rounding up to four months

Truman is almost 4 months old and I just can't get over how much fun we are having in this stage of his life. I'm told it just keeps getting better and better which is hard to imagine because he is so incredibly entertaining right now. I feel like an update is in order.

But first, let's view a few pictures, shall we?

monkey feet

Nice gams.

My little thigh-master, knee dimple and all.

the explorers, and mighty yummy, apparently.

blonde eyebrows?

Talking to his buddies while performing extensive leg lifts, all a part of his strict exercise regime.

Caterpillar 'summer' onesie by the one and only Missouri Grandma!




"Moooooom. You are SO annoying!"

Nap time in the co-sleeper with sophie watching intently...

Okay so he's totally obsessed with eating his hands these days and it's the cutest thing ever. He'll very slowly clasp them together in front of his face then stare at them intently, then bring them into his mouth and chomp away. He's also gotten really good at grabbing for toys and putting them in his mouth, too. Do you see a theme here? This boy is oral for sure.


He's rolling side to side a lot and even rolled from his tummy to his back once when I was prepping to snap a picture of him. I couldn't believe what I just saw through my viewfinder because it happened so fast, but Truman wasn't upset by the startling roll at all and continued to eat his hand like it was nbd. I'll call that a milestone though and will wait for it to be more consistent over the next weeks.


Oh, and he totally let out an official, unmistakable laugh the other night. He chuckles and coos and talks all the freaking time but it never sounds quite like a true laugh, until now. Melt my heart all over again, why don't you?







Another 'first': all of a sudden he totally gets tummy time now. This past week we just put him on his tummy one night and noticed that holy crap, the boy is actually lifting his head up to it's maximum angle and is even looking around once it's up there! Not that he sucked at head control before this but it's so cute to see him finally understand what he's supposed to do when he's on his tummy---and it's NOT supposed to be slamming his nose into the ground like used to happen. My baby is growing up so fast! (I could repeat this line over and over again throughout this post and probably the next 100 posts but I'll just say it once and be done with it).







Lots of 'firsts' around here as we head to his four month birthday. It's hard to believe that one year at this time I was pregnant with Truman but didn't know it yet. My what a difference a year makes.


  1. How adorable! I love those detail shots at the beginning--so precious. :)

  2. Love the caterpillar onesie and love the pictures of tummy time!

  3. cute onesie and love the pics of truman and henry hanging out.

  4. I love the catepillar onsie and the pic with the dog. So, so cute!

  5. I love these pictures - he is getting cuter by the day :)

  6. Your boy is growing up right before your eyes! I love hearing about all these fun milestones...makes me look forward to what's ahead of us. As always, Truman is such a cutie pie. Can't wait to see him again.

  7. 死亡是悲哀的,但活得不快樂更悲哀。.................................................................                           

  8. If Henry could read, he'd be offended by that onesie and refuse to be in the same photo with it;) Hey Julia, in all your spare time, I'd love to see a blog post about how Henry has settled into life with Truman. I know it was rough at first, but any tips would be great!


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