Baby showers #1 and #2

Proof that our weekend was absolutely fabulous: tons of pictures, not a lot of words:)

Baby shower #1: a Friday morning brunch in Jefferson City, held by my Mom's friends back home. I got up early on Friday after we arrived to St. Louis very late on Thursday and drove to JC. I wasn't really sure what to expect from this one but it was so much fun. And who doesn't love egg casserole, fruit salad, and yummy treats like these?

Love all the wrapping papers!

Memaw made the trip up for BOTH showers, so of course we had to grab a 'three generations' shot.

The big hit of this shower? The quilt my mom sewed for the baby! I am absolutely obsessed with it. This is the back:

And this is the front. I helped her select a pattern online and she did the rest. Perfect colors, wonderfully modern, and made with love:) In fact, I am told my very own father helped to meticulously cut these strips of fabric but don't tell anyone.

I drove back to St. Louis Friday night, and on Saturday my girlfriends threw me their shower. It was so 'Julia' it was practically dripping with my style. Loose leaf tea, lemonade, coffee, and all desserts.....I was in heaven of course. Just look at those handmade tablecloths Hannah sewed!


And don't even get me started on the plethora of sweets. How did they know I could live off a sugar block for the rest of my life?


All of the bright colors were gorge, and mimic my nursery for sure.


And these little banners made by Maggie will definitely go up on our door once baby boy arrives. Too cute!

Yours truly with an insane amount of loot. Again, the pretty papers make me happy.

After a few games, lots of chatting, and opening enough gifts to make me teary I forced everyone to take a group photo. Surprisingly, nobody even batted an eye because I'm sure they expected this request from me:) When I count it up, these guests span five different states and at least 6 or 7 different cities. I love these girls!

The hostess with the mostess (and the cutest 7 week old ever).

And remember at Hannah's shower how we did a belly shot like this? Well now we have an extra pregnant lady (Hi, Kristen!) and the weeks are a bit different. It goes from being a mommy of a 7 weeker, to 32 weeks, to 23 weeks, to 16 weeks. Who's next, ladies?

All four of my shower hosts.

And my family (mom, me, Memaw, Aunt Beth, and my cousin Amy). We are pretty short and don't look anything alike, right?

And later that night at dinner with Keri and Allison!

So driving back with all of our loot was highly entertaining.

And unpacking it, although it was already consolidated into very few bags, made me feel overwhelmed by everyone's generosity.


I mean, just look at all of the 'odds and ends', for instance.

And because we've started a family tradition by placing Henry in all of the baby's gifts (ie the crib, the car seat, etc) we had to try it out with our new Bumbo. I think he hated it a lot.
So yeah, there are no words for how loved we feel right now. I'm slowly organizing the nursery and am getting started on my thank you cards but I'm still letting the whole weekend sink into my thick skull. We are extremely blessed, for sure. And the next time we cross into Missouri territory we'll have a brand new baby with us. How crazy is that?


  1. i love the last pic of henry!

    looks like you got some amazing stuff for the baby!

  2. Bahahaha! That picture of Henry in a Bumbo is priceless. :)

    Your shower was so cute, Julia! I love how everything went with your nursery. Too cute!

  3. Looks like you had quite the amazing weekend! Can your mom adopt me momentarily and sew a quilt for my future child someday? K-thanks :)

  4. HA! Totally just lol'ed at Henry. I have a feeling my schnauzer has a lot of that in his future as well :)

  5. What fabulous showers, and I love the pattern of the quilt!!

  6. oh my gosh i laughed so hard at henry in the bumbo! and that quilt...amazing. my grandma made us one for christmas (there's a pic on our blog) and i just love the sentimental value it has! you are one lucky lady!

  7. Your showers were beautiful! The quilt your mother made is gorgeous. Have fun getting everything put away.

  8. Long time reader, first time commenter...

    Whoa- great showers! I love love love the quilt! :-)

    Congrats again!

  9. Love the quilt and all the colors you've done for the room!

    You made me look forward to my own rainbows and sunshine and happiness for the future.

  10. What fabulous showers! Your little one is so fortunate to be welcomed by so many. I love the quilt your mother made. It's absolutely gorgeous.

  11. The quilt is AWESOME!!! Is your mom taking orders, by any chance? :-)

  12. I don't think Hen's in to the Bumbo, but it was worth a try!

  13. So much fun! Looks like you got a ton of amazing stuff!! Good for you and Baby Carlos :)

    And that picture of Henry is too too much. Again, I busted out laughing just as Jim walked into the room...he had to check it out as well :)

  14. The quilt is fabulous!! And I LOVE the banner made of onesies! Definitely going to have to steal that idea if I ever throw a shower for someone!

  15. Love the quilt! You mom did an awesome job! Henry in the last pic - hilarious!

  16. Great showers! And I love all the decorations they used. What kind of games did you guys play? I'm planning a baby shower for my sister and am looking for shower games that won't get eye rolls!


  17. Great showers! And I love all the decorations they used. What kind of games did you guys play? I'm planning a baby shower for my sister and am looking for shower games that won't get eye rolls!


  18. What a fun weekend! And, the quilt is to die for!

  19. I want those chocolate things! :)

  20. This post made me so happy! :) You are one lucky lady, look at all the loot!! So much fun.

    The quilt is amazing, and hey, you got the same bouncy chair that we have! It's Henry's favorite thing.

    Oh, and re: your next post - Tilly is absolutely beautiful! Babies are the best.

  21. Looks like you had some fantastic showers!!! :)

  22. OMG you got a ton of loot. The showers looked absolutely perfect.

    The quilt your mom made was beautiful. What an awesome keepsake!


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