A Day in the Life | Spring 2016

I sucked it up and recorded a work day for the first time in over a year, but I picked my shortest work day of the week. And Fridays are always slightly more exciting than the other weekdays because, Friday. 

{I took minimal pictures this time at 180 instead of my typical 400+, here's the whole album so I feel less inclined to include every single one in this post.}

Nate and Julia are 34 years old (I'm days away from the big 3-5, holy moly)
Truman is 6 years old
Cecelia is 3.5 years old
Porter is 20 months old (need to do his 21 month post soon!)
Henry dog is 10 years old

Friday | April 8, 2016

6:15 am | My alarm sounds and I wake from vivid dreams about my credit card being stolen, something about donating kids clothes (a current focus in my life right now!), and avoiding gun shots while eating my cousin's fruit cake. WTF? Why are my dreams so strange and real? Nate was planning to be out of the shower by now but he's still laying next to me, non-mobile. So I ask if he's getting up soon (purposefully trying to avoid my nag voice). On my other workdays (Mon and Wed) I go downstairs at 6:30 and start the routine, then get in shower after Nate is done and the kids are awake. But Fridays are odd because Nate leaves earlier than Mon and Wed to teach lab in the morning, so I need to be ready sooner. LOGISTICS, man, they are a serious deal around here (and most homes, I assume). 

I lay in bed, rub my eyes, put on my glasses (!), start typing this and get myself amped up for DiTL. I hear Porter talk but he isn't fully awake. Clean off 500 pics on my phone to prepare for the workout it will surely receive today, check email.

6:30 am | Cecelia staggers to the bathroom, half asleep and stomping around. Nate is done in there but is just getting dressed. I hear my coffee beep downstairs, because auto brew timers are the best thing in life, seriously. Truman gets up and hovers outside of the bathroom while CC uses it, I get up to help persuade them to return to their rooms once the bathroom breaks are finished. T asks me how I slept because he is the sweetest, or perhaps because I look especially haggard in the mornings, and I snap a pic of him standing by diaper boxes full of clothes I'm passing to friends. Honestly, sorting through kids clothes in the attic has been my life lately. I do not recommend waiting to donate or pass down clothing for a full six years of childhood, and also I think having cousins for our kids would be really helpful for the wardrobe management situation (ahem, brothers!). 

All Photos-46

Nate goes downstairs, CC goes back to her room without even making eye contact (grumpy in the mornings), and after moving at snails' speed, Truman returns to his room. We still love our Tot Clock to help the kids know when it's appropriate to get up each day. Sometimes they are awake at 6:30 and will talk/fight until 7 when the light changes to yellow, and sometimes they really do sleep until then. Other than using the bathroom they do not come out of their room before that baby turns yellow though, and for that I am pleased. 

Nate brings up a coffee for me. Yessssss. He's making more in the coffee pot because he drank some of mine, and didn't make his own fancy Aeropress separately. Fine by me as long as he makes us more in the carafe! (foreshadowing). 

6:35 am | I take quick shower but keep my hair dry, will attempt to leave it down today instead of slicking it back in a wet ponytail. This is a thing grown women do, yes? Get dressed, brush teeth (I know it's weird to do this before I eat but I can't be sure if I will get back up to the bathroom after this!). I will fix the hair and makeup downstairs when kids are up. Yes, I am definitely not ready to enter the public just yet but I will still take a selfie to show you the work in progress.

Um, yikes. Selfies later in the day will be less horrifying, promise. Also, I have about four outfits total for work these days, am considering buying the company purple scrubs going forward. Not sure why but it seems easier than wearing real clothes.
All Photos-47

6:48 am | Go downstairs to begin the morning routine with many-a-check marks. Nate and I turn on lights and open blinds, and talk about how we slept (a favorite conversation of ours lately, we are so old, but sleep is SO GOOD). He was awake for 45 min at 2:00 with a headache. Insert my first over-the-top worry about brain cancer today. Make kids their breakfasts, which consist of waffles and cereal, pour milk into glasses. Down to the last of the Golden Grahams, so I have to decide which child gets this beloved cereal and who gets second-best-Oat Squares instead. Hope the boys don't notice that I choose Cecelia, but she doesn't eat much of her waffle usually and she is the biggest bear in the mornings. So she wins the Golden Grahams today. (This was actually a cereal I bought for myself but I am a stellar mom who sacrifices her sugary delight for the greater good of her children. Or something).
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Drinking coffee, I make lunch for Truman and for me, too. I have been attempting to make Fridays a half day at work, meaning home by noon and then I can eat here before Porter naps. Today I need to see two extra patients so I will be home around 2pm, and cannot wait that long to eat! I pack a PBJ, apple, and chips for me. Truman gets a PBJ (yes, they can do peanuts in his lunch room, wild I know!), a frozen Gogurt, applesauce pouch, and a special treat which is a homemake chocolate chip cookie. And a note from his loving mother.

All Photos-50

Observe the dishes in sink from last night (a cookie sheet with dough stuck on it, and a Nutribullet container from a smoothie, quite a pair) and decide to ignore them for now. It's so dark out, check the weather, and note that it's cold might snow today. Awesome Spring weather, Wisconsin! Did you know that winter is like an endurance sport here? We are a hearty bunch to sludge through snow for approximately six months out of the year. We don't have to enjoy it and lucky for you, we sometimes complain about it on social media!

Sad, sad, forecast. Sunday was the one highlight because it was over fifty degrees, but of course RAIN.
All Photos-48

7:00 am | I'm still making lunches and the kids come downstairs. CC wants TV right away which is odd as she never asks for it, she knows the rule is after breakfast and getting dressed. Truman doesn't want the "baby spoon" I gave him but otherwise is happy about his Bucks bowl. And it's actively snowing! And it's coming down pretty hard, ugh. The kids tell me about their animal vitamins and Truman thinks he needs to wear snow pants today. Absurd but probably true. Go home, April, you are drunk.

7:15 am | I'm done with lunches. Onto my breakfast, and I get more eggs from the basement (second fridge is the best). Nate takes out the trash and the kids fight over who looks out the window. We have thirty-three windows in this house, I know this because of the crazy estimate we received for new windows that are not ninety years old. T is mad and needs to be talked down from this 'no fair, she always gets that window' nonsense. 

All Photos-246

Nate says he rented two movies on Redbox for us: Star Wars and the last Hunger Games movie. We can either watch them tonight or tomorrow, he was thinking Truman would like Star Wars but I am not certain a movie on a Friday night is a great idea. With end-of-the-week exhaustion, Friday nights can be nuts....but we will see!

I make my scrambled eggs with turkey, because we are out of ham, and a half of an English muffin with peanut butter and honey. Nate is talking about the golf outing he's planned for Truman's school as a fundraiser, something that I might be getting roped into playing (last time I golfed was at least 11 years ago, should be hilarious). It's hard to imagine a time without snow on the ground right now! I am confused as there is no more coffee for me as a refill. Nate did not get a chance to make more in the carafe. CURSES. 

7:20 am | I sit down to eat, help Truman with homework that is due today and Cecelia is coloring. Porter is still sleeping! Truman and I discuss what pigs really eat, Nate is stressing over the printer not working for him, and Cecelia steals my eggs by hand. The little punk.

All Photos-59


7:30 am | Nate leaves. I start my makeup, while breaking up fights over the green marker.  Call Tony to verify his 8 am arrival since it's snowing, Porter is still sleeping, and CC doesn't want to get in the snow but I'll have to take Truman to school soon. Truman is now getting dressed and is quite worried about wearing snow pants versus not. Brushes his teeth. Cecelia gives me a sticker and is still eating, moves her coloring project to the small table and her markers fall everywhere. From the bathroom, Truman says, "Who else can do a pinkie catch? Me." Because he caught the toothpaste with his pinkie before falling into the toilet and this makes him proud. Truman brings Cecelia the rest of her markers without being asked to do so, and this makes me proud.

All Photos-248

7:45 am | Truman turns on the TV to Super Mario Brothers. Like, the old-school show I used to watch as a kid, the one with real life Mario and Luigi (it's pretty weird but a favorite lately). I start curling my hair, attempting to touch it up without spending 30 minutes on it. Longer hair is so much work when it's not in a wet ponytail!

All Photos-64

All Photos-66

7:55 am | Papa is here! He shows Cecelia an idea he had for her holey leggings, sewing a small a butterfly onto the hole for a patch. She approves. We discuss weather and Truman wants to know why is it not raining if it's 34 degrees? Valid point, little man. He also puts his homework in his folder, his drawings are more detailed every day.
All Photos-250

8:00 am | I get Cecelia dressed and Truman puts on his boots, snow pants, coat, hat and gloves. We are seriously so over all of the snow gear, guys. I'm sorry I even have to mention it, I really am.

Genuine hug, she misses him a lot while he is gone each day.
All Photos-73

Love this kid so much, my school boy.
All Photos-75

8:05 am | Porter is up, so Tony gets him and we say hello/goodbye before I take Truman to school. Wow, we got so much snow so fast. Talk to my friend Ali about sleep with a newborn (or lack of), a dad talks about some meeting regarding changing the high school to be totally technology based. I can't wrap my head around having kids at high school just yet. Kiss Truman goodbye when the bell rings and watch him walk inside. Note that no one else is in snow pants as I walk back home.

Recently Added-211
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8:20 am | Arrive home, clean up from breakfast and the kids are coloring with Papa. I get my Mom's Uggs from upstairs, as she left them here last time she visited and they are without holes (unlike mine). Timehop check. Clean dishes. Talk to Tony about his neighbor Mike who is not doing so hot right now (medically). Tony starts getting Porter dressed for the day and I give the kids hugs and kisses as I pack up for work. Many many hugs and kisses, and I feel extra grateful to have these babes at home today and not lugging them out in the weather to daycare. Thank God for Tony! (my current mantra in life most days).
All Photos-255

8:40 am | I leave after having to run back into the house and get the keys that I forgot, more hugs and kisses. Need to switch gears mentally and start thinking like a Physical Therapist instead of a mom, it's seriously a huge mental shift. 

The morning routine is always somewhat exhausting but for some reason Friday mornings are really not that bad. Also, comparing this year to last year shows me that older kids are a LOT easier/more predictable than little babies! I have five patients today which is more than I like to see on Fridays but it'll be fine. My phone battery is on 60% already and I realize the charger in the van is a P.O.S. and does not actually charge my phone. 

As I drive past the school I see the dad who is talking about the high school changes with another mom and they seem like they're in a pretty heated discussion about it. Jam out to music alone in my van which is one of the big perks of my job. Alone time: we'll take what we can get, yes?

8:55 am | See patient number one which is her last day with me, I've seen her for ten visits and she is doing awesome. She asked me if I'm going out tonight because my hair is down. LOL. Good visit for our last day together.

9:40 am | Done with the visit, type some of her note in my car, the drive to patient number two. It's still really snowing. Call a patient to remind them I'm coming at noon.

Lovely driving conditions, at least it's not actually slick. All Photos-105

 am | I arrive to the second patient's house a little bit early. Do some more paperwork and finish patient one's note while parked in my van. I am meeting an OT here, as this is a patient we've both been seeing for over two months now. These treatments can be emotionally draining and I wish I could help her more than I can, but she has a progressive neurological disease and it just sucks. We have a very successful treatment today, our best yet!! Whew. 

10:50 am | Done with the visit, say goodbye to the OT and quickly chart in my laptop so I don't get too far behind in paperwork. Will be a little late to my third patient but I don't think she'll mind. Start driving for my number three and I'm starving so I eat my apple on the way.
All Photos-103

11:08 am | Arrive to third patient's house, see my teeny little lady who is a whopping 4'10" and is sometimes confused. She keeps smiling when she says I'm so tall that I might kick her. Pretty good visit with this one today, too!

11:45 am | Done with third visit. Paperwork in van. Need to call her doctor to see what happened this week at their appointment, as the patient's family doesn't really know what's happening. Starving, inhaling my PBJ while leaving a message for the nurse at the doc's office, and driving to my fourth patient's house. Add to my To Do list at a stop light, want to thank Becky (Kellan's mom) for sending the sweetest card and gift. I've been thinking of them a lot lately and that card really touched me and brought up a lot of emotions about Kellan.

My life as a home care PT: phone calls, laptop, portable office.
All Photos-107

11:55 am | I arrive at patient number four, it's another final visit for a patient I've only been seeing for a few weeks. He's doing fine after a surgery though and I don't think I can teach him much more.

12:30 pm | Done, and as I get to my van I see I've missed a call from the doctor's office. Call the nurse back, and she is a real peach. Wow. Get a text from my fifth patient's daughter that she needs to cancel today's appointment with me. Call her back, start driving towards home, still feeling pissy about that nurse. I'm done early though, which is great, but I should probably not go home right this second because Porter is likely in the process of going down for his nap. Don't want to interrupt that critical time of day! Decide to go to Starbucks instead, so I can hammer out my paperwork and NOT have to deal with it when I get home. See an accident on the road, it's still snowing but nothing is sticking, is more like rain. #disgustingwinterymix. Text with Allie and Katie about a play date next week Tuesday morning.

12:50 pm | What the ? No available parking spaces at my favorite Starbucksl I do a lap around the block and find someone leaving when I return.

1:00 pm | Order my Americano, use the bathroom (much needed), start paperwork, and more texting friends. Complete my billing log, I saw 14 visits this week and my FTE is for 13 weekly so yay me for being an overachiever. Check work email and apparently I agreed to a weekly meeting at the office to help train staff? Uh oh. Selfies in the nice light. Briefly look through the other pics on my phone. At 30% battery, unbelievable!!!

Hey, crazy parking attendant guy, where were you when I couldn't find a spot? This dude loves passing out tickets and he seems to take his job VERY seriously!
All Photos-257

1:30 pm | I leave for home and sing praises because it finally stopped snowing. 

1:35 pm | Home and there are two snowmen awaiting me! Get report from Tony: Porter went down at 12:50 and threw a fit about not being able to stomp in a puddle in the middle of the street. They had a fun morning and walked all around town, CC is sitting on the ottoman inside of our wooden tray for some reason. Say goodbye to Tony, and I ask Cecelia, 'Have you had Kindle yet?' She replies, 'Just a little, but only for zero hours.' Mail out my annual eval for work, I got a 3% raise which is apparently "pristine" according to my boss. Better than nothing but oh, healthcare and your "raises."

All Photos-259
All Photos-121

1:55 pm | Sit down and finish my Americano, charge my phone, start this post. I should run for a bit but I want this coffee first. CC wants to sort in the attic with me but I want to just sit for a second, and she says she will accept my screen time offer. Henry takes Cecelia's place next to me when I pat the couch for her to sit down. Not cool, Hank! Get Cecelia a snack and we start our screen stuff.

All Photos-122

2:20 pm | CC is watching Sofia, and gives me random hugs saying, 'I love you SO much, you're my best mommy.' Must document this because it's an incredible phase of hers that I'm sure won't last! Also text with Brittany (future sister-in-law) about her thumb. Also text a neighbor about being her reference to get a foreign exchange student. Never a dull day with texts!

2:45 pm | I hear my work phone buzzing, it's my (new) boss, so I take it. She wants me to take a potential new hire out in the field with me next week, to show her what home care is all about. I've done this before for new employees, so I don't mind, and I'm glad my new boss thinks I do a decent job. Oh man, it's getting late. Will have to wake Porter soon. Meant to get off the screens and do something 'fun' with CC but we are both kind of wiped at the moment. What's the thing about inertia? An object in motion stays in motion, and one that plops on the couch cannot get back up? Yeah, that.

2:55 pm | Porter wakes up screaming!! Poor babe. Sister and I go up to get him and he has big crocodile tears on his fat cheeks and is telling me about the snowmen they made. CC wants to read to him inside of the crib but P is having none of it. This makes Cecelia sad. Everyone is grumpy until I flip the mood by tickling them and nibbling their faces, works (almost) every time! 
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All Photos-141

3:10 pm | All of that nibbling means we have to hustle butt to get Truman now. I hurry and get them bundled in a grade A mom-rush. Several tears by all. Why must it be so cold all of the time, WHY?

3:15 pm | The school kids are outside playing, which is not the norm. Bell rings at 3:20 and Truman runs over to us. He immediately demands to take off his snow pants and coat, sticking to just a sweatshirt. It's approximately 35 degrees but the kid is always adamant about wearing as few clothes as possible. All three kids play with their friends on the playground and I chat with the other moms. Then everyone morphs into Super Cranky Before Dinner mode and we must high tail it home.
All Photos-262

All Photos-148

3:50 pm | We are home and there are tears from two out of three children. I approve immediate snacks and Truman dishes out graham crackers to all.  I get a few nuggets of information out of Truman regarding his day at school and then he asks about Cecelia's day. Everyone is so much happier when eating, so I snag a few pictures of my trio (because Truman and Porter have matching tee shirts). Then Truman and Cecelia have a sweet moment decorating Cecelia's lady friends, they play soccer, basketball, trains, and then Cecelia falls once and cries.

All Photos-268

4:15 pm | Screen time for the boys and Cecelia does not want to exercise with me, she keeps pushing attic time. So we head upstairs and I go through a 24 month-2T boy bin that I haven't sorted yet. It's really ridiculous to spend this much time sorting clothes but it also gives me an odd sense of satisfaction when I can pass clothes to friends and family. So far I have shipped one giant box to my cousin in MO, I am shipping another one to a friend in IN, and then I am giving lots away to our neighbors. I consigned a few things at a local store. I still have thirteen diaper boxes FULL of stuff to give to Goodwill. Insanity, I tell you! Cecelia gives me stickers and does "work" with a silver permanent marker that she loves up here. She also digs the random toys I have stored in the attic, and I have not tackled the toy donation event--just clothes.

See those diaper boxes? Donating them all. I don't feel like showing all of the bins I am keeping, and the chaotic stacks of toys and other crap I need to purge.
All Photos-176

4:35 pm | CC is over it and I am beyond ready to take a break, I am her hero and kill a fly for her as she is 'super scared.' I'm still debating some interval running on the treadmill but I did just run six miles yesterday on there, and plan to run five tomorrow outside with friends. I've been exercising on consecutive days for awhile now, because I find that it energizes me, but today I am really not feeling it. So I skip the work out and get changed into my lounge clothes (i.e. work out clothes but the super comfy kind, not the actual work out kind. There is a difference to me).

4:40 pm | While changing my clothes, I notice Cecelia has permanent marker on her nice leggings. Ugh. Make her give me the envelope that contains the marker, even though she had packed it up to give to Yaya. Kind of mean of me, looking back, but she knows she can't get the marker on her clothes! Porter wants his blankies when we come downstairs, he is done with the Kindle. I run out to the stroller in the garage thinking Duckie is there. When his beloved lovey is NOT there, I panic and assume he is stranded on playground. Turns out Duckie is on the bench in our kitchen, literally one foot away from the door I've been running in and out of while searching for the duck. 

4:50 pm | Put away dishes, start pre-heating the oven for pizza, pick out pizzas. Friday is always pizza night and 90% of the time they are frozen but delicious. Littles come play in basement. "Can you move the pee ball?" Apparently we inherited a ball from a neighbor that Cecelia claims smells like pee. I make Truman get off the iPad too, because nearly 45 min on is enough. He usually doesn't agree with this but also doesn't protest, lest he loses privileges for the next day. Text Hannah about crib paint. Truman is starved apparently. "I will eat a ton of pizza." He runs up and down between playing basketball to fix the train track for Porter downstairs. Henry doing his ultimate annoying bark waiting for Nate to get home.

5:05 pm | The pizzas go in, still texting Hannah, and start to purge many left overs in our fridge that have outlived their window of opportunity. Sometimes we are so good about eating leftovers and right now we are NOT and I hate tossing it all. But I also hate having lots of containers taking up space when we won't eat it anyway. I'm in a purging mood, see above about the attic project.

5:20 pm | I'm chopping vegetables for a salad when I hear,"Mommy, Porter is bleeding!!" Sprint down the stairs to the basement picturing the worst (major head trauma, passed out cold, puddles of blood. We've been watching Walking Dead lately, can you tell?). He seems okay, isn't crying, but does have a tiny drop of blood on his eyebrow. Mysterious, nobody knows what happened. CC is shoving pencils through a hole in our floor, making them fall to the ground of the basement. Um, no. So much for them playing independently and not getting into trouble down there!

All Photos-269

5:30 pm | I text Nate, thinking he should be on his way home by now. Bad news for any mom enduring the longest hour of the day before the husband comes home: he says he is shooting to leave by 6. This is a major bummer because I don't think any of us can last until 6:15 to eat! CC says her tummy is starting to rumble, wants to eat crust and craisins. Porter is swiping my croutons. 

5:35 pm | Pizzas are out, all 3 kids hungry and restless. Hate eating without Nate but...

5:45 pm | Let's eat kids! "I am about to die," Truman announces. "For actual actual real," Cecelia asks? Truman is bummed to sit by me and not Porter and the sun is annoyingly bright in our eyes at this time of night. Truman is telling us about a kid in his class who doesn't bring a main dish to lunch, only junk food like candy and goldfish. Truman told him to bring better stuff and apparently the child did not appreciate this. My little brown noser, and one who is a picky eater himself so it's not like he has room to judge. Nate texts that he left at 5:50. Whoo hoo!! CC not happy about my rule to sit down while eating, until we tell her she will have to sit at school. Then she talks about sitting by Natalie at school and declares, "You're the best mommy ever, even better than anyone." I love this child when she is on an emotional high, so much. P gets seconds for pizza and yogurt, all are eating well, and we're talking about our days.

All Photos-270
All Photos-272

6:00 pm | Porter cannot be contained any longer so he gets down to play, Truman cleaned his plate, and Cecelia still working on it but isn't slowing down. Horrible diaper change for Porter, with an ugly wrestling match between us. Diapers are so offensive to him. This one was pretty offensive to me, too, buddy!

6:10 pm | Daddy is home! Big kids get dessert, all tell Nate about the snowmen. Happy to see our dude. I look at a Hanna Andersson mag with Cecelia and Truman while Porter plays downstairs alone. We are chatting with Nate and hoping Porter doesn't randomly start bleeding when unsupervised again.

I'll take one of everything, please. Especially this suit. For me, not Cecelia ;)
All Photos-198

6:30 pm | Nate and I are done with dinner so I start dishes, Nate plays basketball with Truman, then they go downstairs. I quickly clean kitchen counters and pick up toys, even though the KIDS should be doing that part. It's just so much easier to do it myself, so whatever.

All Photos-199

6:40 pm | Family time in the basement!! Talk to Nate about my 'girl run' tomorrow with four other girls, trying to plan our route. I'm trying to get them to train for a half marathon with me but some of them are not big runners, so it's more about the social aspect of having a group to enjoy while running. Also, coffee after and kid-free time with other moms? Yes. Cecelia is busy painting a pictures for her dad and the dudes play basketball. Nate notices me taking an obscene amount of pictures and asks, 'What, are you doing a Day in the Life or something?' How did you guess!?

7:05 pm | Cecelia is done painting for Nate and is super proud. Porter is losing it. We go upstairs to the main level and Cecelia wants to run laps around the table with me, since I was a pansy and didn't run with her on the treadmill today (she jumps on the trampoline when I run, we don't actually run TOGETHER on the treadmill, but what a visual!). Porter is requesting to 'mump' into Nate's arms from the couch over and over again.

All Photos-209
7:10 pm | Party is over, let's head upstairs! I lay out their clothes for tomorrow, assist with pajamas teeth brushing to those that need guidance (two out of three). Books for Porter by yours truly, and big kids read with Nate in our bed. Porter is currently obsessed with Little Blue Truck, and I basically know it by heart at this point. "Push" and "stuck" are his favorite commentary about the book. Seems like labor and delivery gone wrong when you think about it.

7:30 pm | Good night to Porter-P after I sing to him while standing and rocking my babe, it's the new thing for this little love to lay his head on me during this part of the routine. I make Nate take a picture because P is so darn big now and yet still my baby! I tell my stories to the bigs as they snuggle into their bunk beds. "I love you so much mom," is how Cecelia ends the night. Truman gives me a hug and kiss and is asleep before I shut the door to his room, Cecelia is shortly after. 'I promise not to call you back up here, mom, I am too tired.'
All Photos-274
All Photos-217

7:35 pm | I head downstairs after one more kiss to Ports, who was fake coughing to trick me into checking on him. Manipulative but admittedly sweet. Talk to Nate about him test driving a car tomorrow, he is in the market for something larger and it's been a hot topic lately. Watch some weird prank show on TV, then decide we should go ahead and watch one of the movies Nate reserved on Red Box. I work on this post as Nate gets our DVDs at the grocery store. Instagram check and a post from me.

All Photos-219

8:30 pm | We go down to the basement and start the Mockingjay Part 2. We rented Part 1 last weekend and they are such intense movies, but we both really like them which is saying a lot since we aren't movie people. Wine. Popcorn. Yes yes yes. Text the girls about tomorrow and change the location for our run to be closer to home, since the lakefront will be stupidly cold and windy. I am very nervous about the ending of this movie, since I remember the book all too well with the 'children thing.' 

All Photos-276

10:50 pm | The movie is over, we are emotionally drained just like our bottle of vino. Running at 8, better get my butt to bed. Brush teeth, take off face, read some of my Mindy Kaling book on the Kindle. Then chat Nate's face off about the day when he comes upstairs, as he loves when I can't stop talking right before bed. Must have gotten a second wind or something!

11:20 pm | Goodnight!
All Photos-277

Wake up at 6:20 hearing Porter call for me, who then falls back to sleep until 8:15. So I lay in bed for awhile soaking in Saturday morning as Nate goes for his run outside at 6, the big kids get up at 7, and I run with four other girls at 8. Pretty sweet Friday and Saturday, I know!


  1. Always love your DITL posts- you're so detailed! Also, I am super jealous that all the kids were in bed before 7:30!

    1. I really should soak it in more often, we are all just DONE by then!!

  2. I still haven't been able to watch Mockingjay! We were going to a few times but I just can't bring myself to do it knowing how depressing it was.

    1. I thought the movie was less horrible than the book, if that helps!

  3. Ick to snow in April! I feel like spring tricked me this year, starting off so nice and now staying cold. I'm more than ready for warm spring days!

    Also, that time between school and dinner... ahhh! Craziest time of the day, every day!

    1. AGREED. We have been saying winter wasn't so bad, but COME ON, Spring!!

  4. Always love your DITL posts! When did Cecelia give up her nap? I noticed because I have a daughter a little younger then her and the idea of her not napping anymore, especially now that we have another little one, is super scary!

    1. Ah yes, I meant to mention this, can't believe I left something out of the post;)

      She really just OFFICIALLY stopped napping altogether a few weeks ago. We had been letting her skip a nap for about 2 months but only every-other-day. She just couldn't do consecutive days without a nap, but now she most definitely can! It sure does make bedtime a lot easier and now she has gotten over the hump of making evenings really rough, so it's a win-win. Porter still naps and he better do that until he is at least 4, or else!

  5. Wow just twenty minutes to put everyone to bed? That's impressive! It usually takes us a good 40 minutes to put our ONE daughter down for the night. Hopefully when the new baby comes we can shorten that bedtime routine.

    My attic looks like yours with all of the diaper boxes. One of my goals for maternity leave is to go through all of them and keep the clothes/things that the new baby can use/wear but to sell the rest as we are done having kids!

  6. I have yet to watch either Mockingjay. it's on my to watch list. Busy day! Cecelia on the couch with you and Henry! She's so big and pretty. I forgot to do a weekend day but I typed it up yesterday, just won't have as many pictures as usual.

  7. I just love these posts. I hear so much of myself in you and it makes me feel normal/calmer. Being a parent is so nuts... Thank you for sharing your everyday life!

  8. I enjoyed reading about your work day. Seems like a good balance. Ugh, sleety snow in April is the worst! But at least they made final snowmen for the season.

  9. Snow in April? Oh lord I couldn't handle that. My H and I sometimes talk about moving somewhere like Colorado but I don't think we can deal with winter weather for that many months. We're already hitting the pool here in Florida.

    I always laugh at your worst case health scenarios - I am the exact same way. Every new and unusual symptom means imminent death. Hello, anxiety! lol

    I just spent many hours recently sorting through all my daughter's old clothes to give away. Never thought to store them in diaper boxes - so genius!

  10. Love your detailed DITL posts and this looked like a busy one!

    I notice often how big my "baby" is getting. She's still a snuggler, but those limbs are getting longer fast and she's getting pretty darn heavy. Haha!


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