Blackmail Photo shoot for my second-born

I just can't help myself with these scandalous photo shoots. Baby butts must be forever immortalized in pictures. My children may kill me for these images one day but that is okay. The adorableness is too much to handle. Truman was a cute, fat, squishy naked baby at 6 months. And Cecelia? She has her own lovely lady lumps that deserve their moment on the blog at the 8 month mark. I tried to be as modest as possible, hence the pink stars. No need to be blatantly inappropriate here;  just toeing the line of appropriateness is more my style.

Drool monster.

Star time!

Body builder.

I just love this one for some reason.

Her face in this first one.


Again with the drool. Perfect baby skin.

Happy when naked.

Freaking amazing posture! Nate and I are obsessed with perfect baby posture (nerdy PT parent alert). Also obsessed with her gut.

Too much.

Don't you just want to pinch those cheeks??

Love you, sweet girl. I hope you are always this confident in your own skin no matter how your little body changes with age. It is perfect, and always will be, in my opinion. I wish my dimples were as cute as yours;)



  1. I think my ovaries just exploded. I want a baby girl NOW! The butt cheeks just kill me. Mac has a freckle/birthmark on his butt and I'm OBSESSED with it.

  2. Her red hair and blue eyes are so pretty. I think she's going to be a real redhead forever!

  3. She is adorable. She looks so different in these pictures. It seems strange to me that babies do have perfect psture.

  4. ha, love it and she is adorable. I took some like this before the plague hit because I was just thinking how fast they grow up and how those sweet dimply booties fade fast! (as we are potty training....again! so i see lots of big boy booties, lol!)

  5. It makes me incredibly happy to see babies with celulite... it is like the original sin - always there - nothing we could do about it.

    Oh and her comb over - I die.

    PS - OMG ou have the greatest lashes in your profile picture.

  6. haha - love the nerdy PT parent alert. that is some killer posture, though!


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