crazy eights

How ironic is it that on 8/8/8 Keri has her 8th round [and FINAL round!] of chemo? Wish her luck, it's been a long 'first leg' of her journey. I know she is very excited to have a few weeks off before her surgery to feel normal again.

We are making the trek to mid-MO tonight and won't return until next Wednesday. I am so excited I can barely breathe. This is going to be a much needed break from everyday life and I can't wait to see my parents. I will return rejuvenated [I hope!] and bearing lots of pictures. Knock on wood.....but the weather forecast isn't too horrible for this weekend: barely in the 90s? I can totally handle that!

Also, we may or may not have purchased new running shoes last night and we found a fabulous deal. You know how I feel about new running paraphernalia and discounts, don't you? Pictures to follow:)


  1. Have a fun weekend, Julia!! Safe travels. :) And I'll be thinking about Keri today!

  2. YAY for coming home on the weekend. I get to see my momma too :)

  3. Yay for your trip home!! You definitely deserve a little getaway. I'll be thinking about Keri too. Can't wait to see pics!

  4. Hey Julia! I just wanted to let you know that a wedding coordinator here in Phoenix, featured Makenna today on her meet the readers section of her blog. She asked what her favorite three blogs were and I listed yours because so many of her readers are brides and you always have great wedding stuff to talk about so I thought they might find your blog helpful! I hope it brings you even more traffic! You can check it out at:

    Enjoy your trip home!

  5. Wow, the irony is amazing. I'll be thinking of Keri!

    New running shoes were totally needed, I'm sure. :) Can't wait to here of the deal, your run and see pics!


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