35 weeks: A honeydew melon

Thirty-Five weeks: 4.25.12




Photo Thoughts: Definitely getting lazy over here with 'self portraits in mirrors' lately. No time or energy to get Nate and T in on it, let alone go outside for a photo shoot. Maybe sometime in the next 5 weeks that will happen again. Also, my belly is big and veiny.

Size of baby: A honeydew melon according to BC, or a butternut squash according to TB. Pretty darn big. And just so you know, this week's melon was SUPER expensive at $5 but I am so freaking close to finishing this frickin project, I splurged anyway. Aren't you proud? I don't even like melons.

Cravings: Still getting that overly full feeling after every meal. But come on, like THAT really stops me from enjoying all food:) This week I was really into juice. You know, the frozen concentrate kind that we buy for Truman as a 'treat'? Yeah, I'm downing it all by myself. The Strawberry/Apple/Banana flavor is my fave.

What I love: Being so freaking close to the end! Giant belly. Huge kicks. Marveling at what my body can do to grow this little girl. Did I ever mention that I love being pregnant?

What I'm looking forward to the most: Having her. Plain and simple. Isn't that a given for this point in my pregnancy?

Worries: Still nervous about my BP acting a fool in the next few weeks. Also, on Thursday (April 26, the day before my birthday) I have an OB appointment which would normally be really exciting for me. But instead, if you do recall, that is the exact day that we had our bad ultrasound with Wren last year and so I have a lot of anxiety and worries flooding back to me about that time in our lives. I know this is a different pregnancy and we are most likely going to meet a healthy baby in a matter of weeks. But this big 'anniversary' is a tough one, still. I also worry that she is hiccuping too much again and one day I even thought she flipped around breech because her hiccups were literally under my ribs instead of being down by my crotch. I've also had a few times when I....ahem....leak a bit after peeing and although I'm sure it's just left-over pee, I still wonder if it could be a slow water break of sorts. Ugh. So many worries, so little time.Very glad I get weekly appointments with my OB now, if nothing else but to ease my troubled mind.

What is different this time around: I love that I kept a blog with Truman because I'm dying over these posts---so many memories! Last time I was already dealing with high BP, we had just finished up the last of our 5 showers, I was getting ready for my maternity pictures with Andrea, and I was feeling more tired. This time we've obviously had no showers and (thankyougod) no high BP issues, but I am definitely feeling more tired lately. And I think my belly might still be a little bigger this time around but I don't know---that 35 week shot from last time is no joke, either! Maybe this is the 'point' in my pregnancies where I really do start to look 'huge' and somewhat normal in the belly bump department. I sort of love it though.

Symptoms: Upper belly pain, sharp kicks in the ribs, very uncomfortable while sitting because of my upper back and belly, difficulty getting up from the ground or from laying down, and for about the third time ever, I actually woke up in the middle of the night to pee. Can you believe that I've lucked out in that department and really don't have to wake up for the nightly treks to the bathroom? Well, I almost peed myself one night at about 4 am and it felt SO good to make that potty trip. Maybe this means little girl is getting bigger and heavier on top of my bladder. But I really do think my bladder must be made of steel because everyone else I know has to make numerous trips to pee at this point. Not me! Should I worry about this? (wink wink)

Sleep: Still good, but last week it was a little more rough just because Truman had a cold and was up each night for a few hours. Which made me REALLY tired and then subsequently frightened. Because seriously, waking up one time for a few hours in a night? Nothing compared to what lies ahead and I was in a really bad mood each morning from lack of sleep. I hope I can toughen up a lot before she arrives!

Movement: Crazy girl is all over the place. I definitely see a pattern in her movements though---not much in the morning but then by mid afternoon she is a nut and in the evenings/middle of the night she won't slow down, either.

The belly: Gigantic (for me). Love it.

Milestones: 35 weeks down and 35 days to go, means I'm at that glorious 35/35 milestone!! Apparently my uterus has now grown to '1000 times it's regular size' which is both fascinating and kind of appalling. I mean, where do all of the other organs go?? As a human anatomy lover, this part of pregnancy astounds me. Baby girl is 17-18 inches long and 4-6 pounds now. She won't get a whole lot longer but will fatten up from here on out. And supposedly her hearing is totally finished developing now, too. Sounds like a real baby in there!

Amusing comments from the general public: I can't think of any doozies from this week, but I didn't really work too much with my family in town all weekend. And of course they only had nice things to say about my size because they are family and know I'm really sensitive to being 'too small'. I did have one guy say, 'OH, are we expecting?' while rubbing his belly. When I said that I am, indeed pregnant, he said 'with a girl, I see.' Um, yes. But I find that very weird that a random dude can tell she is a girl in there without me confirming that. I guess there is a 50/50 chance to guess right, but now that I think of it a lot of people have said things like that before. Very odd.

Best moment of the week: I spent all weekend with my mom, my dad, and my Aunt from Texas working on house projects. Many more blog posts in the works but we had a SUPER productive weekend and lots of Roman shades to show for it! Also, I bought my second round of adorable baby girl clothes for miss lady. This means she will NOT be naked for the first few days of her life, although her wardrobe still has a lot more room to grow. I got about 17 different items for $50 at this amazing consignment sale and am loving it all. Not only did I buy her outfits, but I got the first pack of newborn disposable diapers, a crib sheet, a trash can for diapers, and splurged on some Aden and Anais swaddle blankets (something I always wanted for Truman). This means that I'm about 1000x more prepared for her than I was last week. Combine this shopping with the fact that I painted her crib, reassembled it, set up the brand new rocker we ordered, and started putting things into her dresser and closet? I'm feeling SO much better about our preparedness. Still many things to do in the next 5ish weeks, but man---looking into her nursery and seeing all of her furniture in there is priceless. I'm feeling so proud of myself for finally getting prepared that I even made out a 'hospital bag list' on my phone---starting to think about what I'll need to take with me. Talk about making this whole thing VERY real!!

Since I've never even had an excuse to post anything 'fun' or 'baby-prep related' in these weekly posts yet (since it's been all house business and bland), wanna see a sneak peek of nursery things? I wish I was ready for a final reveal but since I literally JUST started on her nursery this week, I guess that will have to wait.

Her Roman shades my mom made (LOVE):

 The amazing quilt my mom sewed for her! Who loves chevrons?? I wish this picture did it justice...

A sneak peak at her PINK painted crib (a project I actually did myself!):

I so want to post more pictures of my little project but want to wait for a 'final reveal' to really get your heart rates going with all that pink. :) Plus painting it was a lot more work than I thought, so I think a separate 'how to' post is a must, don't you?

And finally: the new badass glider and ottoman that are seriously blowing my mind.

Yes, they were a major splurge but oh, so worth it. I could (and should) do a whole post on this bad boy. Perhaps when I do the official nursery reveal post I'll spill more deets if you care. But for now just know that it's the Baby Letto Nara glider with the Kyoto ottoman in Ecru both purchased from My Urban Child with free shipping and an additional 10% (discovered by my deal-hunting husband after lots of research). SCORE. This is the most comfortable, highest back rocker I've ever had the pleasure of sitting upon. Do you have any idea how hard it is to find an upholstered rocker/glider that is cute, less than $1000, and has a tall back? This was the one 'new' thing I really wanted for this nursery--a comfortable, tall back rocker that would let us rest our tall heads on it during the countless hours of rocking baby girl. With Truman's nursery we just used an old wooden rocker that I repainted and made cute cushions for, but it was never really that comfortable and I couldn't effectively rest my head on the back. And now that we have a rocking ottoman to go with this glider, I am literally in heaven. We plan to move our beloved glider and ottoman to the main living area when she is finished with her rocker because it's very modern and not at all 'babyish', in my opinion. Okay, so I just posted all of the details you'd ever need. Whatever. Can you tell I am obsessed?

And a few of the most adorable outfits I snagged at the sale, which are all washed and packed into the appropriate drawers!



Could you die? I could. I never knew the wonders of shopping for girl clothes but wow, it's so much easier to find them over cute boy outfits!

How's that for an informative post? Belly shots, updated on the pregnancy, pictures of her nursery AND clothes? I deserve a nap. :)


  1. Loved your post! Those colors for your nursery are great!

    Like you I seem to have a bladder of steel that keeps me from getting up in the middle of the night. I keep hoping that means good things for me somewhere down the line. Gotta have more then one use for this super powerful bladder. Ha!

  2. Love love love it all. The roman shade, the quilt, the crib...the clothes!

    Now that you're this far along and baby girl H looks just like a REAL baby, I can't wait to see the traits she got from mommy and daddy.

  3. Ahhhh everything is so cute!! I can't wait to see the whole nursery.

  4. Love your belly.

    SO jealous of your not waking up at night to pee - I swear, I was up at least three times a night through most of this last pregnancy.

    And that chair is to die for.

  5. Hey Julia! I love how your Mom's Roman Shades turned out. She will have to do a guest post or something to tell us how to make them! :) I love everything you have done so far! Can't wait to see it all complete!

  6. So much to comment on!

    a) your belly pictures kind of depress me because I feel like my bump is barely smaller than yours and I'm only 19 weeks. :-/

    b) I wake up to pee at night when I'm NOT pregnant. I'm jealous of that bladder of steel you own.

    c) the quilt is amazing.

    d) the crib is amazing.

    e) the glider is amazing.

    f) dying to see the nursery full picture!!

  7. New reader here -- I've been lurking for a month or two, drooling over your beautiful new house and lovely family. :) I wanted to echo "hullaballoo" and say that I would love a tutorial on Roman shades! And when I saw that your glider is named "Nara," same as my little girl, that cinched the deal. Had to comment. Thanks for your blog!

  8. This is my favorite weekly update so far!! Love all of little lady's digs, what a lucky girl. You have such an amazing eye. Can't wait to see the whole reveal! You are getting SO close. I am very happy to hear that you are feeling great, you look amazing!

  9. Awww, can't wait for the bug reveal. I love what I've seen so far considering I am not a pink fan.
    And I hear you on the cute baby girl clothes, I die - sooo darling! Suffice it to say it is a fun challenge to find cute clothes for our little mister.
    Can't wait for her to get here and find out her name!

  10. I am insanely jealous of that adorable quilt... I *love* chevron as well, and in baby/girl colors it's even better.

    Love the rocker and shades as well, and you look incredible!

  11. Glad your BP is still holding out, that makes me so happy to hear.

    I love all the pictures and I just adore your style! Love what you've showed so far, but I cannot wait to see it all together! Makes me really excited to start working on our nursery!

    Can you post a link to how you made the shades? I'm thinking this might be my project for the new nursery. I know there are 100 links out there, but just wondering if you used one that you liked... always better to have referral.

    Other than that, you look great and that rocker is something else!

    Can't believe it's almost the end and she's almost here! Crazy!

  12. You have the cutest belly! And I love what you've shown of the nursery so far. A pink crib? To die for.

  13. I can't wait to see the final nursery, because I LOVE that quilt!

  14. Love the ottoman and glider! I've actually been looking all over as well and the Babyletto line is by far my favorite so far. I was hoping to spend a little less, but as you mentioned, it's so hard to find one that is functional yet cute as well. I'm glad to hear that you like it...I think this will for sure be on our purchase list!

  15. New follower here..I have been reading your blog since right before your gender reveal, and it has been so sweet to be able to read along as your pregnancy progressed. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the quilt. The colors are a great way to have a "girly" room without being so traditional. Can't wait for the reveal!

  16. Praying your BP stays normal! I love your bump. It reminds me of mine ;)

    The nursery is going to be amazeballs. I cannot wait to get a load of that pink crib and see the room finished in all its glory. I love that you use bright colors. I'm a fan!

    p.s. can I take a nap in that glider? We gave mine to my sister so I use a hard wooden rocker and it is so not comfy.

  17. Love, love, love the shot of the honeydew in the back ground.

    AND that quilt? Amazing!

    Love that you're escaping needing to get up to go to the bathroom, I lucked out with both boys.

  18. You look amazing. I'm so excited to see your baby girl's nursery!

  19. Girl shopping is the best! But too addicting.

    I Love your gilder. I am totally jealous. Bri is 10 months old and still nursing frequently at night and I have the most uncomfortable chair in there. Next baby I am splurging too!

  20. We have the Babyletto Kyoto glider. It was also our huge nursery splurge, but I could not be happier that we did so. I spend so much time in that thing, it was worth every penny. I hope you like the one you have too!

  21. Very cute! girls stuff is the greatest.
    I left a comment in your 'about' section too but failed to mention my husband is also from Missouri and I'm from MN (close enough)
    Best of luck on your final weeks!

  22. Love everything about this post! The strawberry outfit is so sweet!! Cannot wait to see this whole nursery put together. Love the glider! (I just sent the link to my bff that's preg with a little girl too!...is your mom for hire to make quilts?? I would pay big bucks for one of those!!) Oh and I get up to pee at least twice every night!


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