It's been awhile and although I didn't think I had much to post about, turns out I realized some tidbits to share. Bullet points necessary.

- Truman had his first swimming lesson on Tuesday night and I was nervous about whether he'd like the big pool in a new place or not. He LOVED the pool we visited this summer but you never know with a toddler. Plus, I sort of pulled some strings and although the registration online said kids had to be 2-3 years for this 'perch' class at the YMCA, the actual description said kids 19mo to 3 years. So anyway, I got him in the class but later wondered if maybe he wasn't too young for this 'second step class'. Well, turns out that we have a little fish on our hands because he was obsessed with the lesson! It is only 30 minutes long and full of songs, splashing, kicking and jumping off the side. Truman could not get enough, flirted with his teacher, and made us so proud---until we had to go and then he cried for 'more wa wa!'. I can see that these Tuesday nights are going to be pretty fun and instead of both Nate and I going each time, I might let the boys have some togetherness time just the two of them. I mean I DO hog Truman's 1:1 time a lot during the week so I'm sure Nate would like T-time to himself. I snapped my pictures from my phone this first session anyway, so I think my job is done here. :)





-So it's almost November, which means we are creeping up to my lost EDD with Wren. November 29 is probably going to be a tough day for me, but I'm glad it's a Tuesday so I can be home with my boy. It's really hard to believe that I should be extremely pregnant right now, ready to pop out a baby, but in some ways it feels like it was lifetime ago that I got my BFP in March. I think I wrote that out of my six closest girlfriends, 3 of them were pregnant and due within a few months of my due date. Well scratch that---all six of them WERE pregnant but now two of them have already had their babies (both little girls, congrats to Andrea and Lindsey!). Which means, I should be next. And I'm not. And this is a lesson once again that miscarriages suck and the grief doesn't really go away with time---it just changes. I'm definitely more at peace with everything at this point but I am certain that this loss will forever mark my heart in a way that I cannot forget. I'd like to think that the physical, emotional, and financial pain we've felt through this journey has given me loads of character, not just aged me by 15 years. But anyway, coming to terms with my upcoming EDD and feeling very reflective.

-in the same vein, October 15 was National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day. I never made my loss public on Facebook, but I wanted to post something about it just the same. Here is what I posted, and I found it on a Bump chat board---just too perfect to summarize the importance of that day:
Today is National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day. Pregnancy and Infant Loss is not just something that happens to 'somebody else'. It happens to your sister, your friend, your coworker, the girl who checks out your groceries. It affects many families every day. Today I am remembering all the babies who were taken too soon from the families who wanted so much to have them in their lives

-Not related at all, but did I ever mention that I officially dropped my half day of work on Thursdays? Yep, I work Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays now and TOTALLY dig this extra full day at home with mister man. It's amazing actually, and I feel even more in balance with my mommy/PT roles in life. Nothing like working only ONE day in a row....ever, right? Nate wanted me to sign something in blood saying I would be satisfied with this newest drop in my hours forever. I just smiled and said, 'I'm very happy right now, baby.' And left it at that. I love messing with my husband, pretending that I might push to stay at home someday but in reality, I am truly happy and blessed with my current set up in the work force and don't see that changing in the near future.

-Sort of related: we have decided to make our first house hunt official at the beginning of the year! We'd like to get through the craziness of the holidays and then after the new year get approved for a loan and start searching for our first home! I am so freaking excited and yet terrified, you don't even know. Mostly, I am becoming even more obsessed with HGTV and specifically House Hunters, My First Place, Property Virgins, and the newest amazing-ment: Property Brothers. Um, have you seen this show? Two brothers that find you a 'diamond in the rough' house way under your budget, then transform it with your remaining money into the most badass house ever. I TOTALLY want to apply to be on every single one of these shows but mostly Property Brothers. Any idea how to actually get on these shows? Research to follow.

-A big happening around here? Truman pooped on his potty last week!! I about died from laughter and then almost cried because he is just so freaking adult-like sometimes. But really, the timing was just very lucky because he wanted to pee (has gone about 7 times in the potty now, I'd say) and after he did that I just asked if he wanted to poop, knowing he hadn't gone yet that morning. He simply said, 'YEAH' and then started grunting, also placing both hands on the floor in front of him. It was hilarious and gross all at once. Then once he produced a little turd he stood up, stared at it, and pointed saying, 'Poo Poo'. Gah! My son is a genius!! I of course did what most normal moms do (right?) and snapped a picture, texted it to Nate, my mom and my grandma, and then wondered if that was inappropriate. I really REALLY want to share it here too because his face in the pic just cracks me up, like: Did I just do that? So I blurred out the actual poo and I hope you don't mind. I feel like blurry poo is much better than actual logs, right? And now I have become that mom who talks a lot about poop. So sue me.

We flushed the poo into the big toilet and waved 'bye bye' to it, and now my child loves to talk about his poo going bye bye. Ah, the life of a mom. Iloveitsomuch.

-Can we discuss the glory of pretzel buns? Have you tried them yet? Is it just a Wisconsin thing? I just did a little search and the brand we buy is called Pretzilla and it's a Milwaukee company, but I swear you all must hunt these down in your grocery store. The burger buns are like pure heaven in your mouth---a little soft in the middle with the firm outer shell of a pretzel. I am not kidding, I could eat a bun of pretzel every night and pair it with burgers, chicken, turkey sandwiches, ANYTHING and it's amazing. You can thank me later. Unless you have been eating these for years, in which case, why didn't you say something earlier??

-so the Brewers actually had a great season this year and even made it to the playoffs. When my parents were in town visiting earlier this month (did I even post about that? I am an awful blogger, btw) we decided to get tickets on a whim because the Brew Crew played the Cards. That day it was basically 400 degrees outside for Milwaukee in October but the game was SO much fun. Went with my dad, Nate's dad, and Nate and the Brewers pulled out a win that day (we won't discuss the final outcome of that series, however). This reminds me that baseball games are incredibly fun to watch live in the ballpark but totally awful to watch on TV (at least in my opinion). Also, it was very scandalous for me to cheer for the men in blue, FYI. I'm surprised I didn't get more hate comments on Facebook for that one, but I've lived here for 4.5 years now. I think it's time to embrace Wisconsin sports, no?

-If it were a few years ago, I would have devoted an entire post and 100+pictures to this cause, but um...Henry celebrated his 6th birthday on October 18! He is such a great doggie and we love him dearly. Poor babe has certainly experienced some major life changes since Truman was born but let's get real, he still has an amazing life so don't feel too sorry for him. To celebrate his aging I am getting him groomed tomorrow....since it's been almost 3 months since the last time. Whoops! Also, this iPhone pic shows Henry on his birthday with my son---who demanded to wear socks with sandals that morning. You pick your battles, people.

-we tried to enjoy the last warm days around here by going to our new favorite park, where I snapped this picture. And seriously, he looks like me here, no? And also he looks 16 years old but let's not talk about that.

-I finished all three Hunger Games books and loved them. Does that make me a teenager again? No? Well what about the fact that the next Twilight movie comes out next month and I'm practically salivating over the visual in my head for the honeymoon scene. Drooling now over it---so again, I must be 14 at heart, right?

-I think that is it and I better stop now, before I just keep writing more Truman updates and using up all of my information and pictures before his 20 month update comes next week. I'm sure I can find more to ramble about by that p0int anyway, don't worry.


  1. YOU BLURRED THE POO!! :dead:

  2. I also am SO excited for the new twilight movie. It can't come out soon enough! Truman does look like you in the swing picture! Lucky! My Henry looks like my hubby John.

  3. So glad you're back on the blogging bandwagon, I've missed your posts :) xoxo GO CARDS

  4. I'm SO impressed that Truman is already potty training! I know you don't need me to tell you this- but he seriously is advanced! (And I'm totally that mom that talks about poo, too.)

  5. Oh, the blurred poo and his face - both are hilarious :)

    I've been thinking of you as November and your EDD approaches... I know it'll likely be a hard month and with each person who was pregnant with you giving birth, while obviously you're thrilled for them, it still must sting.

    Good luck househunting. While I do eventually want to move to a bigger house, reading people's accounts of searching and remodeling and all that comes with the process.... makes me want to stay put for awhile :)

  6. Hilarious poo picture. Go Truman!!!

    So excited you'll be officially house hunting at the beginning of the year!! I did love those shows when we were looking - My First Place, House Hunters - and I did do the research on getting on - you can just apply on HGTV's website!! That'd be awesome if you guys got picked. ;) We never applied because it would have been too much time off work to do the shoot, but I sure think it'd be fun!

  7. Great update - love following along!!

    And TOTALLY WITH YOU on the Hunger Games! I just finished the third book and loved them all. I wish there were three more!

    And. OMG. Twilight. Can't. Wait. I'm about a week past my due date right now and I already bought my midnight showing tickets knowing my kid will only be a few weeks old. Sorry, but nothing gets between me and Twilight when there is a honeymoon scene involved!!!
    : )

  8. The poo story makes me laugh because I got a very similar text when my nephew did the same thing from my sister only there was no blurring in her photo. ha! I love the swim pics...he's so big!

  9. I die over the swimming pics. And the poop photo? Priceless!

    You know I'll be thinking and praying for you at the of November.

  10. Hahahah I am sure future-Truman will be pleased that you added the modesty blur to his poo. But good for him! Also loving his bat tat and he for SURE looks just like you in that last picture.

    So glad you guys get to look for a house soon! Please post all about it because I LOVE that kind of stuff. Property Brothers is pretty legit and also the only show on HGTV that I can get my boyfriend to watch without protest...so...yeah, you should probably apply to be on it.

  11. His Face!!! So funny, like a mix of pride and "Mom this is weird that you're taking a picture right now" Hysterical!

    I actually just had my two year anniversary (what a nice word for a crummy day) of the day that I miscarried, and I didn't even remember it. I remembered two days later when I looked at the calendar. It blew me away because my EDD had me depressed for three months (1 month before, the month of, and 1 month after), and the 1-yr mark of losing our baby, I cried the whole day.

    Time doesn't heal all wounds but it does soften the intensity of the blow. I still think of our baby often, but maybe the fact that I didn't spend October 18th in misery means that I'm finally having the courage to look forward again? And hope of exciting positive pregnancy tests and tiny babies soon?

    On another note... yay for house hunting! Very exciting!

  12. Julia, If you liked the hunger games trilogy, you HAVE to read Divergent by Veronica Roth. I loved the Hunger Games, and this is even just a little bit better. Tris and Four are such well written characters. It's the first also in a trilogy series. I'm already salivating for the second one to come out!!

  13. Yay for swimming and pooping on the potty and house hunting. Lots of fun adventures to come with your fam.

    I will be thinking of you as this hard date approaches. I can't imagine what that must feel like, Julia.

  14. Loved the poo story and the picture. So awesome!!!

  15. Found your blog through something Kristal pinned on pinterest and I'm loving it! I grew up east of St. Louis about an hour and am now south of Milwaukee about 45 minutes. I've been up here almost 10 years now (it's just weird to say that!) and I still can't claim the Brew Crew. Go Cards! :) Anyway, I've bookmarked your blog and look forward to continuing to read about your gorgeous family!


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