CC's 5 week update

Cecelia is 5 weeks old today and since I JUST did a mega-post for her one month update, I don't have much to say. Except that she had her one month check up today and all is well with her growth. She moved from the 25th percentile for weight at her one week appointment all the way up to 75th percentile today---since she is a whopping 10lbs 2oz! Remember, her chunky brother was 10lbs 3oz at this point. Hilarious to me, since she seems so much smaller than him! And then she is also really tall, which isn't too surprising considering her genes. But she is 22.5 inches now, up from 20.5 at birth, which makes her in the 90th percentile for girls her age. No wonder she is fussy in the evenings--lady is growing! Those 0-3 outfits and her cloth diapers are both screaming my name now that she is so much bigger.

He also thought her big fat scary spit up episodes are normal as long as it doesn't get worse, as long as she isn't in pain, and as long as she keeps growing so well. Sort of what I figured, but it helps to hear that my pediatrician isn't worried. We are up to six total barf-all-over-the-place episodes now. I guess I'm getting used to getting drenched in my own breast milk and Cecelia isn't phased by it at all.

Overall, she is doing a lot better in the evenings in the past few days. Less freaking out, more content times, and I can feel myself relaxing more and more each day. I survived my first two nights alone with both kids, without Nate as my team mate in parenting, too! It was really nerve wracking and I was dreading those nights/days ahead of time. But with some awesome in-laws that helped out with dinner and evening times, and some well-behaved kids, I made it as a single mom just fine. I don't want to do that again any time soon, but I know I could in a pinch. Bedtimes for two kids alone = no freaking joke.

Other pictures from last week, minus the Instagram ones since I have a lot of new followers now! :

Little strawberry had a GREAT hair day and I couldn't get over how good it looks laying somewhat flat and clean.

Truman's idea: 'Swaddle me up, mom!'

Another strawberry outfit---looking really chunky here, if you ask me.


Peaceful little angel snoozing away...


  1. What a chunk!! Love it! I can't wait to find out how big Luke is at his appointment on Thursday... of course I'm also worried that he's not gaining weight because of the spit up, and just because he was so huge at birth it seems like he should continue to be huge forever (but I guess it's probably for the best if he doesn't stay in the 99th percentile forever :)

    Way to go surviving single parenthood!! Can't believe for some people that's just life.

    She's so cute and I just LOVE the strawberry outfits!

  2. Oh man, she has changed so much!!! Definitely chunking out which is awesome.

    Whoo hoo for getting through the first night as a single mom! That's me every third night so I feel the pressure of two bed time routines all by yourself.

  3. That is so cute - Truman with Cecelia!! My son asked to be swaddled too :). Never thought about getting a picture but I will now :)


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