13 weeks: sugar plum fairies

Thirteen weeks: 11.23.11



Size of baby: a beautiful fuzzy peach according to The Bump, and an ugly shrimp if you listen to Baby Center. But what is that you see up there? A plum. Because peaches are not in the stores up here in Wisconsin in November and I think holding a shrimp for an 'artsy' picture is sort of gross. So I had to get creative and just chose a plum because it's somewhat similar in size to a peach. And really, the plum was the '12 week' fruit according to Baby Center so I guess I should have used it last week and used the dumb lime this week. Oh well. This fruit picture stuff is harder than it looks!

Cravings: SUGAR! And not 'just' chocolate, like always, but the fruity candy stuff, too. Digging into Truman's Halloween stash I discovered Jolly Ranchers fruit chews. Amazing. Also, if you are a fan of Trader Joe's like we are here, you must go buy hundreds of boxes of their Peppermint Jo-Jos. Only around for the holiday season and freaking mind blowing.

What I love: Hitting the magical teens! In 3 more days I will feel confident in chanting, 'I made it to the second trimester, baby!' Also, still loving my doppler.

What I'm looking forward to the most: Coming out on the blog and Facebook next week at 14 weeks. Talk about making it official. Eek!

Worries: Oh, you know, the usual suspects like having a miscarriage, starting to bleed randomly for no reason, etc etc. But overall my worries have been less of a mental burden this week.

What is different this time around: Um, the bump. I am not sure how much longer I'm going to last in regular pants which is amazing, considering I didn't switch to wearing a bella band until about 18 weeks with Truman, and no maternity pants were worn until after 20 weeks. Love it.

Symptoms: Holla at your girl for wearing my B cup bras again! This is HUGE (no pun intended). Still tired on occasion with naps thrown in a few times each week. Emotional and over-sensitive. And starving.

Sleep: My best friend. T has managed sleeping in until hours like 6 and even 7 am so life is very good right now. The urgency to pee in the mornings is a lot less intense, too.

Movement: Still with occasional taps, getting stronger over time, but only a few days a week. I am still not 100% convinced it's the baby but basically 90% convinced. I did feel Truman at 14-15 weeks so I know it's not impossible but still SO early!

The belly: fluctuates GREATLY. In the mornings it's basically non-existent, but by the afternoon it's out of control. Definitely worse at certain angles and when I have to pee (hence why these varying belly pics each week might not follow a perfect progression overall). I really believe my 13 week belly this time compares to my 23 week belly with Truman. Might have to show comparisons side-by-side soon to convince you of the madness.

Boy or Girl: no intuition just yet.

Milestones: the babe has fingerprints, is almost 3 inches long, and weighs about an ounce. Seems like a real baby in there now!

Best moment of the week: telling my boss and co-workers the good news this week, Nate telling his work friends/other friends, and overall allowing myself to feel confident in this pregnancy.

(more pictures from our Thanksgiving trip, taken right at 13 weeks by my beloved hubby. Did I mention he is getting REALLY good at using my camera lately?)

(tee shirt from Etsy seller 'Heather Rodger Designs'--highly recommended. I let Truman choose the design after I narrowed it down between three. Of course he picked the excavator. )


And the video of how we told Memaw the big news on Thanksgiving day:


  1. Love your pictures! Can you husband teach me how to use my camera? Please.

    Looking great!

  2. I am loving the fruit photos! What a great idea. It will be so nice when you can put them all side by side at the end of a wonderful pregnancy :)

  3. Oh I love your photos! SO exciting that you're almost caught up to real time... YAY!

  4. Congratulations!! I just caught up on your blog - thrilled for you and your family after this tough year. Prayers are with you for a healthy pregnancy and baby!

  5. Loving the pictures! Maybe someday my husband will be as good with the camera :) FYI...I have been craving sweets all pregnancy long too! Not much of a sugar person...but OH WOW have I been loving sugar these last 5 months.

  6. I'm loving your bump pictures!! Is Nate taking them? He's doing an awesome job.

  7. oh yes, Nate is taking all the pictures. I just do the fun cropping and editing after to spice them up a bit. And he's even using the manual mode after I've harped on him for so long about using auto!! He's getting good with practice, that is for sure.

  8. The bump pics are so cute! I love the last one -- that should definitely go in the next baby book! :)

  9. Congrats Julia! So happy for you & your adorable family. Loving the bump pictures...and that video totally made me cry! :)


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