I'm typing this post while CC nurses. She doesn't seem to mind the constant jostling.

Because she's asleep while nursing.

Of course. (sigh)

I actually feel incredibly proud of myself as a mom because I got her to nap in her crib for a total of 1.5 hours today.

(Pats self on back while typing one handed....letting the baby nap and nurse simultaneously. Ahem.)

Sometimes you have to declare the morning a 'win' and let the afternoon just happen.


Is that called being lazy and/or giving up?


So anyway, I have a bunch of things on my list of 'to blog about....someday'. Wanna hear a few?

Wait. She just woke up. I'm going to put her in the Exersaucer (aka the giant, primary colored monster that has overtaken my family room.)

I just pulled this thing out today and cleaned off all the nasty attic dust/baby Truman barf. Cecelia loves it.

The exersaucer and hopefully not the dust/barf.

I probably should have washed the fabric seat in the washer but whatevs. 

Should I really be typing and ignoring my daughter while she is in that 'circle of neglect?' Probably not.

But I really want to blog about my list!

We are totally jamming out to 'Of Monsters and Men' on the new surround sound speaker system Nate insisted upon buying.

Love that band.

Hate how the speakers look on the mantle and above the TV.

Fact: I may have thrown a bit of a tantrum about the stupid surround sound purchase because of 1. The money, and 2. The ugliness of the speakers.

I told Nate that it would 'ruin the decor in the whole house.'

Looking back on that statement, I can admit it was highly dramatic and ridiculous. But at the time? Totally made sense in my head.

Surround sound is such a guy thing.

But it is pretty nice for jamming to music while blogging and making googly eyes at my daughter in her huge/offensively bright exersaucer.

Ew, I have black paint all under my nails from spray painting Truman's homemade Halloween costume (pictures and posts to follow! You will die.).

It looks like pure dirt under there. I feel extremely unkempt today.

Haven't showered yet today.

Hoping to work out first.

Not sure when that is going to happen but I'm really on an exercise kick right now.

Seven more pounds to go to reach pre-baby-weight-land.

I might be able to fit into all of my old clothes but these last 7 pounds are enough to give me a tiny muffin top. Not okay.

But part of me still believes my body needs to hang onto at least 5 pounds in order to make food for my baby.

I have the rest of my life to be skinny, I suppose. Now my body's job is to make milk. And lots of it for this milk queen.

(great excuse I tell myself when I don't feel like working out) :)

I could really go for a coffee right now.

Did I mention that I'm back on The Juice (aka caffeine?).

It's amazing. But highly addicting. Did you know that? :)

I wonder if I figured out a way to make a bit of cash from this blog if I could justify a Starbucks run every day?

I got that idea from a blog friend. Fab idea, right? Just reading the word 'Starbucks' on her blog made me crave a coffee.

Let's get real: I still go a solid 2-3 times per week (and we also make coffee at home daily. Expensive, gourmet coffee. We are coffee snobs, for sure). And I have no idea where to start with ads/money-making on the old blog-ster.

And I'm kind of stubborn about that. I figure I've held out this long without doing ads or giveaways or shout-outs to companies. Might as well keep going down the 'basic blogger' path.

Probably should post more than once a week before I consider trying to make money over here, too, huh?

And I'm honestly debating scheduling this post to go up on Monday morning instead of real time on Saturday. Why? Because I know I'll get fewer comments on the weekend and then I'll feel like nobody liked this post.

Who cares, right?

Isn't this blog supposed to be for me/my kids/my family albums?

Yep. Still care about comments even though it's lame.

Hi, I'm 31 years old and have been blogging for 5 years and still feel like I'm in high school sometimes when it comes to social media. That's normal, right?

Can't believe so many people read my blog. I try not to think about it too much or it kind of freaks me out.

And makes me feel like I should be posting amazing stuff to entertain the masses. Mind-blowing, deep, personal, emotional stuff.

Not that my kids aren't amazing, but you know what I mean. Monthly posts and random updates will have to do for now.

Cecelia is now yelling at the tiny green frog on the Exersaucer. Sounds serious. I think she is over him.

She made a killing in the clothes department recently. Like, she now owns more clothes than I do.

I need an intervention when it comes to shopping for her.

So does my mother-in-law:)

Also? My closet totally sucks. I hate everything in there, for reals. Not because the clothes don't fit right (they sort of do, aside from the giant bf'ing boobs). But because it's all so old and gross and boring.

I have a 'wish list' for clothes on my phone. I make this list after my 'nursing and pinning' time at night.

Nate can see the list on his phone, too, and do you know what item he added for me without me knowing it?

'Non-granny panty underwear.'

Real nice, Nate.

I hope I'm not becoming that haggard mom that he always jokes about me becoming.

Not showered? Yup.

Dirty finger nails? Um.

Granny panties? Uh-huh.

Ugly clothes that were cute in 2007? Sigh.

This has to change.

And really? Are there any underwear out there that are comfortable, don't give wedgies, and AREN'T grannies? Cause I can't seem to find anything acceptable and I am not a thong person.

Oh. I just thought of another 'haggard' thing about me: the Four Month Great Hair Loss even has commenced. It's totally disgusting. Definitely didn't forget about this part from the first time.

I bet I could reach back and run my fingers through my hair and come out with about 20 strands.


I know.

I even found a hair in Cecelia's neck fold the other day.

Mine, not hers.

Although she is going through her own little Hair Loss Phase:)

Besides my recent exercise kick, I am also on a mini-van kick.

Does that feed the fire for Nate calling me a lame haggard mom?

Don't care. Mini-vans are so spacious and functional!

Do you know how many kids/car seats/crap you can fit in there? Amazing!

Nate does not agree. He's a mini-van snob. But I really think I can win this battle.

Have you ever seen this video about the 'Swagger Wagon?' Freaking amazing. I die. People tell me that this couple reminds them of Nate and I.

By 'people' I mean my aunt. One person.

Still counts.

We are thinking about making our first 8 hour car ride to Missouri with both kids. And therefore this mini-van discussion came back to the surface.

Yikes. Can you imagine? I'm anxious just typing that.

Also, if we'd def need a mini-van if we have a third kid.

That's a big 'IF', so don't get too excited.

Some days I totally want another baby and other days (usually ones that involve 5 nighttime wake ups, toddler tantrums, baby fussiness, and not enough wine) I would be fine with 'just' two.

Our official stance on the topic of a third is that we will discuss once Cecelia is one.

Cause right now? Our four month old is MORE than enough to keep us busy. And crazy. She makes us crazy a lot of the time.

In a good way, of course.

I love that little stink pot.

And I love being a mom.

Which is why I kind of want a third.

But man, I'm exhausted right now. Not sure I can do the newborn phase again.

(But they are so squishy and perfect and SMELL SO GOOD!)

That was just my 'I want another' side voicing her opinion.

The other 'There's no freaking way' side just sits back and grins as we walk around like zombies.

We'll see who wins eventually.

She's nursing again, in case you were wondering. And not asleep yet.

And the other stinker is napping after a looong morning of playing with me and Grandpa, since Nate is at a course for work all. weekend. long.

So that's great. Not exactly a weekend full of fun family times:(

Oh, and Truman is waking at 5 am for the day again. And not going to bed until 9.

And he's been extra whiny lately. Probably because he, too, is exhausted.


I have an entire post about him drafted---it was supposed to be for his 2.5 month birthday. Which was last month.

And I have a list of things I want to tell you about him but the blog post? Blank. Except for the title.

Motivation, what?

But I do want to tell you that I really dislike Calliou a lot. That's his new show, even more preferred than Thomas. Blech.

He's all whiny and weird and annoying. Can't handle it, so of course Truman wants to watch Calliou being irritating all the time.

Aaaaaand she's sleeping while nursing again.


This is getting a little long so the other things I wanted to blog about (which I can't remember now anyway) will have to wait.

Resisting the urge to put a picture in this post, just in the name of having a picture in each post.

I'm wild today. Not going to add a picture. So there. :)


  1. Happened to check my blogroll just in time to read this post, love it, and give it a little weekend comment love!

  2. posting a comment, in part so you feel loved and also because as a fellow blogger, i know how crappy saturday posts always feel :)

    seriously though--enjoyed the stream of consciousness post! i think my life is crazy but you've got me beat--totally understandable why you can't post as much as you like, but it's great to hear from you when you're able!

  3. I will comment on a weekend!
    Sometimes I een comment on old posts after they have been posted for a week! (i read a couole of blogs).

    Anyhow i TOTALLY hear you on the mini van thing! I was ince like nate- would never exercise the thiught of a mini van. Fast forward trying to load up a kiddo, a dog & my groceries etc... Mixed with trying to WEDGE my kid/dog/me in or out of my conpact car when someone else with a MONSTER VEHICLE parks up against my co
    Pact car and its a recipe for cuss words and "so-help-me-God-if-my-car-door-hits-my-ass-one-more-effin-time-while-i-load-up-my-kid/dog/self...!"

    AND NOW I AM PREGNANT! How can i do all that with a huge belly in a few months?

    ======TEAM MINI VAN=====

    (also my parents AND MY ELDERLY inlaws live <5 miles away. My sister and her hubby live an hour and a half away. It just makes sense to load everyone up in one vehicle and haul out instead of waiting for the (emphasis on mostly my elderly inlaws who are 65 but act like they are 90yrs old) posse to caravan somewhere like disneyland or the zoo or family friendly destination. Not including our chocolate lab but sometimes including our chocolate lab.

    AND like you. We bought a fixer upper house and to gloriously have space for loading stuff would be like heaven for ONE TRIP to home depot as opposed to multiple. Sigh. Of. Relief! :-)

    For you. I propose. (because i ha this SAME EXACT DISCUSSION ABOUT SURROUND SOUND SPEAKERS. We live a parallel life). If Nate an MY husband got surround sound speakers-- momma/wifey should get the mini van option in the table! ;-)

    Take advantge of those momma hormones! :-)

  4. 7 lbs from your pre-baby weight with a 4 month old and you were pretty thin ahead of time? SOunds pretty awesome to me. Don't beat yourself up! :-)

  5. I love weekend posts because as a SAHM with a husband who isn't off every weekend, Saturday is really no different than Wednesday.

    Non-granny panty underwear: Ambrielle from JCPenney. Obsessed with them.

  6. Granny undies are so comfy:) Loved the stream of thoughts!

  7. I loved this post! It was exactly what I needed right now :) thank you!

  8. I appreciate the stream-of-consciousness post! Happy Saturday!

  9. Loved this post :) I've never really noticed the lack of comments on weekend posts - just that the comments take longer to roll in, but basically the same people comment on most of my posts regardless of when I put them up so that's probably why :) I'm not the big time like you!

    I'm not sure what Nate calls granny panties, but I love the bikinis from VS and also aerie :)

  10. Most comfortable non-granny panties - DKNY at Boston Store. So cute yet so comfy and non-wedgie ;)

  11. Oh yeah, and I'm with you....I despise surround sound. Hate the way it looks, even hate the way it sounds. Such a guy thing ;)

  12. I bet BlogHer ads would take you in a heartbeat and all you'd have to do is throw the ad bar up and then the dough would roll in. All $16.34 a month! (For real - you would likely do quite well with your numbers/stats/whatev and you don't actually have to "do" much of anything for BlogHer.)

    I also enjoyed the stream of consciousness post.

    I just got some new undies at Soma Intimates (random place in mall) and they are making me happy and the huscat thought they were sexy. WIN WIN. He is not, however, a fan of the boy-cut ones but I sure am. Might be worth a look!

    Being close to pre-baby weight but not quite there is so annoying. I remember feeling all ick last fall because of it. You just stare at your closet and then close it when you realize nothing will work.

  13. Loved it. Read it while pumping (not nursing, boo).

  14. First off - you are hilarious and I would love a cup of the "juice" and chat with you. Since I am pumping and nursing round the clock - I would love the big people company.

    I am so glad people commented on non-granny undies that are cute - I need them.

    I have a list of clothes I want on my phone too... but waiting on my 9 pounds to go before I buy. But then I can't loose all 9 or I loose some milk. So I just keep adding clothes to the list.

    My son had some of my hair in his diaper... he ate it. I hate the four month shed... and then the 8 month spike I get in my part - no matter where I part. SO so fun.

  15. Skip the undies altogether. Way more comfortable and guys seem to find that alluring. Win-win.

  16. I love your blog. There are so many mom blogs that I read to get info or are entertaining to me but I have to say that your blog is one of my favorites because I feel like you are so relateable and haven't gone the sponsored ads route. Even though I totally would not blame you if you did find a way to do a little of that. I get it, momma needs her coffee :)

  17. There is no way to describe my love of coffee, i too need a 2nd job for my addiction.

    Caillou is annoying as hell

    omg, i ordered a tiny top hat for benny for his costume!

    <----want a minivan too but traded my prius in for a little suv that gets decent gas mileage :)

  18. Really enjoyed this post. It amused me. ;) Have no advice on the underwear, as I'm a thong girl. Also think I'm still on Nate's team with the minivan thing, but I may be swayed eventually.

  19. I read this whole post. No joke. I'm even reading it on Monday and still leaving a comment.

    I loved that mini van 'swagger wagon' video. I might send it to my husband to see if it helps my mini van case, as well. I thought I had that conversation in the bag the other day and then those silly 'SUV' letters came out of his mouth again. Back to the drawing board.

    Sorry that your little girl is such a stinker about sleeping and eating and all that... that's got to be annoying and doesn't help the 3rd kid idea stick around... Hopefully it will get better!

    And is it always at 4 months that your hair starts to fall out, postpartum? I haven't had that start yet and kind of thought I was in the clear, but now reading this post it makes me think that it's still in my future. GAH!

    Anyway, great post and didn't mind that you didn't have a picture. Honest.

  20. Totally love this post. I've never commented before because I still worry bloggers will think I'm a stalker for when I don't even know you in real life, but then you remind that you appreciate comments and I feel bad for never doing it. So anyway - thanks for being normal. These sound like the things that go through my head on any given day, except you're far more hilarious about it.

    And for what it's worth - I saw your outfit in the baptism post and made a mental note that I need a sweater/scarf that color because I loved the combo. So either I'm also still stuck in 2007 (probably likely), or ALL of your clothes don't suck :)

  21. I totally care about comments too. TOTALLY.

    BlogHer is awesome for ads in my humble opinion. You don't really *do* anything...and I don't get a huge check from them, but definitely enough for a coffee or two! But I do think you have to blog once a week ;)

    And also, underwear are the BANE OF MY EXISTENCE right now. Lol.

  22. I like you even more now. :)

  23. OMG Julia I loved this post! I totally read it all and it made me laugh the whole way. Not because I don't feel for you, OH I do! My just turned one still doesn't sleep through the night and still doesn't sleep in his own bed. Hoping by age 5 he will. But it was just so great, because that is what a mommies mind looks like, I never had pregnancy brain, I now have zombie brain.

    Keep blogging, please!!! And I love the fact that you haven't turned to the evil profit side of blogging, I have had to stop reading certain blogs, because it is all.... this post is sponsored by.....

    Looking forward to more!

  24. Have been thinking about you and your little girl because her eating/sleeping habits are so much like Erin's.... E didn't take a bottle until forced to do so at 6 months, and at 4.5 months she was up about every 2 hours all night (sometimes stretching to 3 hours, but also sometimes up every 45 minutes, and she would only accept Mommy, not Daddy (or Nana or anyone else)). So I totally feel you... After trying Dr. Sears and the No-Cry book, we ended up going the Ferber route because I was basically going to die, even though I had sworn I would **never** let my baby girl cry herself to sleep. I'm not here to push that, though -- I just hope that it gets better for you, and soon!!!


  25. Funny post. It took me a while after giving birth to get back into non-granny panties. So easy to get into a rut.

  26. Love this. First time reader. I too despise Calliou.

  27. Aerie for cute, non-wedgie non-granny panty underwear (and I am in my late 30s and pregnant)...

    I get one or two comments on my blog like every couple weeks. I have maybe 17 readers...and yet I still keep at it, ad free, nearly every day.

    Sounds like you are doing something right :)

  28. I found non grannies at Kohls - in the juniors, but they still fit on my big butt, so you will be fine. I am, however, partial to boy shorts/hipster undies.

    You know what would keep you from having a third? Just get more than yours in one house for more than a day. Worked like a charm for me.
    Two boys will be my final answer.

    ...............I think.

    Stream of consciousness post = awesomeness

  29. I've given up worrying about HP nursing to sleep. The worry was creating WAY too much stress in my life (and limiting the amount of sleep everyone got). My child has to be nursed to sleep. Everyone who thinks that's bad? Well, they aren't the one home with a tired child who can't fall asleep any other way. He won't nurse to sleep forever, right?

    All that's to say, I can so relate to your sleep issues with Cecelia. I'm just nodding along as I'm reading...


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