24 weeks: egg planted

Twenty-Four weeks: 2.8.12







Photo thoughts:
I was really happy with these shots Nate took this week. So many cute ones of Truman and I look half-way decent/awake. And thus, I had to edit a lot more than usual.

Size of baby: An ear of corn according to BC, which there was a 0% chance of me finding in the stores in February. Or a papaya according to TB, which is totally non-existent up here this time of year, too. And so? We got creative again, but this time I picked my own food of choice. An eggplant! Which is what TB says I'll be next week (and then for the following 3 weeks after that). Isn't she pretty?

Cravings: Soda. Nutella (first time ever having it = obsessed). Oranges. BLT sandwiches. All sweets under the sun. And even my PB&J sandwich tasted SO good the other day. Everything tastes amazing and I just can't stop eating right now. Love it. This was the first week that I was honestly craving a cold beer at dinner---it's really not fair when Nate indulges in the bubbly goodness right in front of me. Maybe someday I'll be zen enough to have a bit myself...

What I love: Indulging in all of my mouth's desires. Hitting the viability day milestone. And being 6 months pregnant.

What I'm looking forward to the most: Starting to paint her crib. Our hardcore paint sprayer arrived in the mail today and I am dying to get my hands on that puppy.

Worries: I've been hearing a lot of stories about pre-term labor lately, and even though hitting 24 weeks means baby girl would stand a chance outside my womb right now, I really REALLY don't want to experience that if possible (obvi). I'm also convinced that she will be breech when it's time to birth her. No idea why I believe that, but I just do.

What is different this time around: Oh, you know. Just being a HUGE slacker compared to the Julia of 24 weeks past. Since last time I was busy painting canvas prints by hand, buying even MORE furniture for Truman's nursery, and being a total over-achiever in every way possible. But at least my belly bump is over-achieving this time because holy crap, my bump was still so tiny back then! It's funny that I forced myself to wear maternity shirts at 24 weeks last time b/c I felt I deserved it, not because regular shirts didn't fit anymore. Ha. Baby girl is definitely forcing my body to be 'more pregnant looking' this time around. Even if I can't tell her that the nursery was finished by the third trimester, I will tell her that she beat her brother in the bump department.

Symptoms: Still with odd tight ute feelings. Sometimes my back hurts when I lay or sit down. And I'm definitely getting more winded coming up our stairs.

Sleep: Fine. Passing out pretty easily, still super congested while sleeping, and then a little more tired during the day this week. But overall I have no complaints on my BFF sleep.

Movement: She's a soccer player, that one! I'm starting to notice a pattern for her most active times (about 10 am, 3 pm, and 10 pm) and I'm trying to get Truman to feel her from the outside. So far no such luck, since both kids have pretty short attention spans right now:)

The belly: It's big/small again. I get a lot of comments on how 'small' I look in person and yet there are some days when I look down and think, 'Holy hell----that is one big baby belly already!'

Milestones: Viability day!! She's gained 4 ounces since last week and is over a pound total. Her brain, taste buds, and lungs are developing like crazy right now, too. Go, baby girl, go!

Amusing comments from the general public: Nothing too awful this week really. I stopped by the office at work one day and 50% of the people who saw me said I am sooooooo tiny and the other 50% were able to tell I'm actually pregnant without me mentioning it first. So weird.

Best moment of the week: Finally choosing a name for our baby girl!! This was HUGE, you guys, because I really thought she'd be the first person in history without a name. A separate post to follow (but don't get too excited, I'm not going to flat out tell you her name, sillies, but maybe I'll give you the top four) to document the lengthy process of naming our second child. Hint: we are still married after the drama and this is very good news. :)


  1. Super cute pics, Julia!! And your first time having nutella?!?! Girl, you hadn't lived before then! :)

  2. Congratulations on week 24! Always a big milestone, for sure.

    I'm going to be the dork who asks you what kind of paint sprayer you invested in. I've been researching the like crazy in order to spray paint our kitchen cabinets, and I'm just wildly curious about which one you opted for.

  3. Heather~we got the Wagner Control Spray Max HVLP one on Amazon, I believe. I read about this one on a blog and Nate was all over it. Hope to use it on our cabinets in the new house, too---at least the bases. And maybe the wood trim. And maybe the walls. SO many projects!!

  4. I love the photos this week! Adorable!

    I will confess that I drank wine on occasion (maybe five times total) once I was out of the first trimester ;)

  5. YAY! Viability. The NICU RN part of me always does a little happy dance when the day arrives!
    Super cute pics of you and Truman this week...he gets more and more handsome!

  6. Love the pics, and I love your shirt. I am a big fan of grey so it's no surprise :)

    I have had a few glasses of wine - maybe a total of 3. It mostly just makes me tired and then I want more :( Not worth it!

    I also love "indulging in my mouth's desires" - what a perfect description of this stage of pregnancy :) ha!

    I'm excited to hear about the baby naming process for you, even if it is still several months from finding out the actual name. It's so interesting to me how differently we all approach this issue - a ton of my friends are big on not sharing the name at all with anyone, many won't pick a definitive name until they "meet the baby", and then there's me - who will share with anyone in person who asks me, and can't imagine waiting until the birth to pick a name :)

  7. I confess too...I had a few (3 or 4) drinks when I was preggers with G. It was nice and as far as I can tell, she's a-okay :)

    So odd about your breech comment because I had a moment like that too. Around 5 or 6 months I told Jim I had a really strong feeling baby girl was going to be born via c-section and without skipping a beat, he agreed (???) Obviously our intuition failed us (thankfully) but I find it funny that we had similar thoughts.


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