andy and Charlotte and met Kelly and Jon there as well. Charlotte and Truman were born on the same day and I absolutely adore seeing them interact. Mostly they couldn't care less about each other's presence but sometimes they like to take things away from each other in true toddler fashion. Aren't they the cutest?




And the weekend of the Fourth we also pulled out our brand new blow-up pool. Truman wasn't too thrilled at first but by our second attempt, he was all over that bad boy. And can we please discuss his amazing swimming suit??



Whoops. Got a little mad at Daddy here.

But Dad redeemed himself by playing 'water the gut' with Truman. Works every time!


On the actual holiday I had to work for a few hours, so Nate and Truman and Tony all went to the local parade. Truman desperately needed a nap but he was a total trooper and hung in there for a bit. They busted out the back-carrier and it was a hit! Nate took these pictures for me, in my honor, and I am pretty impressed!




After T's nap and when I was home from work, we all walked to lunch and then over to this little local kid's party. There was a petting zoo and Truman LOVED the animals!! There was even a llama, just like his favorite book Llama Llama Red Pajama, and some of the sheep were 'baaaaa'-ing like mad. Overall, hilarious experience.





So that was this Fourth of July weekend. We did go to the big downtown fireworks again, like we have every year, but this time I didn't bring my tripod and I didn't have to pump afterward. And maybe it's just my old age (dirty thirty) this year but dang, those fireworks were so loud and long and there were just so many people everywhere. When did I become an old hag, I wonder? :)


  1. OMG those shark shorts make me want a baby boy like crazy - love!

  2. Ahhh, I loved this! Love your "pensive" 2009 shot, and vintage Truman is just TOO MUCH! I kind of hate fireworks, and haven't even made an attempt to go for 3 years. I still have 6 months until 30, but you wouldn't know it from the way I act already :)

  3. Great pics Julia! I had to laugh because we watched the downtown fireworks from out on our boat (like we always do), and they were so long I fell asleep! I feel so patheticly old :-)

  4. Something about having a child makes us always say "last year at this time...." too. Does that mean we're getting old?! :) Although I gotta say, we did enjoy the fireworks but then again, we have a little secret watching place with the rest of the Weiss clan here in Oak Creek. No crowds or dealing with traffic! I'm sure your big 'works beat ours though :)

  5. omg, we love Llama Llama -- have we discussed this before? :o)

  6. I too took a pregnancy test July 4th 2009, though unlike you mine was negative until just 28 days later. But I remember being sad that day...

    I also have grown to hate fireworks. Too loud, and I hate those people who light them off in their driveways 20 feet from where I'm (and the kiddo) is trying to sleep! I've aged CONSIDERABLY, and become pretty lame, since I turned 25 five years ago. :)

  7. The 4th is pretty much tied with Christmas as my favorite holiday, so I'm also very introspective and very much about "tradition."

    Love the looks back on the past two years. Can't handle the pics of Truman at 4 months!

    I'm glad that overall it was a good holiday for you! We're coming up on a year of our loss of Josiah, so I'm definitely revisiting the feels you are working through right now.

    Also, love Nate's pictures. It's so nice to have some confidence in handing them the camera!

  8. Although a crying baby is no fun, that picture of Truman crying is adorable!!!

  9. I love Truman's swimsuit. Everytime I go to the beach I find myself thinking, "I hope that baby has sunscreen on," which leads me to believe that I am getting old.

    I also adore the fourth of July. Its nice to have a holiday in the summertime where you can enjoy being outdoors with friends and family.

  10. I love goats! How cute are those guys? I want one. A pygmy one would be even better.

    Don't even say that 30 is old because 33 is right around the corner for me! I guess braving the annoying people at fireworks is what you do when you love your child? I'd better start preparing for that.

  11. You don't look like a hag... you look fantastic! And Little T is soooooooooo adorable... I think he and Lucy might just be soul mates. As always, great pics!!


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