The boys

My boys survived their week together like it was nothing. In fact, they made it all look too easy and are definitely best buds more than they ever were before. Nate somehow discovered a gold mine with Truman, called 'The Baby Can Put Himself to Sleep'. I know. I'm so jealous of this talent! He literally puts him down in the cosleeper (that we've now moved into the living room), wraps him up in his 'sleep blanket' (Nate has now designated a special blanket in which to sleep?) and walks away. Truman apparently just slips into a slumber without rocking, jiggling, being a dark room, and without Mommy holding her breath as she puts him down. Who knew you could just lay him down and be done with it? Genius!!

I've had to retire a good portion of his wardrobe, yet again. All of the 3 month and most of the 3-6 month outfits are obscenely tight on baby boy and thus, his 6 month and 6-9 month outfits are in heavy rotation now. It's seriously SO much fun to dress him up in new clothes, you guys. And this size period boasts some pretty adorable stuff. Observe:

BOLD STATEMENT ALERT! Henry is totally pissed, in case you were wondering. And those pudgy legs? Too much!!


Rocking out in the Bumbo with Daddy. He's hard core.

And this is the scene that I left every morning this week. I'd get up at 5:15 and shower, get dressed, and eat my breakfast. Then at 6:15 I'd get Truman out of our bed, nurse him and cuddle the crap out of him, and then I'd change his diaper and get him dressed for the day. I'd lay him back in bed with Daddy Nate and give my final kisses before leaving at 7 am. On Friday I couldn't help myself with the camera because seriously---are they not the cutest?


Truman LOVES the morning time more than anything. He's in such a great mood that he'll just smile and giggle and be generally adorable as if to say, 'Dude, that sleeping stuff is the bomb.' Oh, and in case you were wondering----his nighttime sleeping habits have returned to the amazing 5-6 hour stretches. He'll sleep in his crib until he first wakes up at about 2-3 am then I'll pull him into bed to nurse and sleep some more. I've decided that nursing him while sitting up in the rocking chair in the middle of the night is not my idea of fun. It forces me to wake all the way up, then nurse, then pray that when I lay him back into the crib he won't wake up. Instead, nursing in bed sidelying is WAY better and promotes much more sleep for us all. At least he's sleeping in his crib for the first part of the night anyway, right? Maybe someday the middle of the night feeding will stretch out until the morning when I have to get up anyway.

Also, as a side note: talking about sleeping habits, pumping, bottles, and dirty diapers NEVER gets old for a new mom. No doubt.

Finally, here is a pic that Nate snapped on Friday. Truman had just taken a bottle and was totally milk drunk here. Note the mangled looking legs and the glazed eyes:) And of COURSE Nate picked that bib for the day, right?

I love my boys so much. I'm kind of sad for them that their week together is done. But hey, a three day weekend with all of us isn't so bad and then we are on to our typical routine next week. I hope Grandpa is ready for Truman's jelly! :)


  1. He is just too cute! I seriously love all the pudge. My itty bitty baby is finally looking a little pudgier in his belly and I love it! No doubt the rolls like on Truman's legs are coming soon ;)

    I agree that getting all the way up to nurse in the middle of the night is not fun. I tried to do that with my first son and it didn't work. Hence the reason I just stay in bed to nurse this time. It's working much better.

    Question though, when did you pump to build up your stash during your leave? I am trying to figure out how I can build up my stash for when I start my new job.

  2. Good question, Molly. I didn't even start to pump until T was about 3 weeks. Just once in the morning about an hour after our first feeding of the day. Here is an awesome link to using your freezer stash effectively...

  3. Oh my gosssh, those photos are precious! Your baby boy is SO cute!

  4. That second picture of Nate & Truman is so freaking cute!!!


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