Found Me part tres

I couldn't resist sharing these gems. People are actually searching the internet for these phrases and they land on my blog. Hello, weirdos! Welcome to my humble abode.

smaller boob catching up i am 18 [this is a direct quote and two thoughts crammed together]

pictures of 'truly blessed' in cursive handwriting [no clue how Google pulled my blog for this]

my breast tissue doesn't feel like my own [have you been feeling other boobs, too?]

i overanalyze my relationship [you are my kind of friend!]

how to care of boobs so that it look fine [probably the worst fragment of English ever.]

And the mother load:

toot toot here come my boobs [I want this to be my new motto in life]


  1. Okay... I just laughed out loud at that last one. TOO funny. That's probably what people think when they see me coming! Ugh.

  2. haha oh my gosh i am laughing out loud!

  3. Hey, I tagged you! Check out my blog for details. I love all the people looking up boobs!

  4. I love the last one. Hilarious!

  5. "Toot toot here come my boobs"[!!!!!!!!!!!!!] - CLASSIC!

    If we ever have another GTG, I might just say that as I stroll up :)

  6. Oh



    Toot toot here comes me trying to hide my hysterical laughter while sitting at my desk at work!


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