Fall 2017 Day in the Life Heads Up

Somehow it's already October, which means it's time for the quarterly Day in the Life!

I asked if my blog friend, Liz, would host this quarter again because life feels a little too nutso to take this on. However, I'm hoping to actually participate and link up this quarter and you should, too!

Find Liz here: your posts are due to her by October 22, so pull out your calendars and get to it.

I have this crazy idea for how to do this post without it taking a million years to write up and add pictures....not sure it's nearly the same caliber for details and fun reading. BUT. What if I just do a lot of Instastories the day, complete with time stamps and writing out details, videos, and pictures. Then I save the whole video from the day and embed it into the blog to be a visual account of that particular day? Less typing, less time spent adding pictures, but still documenting a day...the lazy way!?

I don't know, I just might go for it this time around.

P.S. Being back to work this past week was fine. I say 'fine' because Wallace started off the week pretty strong, taking 3-5 ounces in a day while I was away. But by Thursday and Friday, the wheels fell off and he took exactly ZERO ounces on Friday. He's crying for a solid hour or so by the end of our time apart and then wants to nurse all evening long. Luckily he isn't up all night (knock on wood, dear Lord) but it's still really hard and stressful. Pumping just one time yields about 8-9 ounces for me and I think he 'should' drink at least 6 oz while I'm gone. But this child has a strong affinity for nursing and still hates the bottle.

He is Porter's exact opposite. We will figure it out. Three months old tomorrow!



  1. Fingers crossed that you get the bottle situation figured out ASAP - I know that isn't fun for anyone. Luckily grandparents are just about the best people on the planet and if anyone has the heart for a sad baby for an hour, it's grandparents!

  2. I think that sounds like a fun day to do a DITL!


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