Oregon Family Trip | Day Three (Wedding Day!)

Our family of five woke up in the hotel room around 7 this day, and eventually we got ready for breakfast. We recruited my parents and Nate's parents yet again, and saw several other family members downstairs in the hotel restaurant. Still amazing food at the buffet and the only problem was finding enough room for all of my plates on the table.

I had the excellent excuse of leaving the breakfast table earlier than everyone else, since Brittany asked if I would go with her as she got her makeup done down the road. We left the hotel together around 8:45 and I waved goodbye to the kids from the window, knowing they'd probably end up back in the pool for a good portion of their morning. We also discussed the importance of a triple nap if anyone stood a chance to make it through the entire reception that night, so the kids were well-informed of the mandatory nap. Especially since that meant they could stay awake until 10pm!

Brittany got her makeup done at a salon nearby and I walked next door to get us some good coffees as she was beautified. We picked up more coffee for our men and then headed back to the hotel to begin the morning-of-primping. Brittany had her hair stylist coming at 9 to start the bridal brigade's hair, and we made it back to her suite around 10am. I checked in with the kiddos and sure enough, still splashing around with Nate and my parents and Tony and some cousins. They hardly glanced my way when I visited!

I headed up to the bridal suite where most of the ladies were in and out all morning. Lois had her hair done around 11, I went back to help Nate put the kids down for an epic triple nap, then went back up and did my makeup. It was pretty hilarious to see my small quart sized ziplock full of about 4 makeup products compared to Brittany's mammoth selection. She let me play around with her stuff and I also helped Lois with her make up. I just kept hoping that I better not mess up the face of the Mother of the Groom! I could get really into makeup and fancy products if I had more special occasions to attend, so maybe in a different life!

After Brittany got her 'mermaid' hair done (with extensions, so so so much hair, that one has!), it was my turn around 1:30. I really wanted it all up because it was hot and I'm not a 'hair down' person for more than a few hours each day. But the awesome hairdresser convinced me to leave just a bit down to coordinate with the rest of the girls. And she obliged me on the idea of somewhat deconstructed braids.

All Photos-296

Flower girl extraordinaire was last on the hair list, and I had to wake her from a three hour nap to make the hair happen. She was sleepy but immediately excited for her time to shine. My mom made Cecelia's stunning headpiece and her dress (shocker!), and we wanted to keep Cecelia's hair pretty vintage. The curls were already perfect and then she just tucked some pieces around the headband---made me nervous that if CC wanted to take the big headband out, her hair would be in shambles but she surprised us all by keeping it in all night. And oh, how sweet to see the flower girl come to life!

All Photos-300

Next it was time to wake those sleepy boys from their incredible nap, and Nate was already on that task. Everyone was getting dressed back in our hotel room and the boys looked SO sharp. My mom got Cecelia dressed for me, I got myself dressed (settled on this blue number from Banana Republic, pretty happy with it because it had pockets), and Nate put on his suit. There's always time for a few selfies, right??

All Photos-302

Okay, screw the selfies, let's just take pictures of CC.
All Photos-305

Hair shot!
All Photos-306

Hilarious, such a big girl and yet SO LITTLE.
All Photos-314

A little unsure about the bow tie.
All Photos-315

Brittany and Jon had their first look at the ceremony site before the family arrived at 3pm. We took lots of pictures and then Porter started getting antsy, so when I pulled out the Kindle from my bag I realized it wasn't the correct Kindle. No Thomas shows uploaded on this beast, and therefore I had to sacrifice my phone and my data to appease the little dictator. This was quite annoying to me because how in the world could I Instagram any iPhone pictures without my phone!?!?! :) (Kidding, sort of).

So many group shots, so little time.
All Photos-317

A winner, actually.
All Photos-320

The dudes.
All Photos-321

My family, Cecelia looks like an angel. Also, yes, I wore freaking stiletto heels (for me) but only until the reception. My feet still hurt thinking about it and I was about 6'1" with those babies, but they did look pretty great, I guess.
All Photos-327

Both sets of grandparents, crappy lighting.
All Photos-329

Best one I could get of all three kids, big camera style.

I mean, I can't stop.

Stars of the show! Note Brittany's fab bouquet.

Pretty stoked to have the rings.

Cinderella moment (aka just wear the freaking shoes, girl).

Nate was a little nervous for his big best man speech later in the night, but overall I'd say our energy was quite high at this point. My little family headed to the back of the rose garden, to prepare the crew to walk down the aisle, while my mom and dad saved us seats on the front row. One last photo!
All Photos-341

Jon walked down the aisle with Tony and Lois, Nate with the maid of honor, and then the children. Oh, the children!! I was standing in back encouraging them to hold hands and smile so I didn't get to see the cuteness from the front, but luckily Nate's cousin caught Cecelia's flower girl-ing on video.

Note--all are wearing their shoes!
All Photos-344

Then Brittany walked with her dad, set to a Lord Huron song, and so began the sweetest ceremony ever. Porter lasted approximately 30 seconds before I walked around the outskirts with him, and then my mom took over. Jon and Brittany wrote their own heartfelt vows and there were plenty of tears shed, possibly even from my tough guy husband up there;) It was an amazing ceremony and so very 'Jon and Brittany'---just the way it should be!!

We stuck around after they said 'I do' to clean up the chairs, then we were off to the reception. The newlyweds picked one of their favorite pizza places for the occasion and it was a place that hadn't ever rented out for this type of party before. But it turned out fabulous, with the perfect whimsical touches on the back patio, complete with little globes, paper airplanes, and banners that said 'our adventure begins.' I LOVE WEDDINGS so much, and wedding decorations? So much yes.

All Photos-384


The kids were super pumped to discover a 'pour your own' juice station, and Nate and I took full advantage of the delicious Oregon wine that the bride and groom had selected. There were a million kinds of fancy pizzas, plus heavy appetizers, then little cinnamon rolls and brownies instead of wedding cake.
All Photos-368


Nate did a fantastic job on his speech, and I wish I would have captured the whole thing on video but I felt like a lunatic with my phone at this point. Even more than Nate's speech, something else I wish I had captured was the 'before the speech' shenanigans. See, Nate had the mic and was preparing to talk but then someone yelled out that Jon was still inside getting drinks. So they said, 'Tell us a joke or something!' Truman was standing behind Nate, and Nate said, 'Want to tell them a knock knock joke, buddy?' I knew my shy boy would not love this, but he paused, grinned, and told the ninety people there a joke (after Nate suggested one by whispering in his ear). You know the one about bananas and oranges, and 'orange you glad I didn't say banana?' Yeah, that one. He nailed it!

But then little sister felt left out of the fun, so she sauntered up to the mic as everyone was cracking up at Truman. And SHE stole the freaking show! She very confidently, in her high pitched, four year old voice continued along the path of 'Knock Knock! Who's there? Banana' for about four rounds. And then at the end, instead of saying 'orange you glad I didn't say banana,' she said 'banana you glad I said orange?' The crowd went wild. Nate nearly blew a gasket. I did manage to capture this on my big camera.

First dances followed by classic wedding moves on the dance floor happened. Oh, and I should mention that the dance floor was placed over gravel, which entranced Porter like nothing else. At several points throughout the reception, I had Porter gather gravel and place the tiny rocks into a dog bowl that I found just to keep him occupied. Otherwise he would simply throw rocks all across the dance floor, and I had visions of an elderly aunt breaking a hip all because of my two year old and his obsession with throwing rocks.

All Photos-371

Highlights of the night: seeing Truman dance with his true love, Brittany. Teaching the big kids the YMCA hand motions. Doing the Whip and Nae Nae with Cecelia. The most amazing moment caught on video was when Porter and his one year old second cousin, Jane, started dancing and then hugging. I literally cannot!Bumping and grinding with the bride (and my husband, I guess). Observing my mom and dad pull out coloring books and markers for the kids, off to the side of the dance floor, at the very end of the night when they were all beyond exhausted. And then ending the reception with Piano Man, of course.

Newlyweds listening to speeches.

A favorite shot of the night.

Captures Porter perfectly.

Googly eyed.

Another perfect capture.

Getting low.

I'm cutting in from the bride here, Truman won't admit it but he loved dancing with me, too. ;)
All Photos-393

The only picture I have of the two of us, no kids. Meh.
All Photos-387

I drove the kids back to the hotel at 10:30 and my parents also came back in their car. Nate stayed back with his parents to help clean up the decorations, and we were majorly undecided if we could continue partying with the bride and groom. So.Tired.

On the way back to the hotel, Truman was giddy and told me, 'Mom? I have a crush on Brittany. She told me she loves me!' Gah, my six year old heartbreaker, take it easy!

Once back at the hotel, mom and dad and I changed the kids, read to them, and put them down. They were still cranked up but did eventually settle down. I texted Nate and said he needed to make a split second decision about us going back out and he admitted he was exhausted, too, and was coming home. SCORE ONE FOR CHANGING INTO PAJAMAS! He and his parents came back and we arranged the mini-fridges to allow for lots of leftover pizza. My parents went to bed, Nate's parents went to bed, and Nate and I seriously crashed into bed.

'Such a fun wedding,' we agreed. We are just so happy for Jon and Brittany!!!


  1. Longtime silent blog reader, but had to comment on Cecelia...hands down the cutest flower girl I've ever seen!! That dress is just amazing. Looked like a fun wedding!

    1. Thank you! Love hearing from silent readers;)

  2. Love all these pics!! You guys looked incredible. Also, I spy my RTR dress in the background!

    1. Thank you! And yes, the maid of honor had an RTR sequins dress for sure. I was looking at one similar but couldn't pull the trigger on renting when traveling!!

  3. Makes me want to get married again! So fun! WE have a brunch wedding in October. Must find dress with pockets...

    1. So helpful!! Check Banana Republic, I think pockets might be fairly popular right now?

  4. What an INCREDIBLE wedding! I'm seriously jealous and rethinking all my life decisions in light of a PIZZA PARLOR reception! And your entire family looked lovely!

    1. Can you ever go wrong with pizza? Especially at a wedding? No. I agree, I don't want to re-do many parts of my own wedding but now I have so many ideas!! :)

  5. You captured some great shots - as good as any professional wedding photographer. C's dress and headband...omg gorgeous. And the story of the big kids telling jokes at the mic...too cute!


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