The first Last Day of school

I just stumbled upon this blog post from last summer, when I was anticipating Truman starting Junior Kindergarten. And then his first day of school post. It doesn't seem like that long ago when I wrote those two posts and now all of a sudden, I'm writing the 'last day of school' post. Not to be all emo and melodramatic but seriously, why is this child growing up in warp speeds? Make it stop, but keep it coming because these milestones are way too enjoyable to wish away.

Today was Truman's last day of Junior Kindergarten and somehow it's just as bittersweet as his first day. And honestly, it was a spectacular year for Truman and the best possible introduction to the years of schooling we have ahead of us. I only worry that Truman's teacher was so mind-blowing-amazing that next year's teacher will surely fall short---she has very big shoes to fill with Mrs. K as our initiation to teachers at this school.

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Yesterday was the 'end of year' picnic for the Junior Kindergarteners and Nate got to attend for the first time this year. They played 'drip, drip, splash' on the playground where Mrs. K dumped water on Nate's head as a demo (hahaha), they painted a pet rock, ate hot dogs and popsicles and various other foods at 10 am, and had an amazing second-to-last day. He brought home the sweetest book ever and it made me swallow a lump in my throat pretty quickly.

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Today Truman woke up excited but visibly a little torn. Nate noted that Tru really doesn't have that mindset of YES SUMMER VACATION THANK GOODNESS yet. At all. And we know he is going to miss his teacher and his 26 other friends in the class this summer. Good thing we won an auction to have Mrs. K babysit our kids for two hours next Saturday. Truman is going to flip out when she shows up, I hope I can keep it a secret!

So this morning was a usual morning, and unlike the first day of school Nate was around with his adjusted later mornings for my work days. Truman knew that I wanted to get a few pictures on the porch before he and Nate (and Cecelia this day) walked across to the school. He didn't even put up a fight and our workday mornings have definitely entered a nice groove...just in time for everything to change with Truman's summer break!

I snapped pictures with the little sign I had printed and CC wanted to be in them badly. I got a selfie, then had Nate try to take a picture of me and the kids with the nice camera. And that is when Truman accidentally sat on CC's arm somehow and the photoshoot was instantly over.




Comparisons abound! So so so tall now.
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He's too handsome, guys.

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Love being his mama.
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I gave Truman a big kiss and told him to have an awesome last day, and felt a little choked up by the pride. I mean, life is blurring by and my baby boy is finished with a year of school and it sort of feels like a 'happy' kick in the gut, if that makes sense. Nate walked our buddy to school with Cecelia tagging along like she used to do all last fall/winter, before she was over it and would stay home with Porter and I during school drop offs.

I went through pictures with Porter at my side, then Nate and CC came home and then they all went to Lori's. I went to work, and came home with the littles to hear that Truman had an excellent last day of school (complete with a McDonalds lunch with Tony).

We had a pizza + movie night in the basement as a celebration---one of Truman's ultimate favorite treats. When I did my part of their bedtime routine Truman's bottom lip was a little bit quivery. I asked what was wrong and he told me that he was going to miss Mrs. K. I assured him he would still see her around school in the fall (and next weekend at our house!) but I get it. Change is hard and the end of something is sometimes sad.

Truman had an exceptional year as a Junior Kindergartener. He learned how to write, to sound out words, and to read sounds. He is really into math and his love for numbers perplexes me because I am awful at math;) But more important than the academic achievements is the fact that Truman is excited to learn. He is an excellent listener, as per his teacher in our conference yesterday, and she can trust that he will follow the rules and won't act up when she turns her back. The kids in his class really do love Truman, and maybe they look up to my little people-pleaser. He is a mediator and an observer and just such a kind soul. Mrs. K told me that Truman has progressed significantly in all of the areas they test, and that he is just a 'joy to have' in class. I know he is a great kid but when someone else affirms that, my mama proud comes out extra hard.

I mean, 'I can fly a kite' is something he wrote all by himself by sounding out words in his head. WHAT? I know. Big kid.
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I won't go on and on about Truman as a school kid but basically he had an awesome experience this year. Summer will surely fly with various activities (Safety Town, T-ball, and swimming lessons) and a vacation to Colorado for our whole family. I know Truman and Tony will have a lot of fun with their additional few hours together on my work days.

One year down, lots more to go;) Love this big boy so much it kind of hurts sometimes.


  1. This all sounds so familiar - crazy how fast time flies, our boys loving school, proud mom moments hearing their teachers brag on them, amazing first teacher experiences. What lucky ladies we are.

    And that picture of CeCe. Classic. That is also familiar. Lol.

  2. My big guy finished Kinder this year and I was kind of in denial about it all year. Our kids go to a Montessori school so he was in the same class this year as last, so when he moves to 'lower elementary' (1st - 3rd grades) in the fall I think it will really sink in that he isn't my baby. So happy Truman had an amazing year!

  3. Don't you wonder how we're old enough to have kids in real school now? It's just insane. But yes, so emotional - more so than I thought it'd be! And Henry was the same way Friday morning and this morning - total mixed feelings about not going to school for the next few months! I told him someday he'll bask in the glory that is summer vacation. ;) Full-day kindergarten in just a few months - hold me! ;) It's super exiting, though. Loved your happy kick to the gut line. So true.


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