Cecelia at two months

July 28 | Two months


Likes: mornings, mommy, napping, being outside, lights, picture frames on the wall, nursing, big brother Truman, busting out of a swaddle, Dave Matthews Band, our expensive nursery glider, ceiling fans

Dislikes: bottles, pacifiers, being in the car seat longer than 30 minutes, being tired, evenings, the coffee grinder, coming out of a bath, being in one location for longer than 30 minutes


Biggest achievement of the month: Smiling!! Enough of an achievement to make her mommy and daddy feel like all of the hard work we've put into this child is actually worth it. Maybe she even likes us a little bit!

Biggest challenge of the month: Refusing to take a bottle. Sigh.


Secret tricks of parenting: to calm this fussy baby, here are a few of our current secret tricks that will surely stop working before the next monthly update...

-swaddle + walking around the house
-loud music (preferably DMB) + rocking in the glider in a dark nursery
-walking outside + singing off key/discussing nature

(another one versus two month shot. Note the changing hair do and how much taller she is than her bunny.)
Nicknames: C, CeCe, Cease, Cecil (as if she was her masculine counterpart-we find this one particularly hilarious), Sister, Sissy, pretty lady, baby girl

The Mecca (aka Sleep): Cecelia is sleeping pretty well at night but it's actually gotten a little worse as this month has progressed. Growth spurt? I hope so. I'm missing the days she could make it until 3 am without waking. She goes down for the night around 8:30 and will wake around 1:30, then again at 3:00 and 5:00 before the alarm goes off at 6:00. Of course, this varies GREATLY and sometimes she will wake up four or five times a night. I'm starting to get that new mom 'so-freaking-tired' look about me, for sure. Her longest stretch of sleep is still 5.5 hours and she still sleeps in our room all night. I just started putting her directly into her co-sleeper upstairs in our room at 8:30 instead of starting in her swing that is downstairs, which I think is a huge accomplishment. Now I don't have to carry her upstairs with me when I go to bed and if she can stay asleep in the stationary co-sleeper then I suppose she would stay asleep in her crib. She does love that swing, though.

Her naps are anywhere from 10 minutes up to 3.5 hours. She gets one really long nap in each day, usually in the mid-morning/afternoon, and does a lot of cat naps in the late afternoon and evening hours. In the morning she almost always stays awake for one hour at a time before needing an hour recovery nap.


Temperament/Personality: It's really easy to focus on Cecelia's intense crying and her strong opinions for this topic, but overall I have to say she is a very content and happy baby 90% of the time. She is super happy and smiling non-stop in the mornings and then after most of her naps, too. She really doesn't cry that much unless she has a reason and thankfully I can usually figure out what's bugging her and I'll attempt to fix it. I am absolutely LOVING her smiles these days, you guys. Can't wait for her to laugh, because I have a feeling it's going to melt my heart all over again.

Now. That 10% of the time when she is really ticked off? Horrible. I still claim she is a little more fussy than Truman ever was but you have to remember that I have horrible momnesia, so that might not be true. But in true estrogen-laden fashion, she has opinions that are not to be taken lightly. It's just crazy that she will go from happy and smiling and content to freaking the EFF out with over-tiredness in about 2 seconds. I think a lot of babies are like that, but I would label Cecelia's crying as pretty 'intense' at times. Thankfully it's not all that often that she flips the switch to 'freak out mode'.

I also like to use the word 'diva' but sometimes I think that is sort of unfair to her, because there are only a few things in life that will stir the wrath of Her Diva-ness. If she is over-tired and decides to fight sleep, it will usually cause an epic meltdown until I can convince her to rest those little eyes. This almost always happens in the evenings if we are pushing our luck and don't adhere to a calm, soothing environment around her bedtime. And then there are those bottles. Do I need to mention, yet again, that she will lose her mind over an artificial nipple? Besides being tired, hungry, and ticked about a fake boob, the other thing that might really force the water-works is being in her car seat when she has absolutely no desire to be strapped down in there. Poor babe. She really does get carted around so much more than her first-born brother ever did. I guess that is the plight of a second-born!


Eating: Sister still loves to nurse about every 2 hours during the day. If she takes a killer nap she will sleep past the 2 hour mark but then there are also times when she wants to eat every hour. She mostly takes one side for a feeding, which last about 15 minutes or longer. I can tell she is getting full because she will spit up more when she's had a lot to eat. And she is still drenching herself, and me, and the house with gigantic/scary spit ups about once or twice weekly. They still don't seem to bother her though and appear to be totally random.

The superficial: The Hair is still in place! In fact, it's getting a lot longer by the day and is pretty red. I did notice a few flakes the other day but am choosing to believe it's just a dry scalp and not actually cradle cap. She had baby acne for 10 days this month but now her skin is clear. She is wearing mostly all 0-3 month clothes but we are starting to mix in some 3-6 sizes, because she is getting too long for the 0-3's at this point. No wonder, because at her 2 month well baby appointment we found out her stats and she is a TALL girl! She is already 24 inches long which is 92nd percentile, and 12 pounds 1 ounce which is 76th percentile. And her head is very average at 50th percentile. :)

(the hair)

Motor milestones: CC is attempting to get her hands into her mouth and maybe she could actually become a thumb-sucker, easing her need for constant boob suckage. (Please, God!) She started smiling this month and loves to kick her legs and punch her arms. Still not a huge fan of tummy time but she's doing a good job controlling her head when held upright. She loves looking around the room and focuses on objects, able to track them as they move across her path. She's just so much more alert this month and I know she's doing her best to absorb this huge world around her.

(hands? get into my mouth!)

(tummy time!)

Social butterfly: Cecelia met her great-grandma (two visits!) and great-grandpa this month, her Uncle Jon from Oregon, had numerous play dates with friends (although she mostly had to tag along with her brother's buddies), had another visit from 'Go Go' and numerous visits with her local 'Pa Pa' and 'Ya Ya'. She also met a lot of Nate's coworkers during her spa day at his clinic.


Out and about: a few trips to the local pool, daily trips to the playground, lots of runs with mommy in either the single or double BOB, Target, grocery store (epic fail), the zoo, her dad's office


Favorite baby gear:

-Our borrowed 'My Little Lamb' swing from Andrea

-The Boppy for nursing and hanging out (she has to tolerate the boyish covers, since I never did buy new girlie ones for her)


 -Activity gym

-The double BOB


-Bum Genius diapers, specifically the One Size 4.0's with snaps (the beginning of cloth diapering happened this month and we still love it second time around)



Little sister and big brother:

I mean, are they twins or what? Aside from Cecelia's hair and Truman's fat head I can definitely see the resemblance.

It's so hard not to compare kids, so I'm just going to oblige myself in this category.

I am known to say that every baby has their 'thing' and right now refusing the bottle is Cecelia's. Truman's 'thing' was always sleep (not sleeping through the night until 9 months, then waking up at 5 am for many months). I'm hoping that sleep is not also Cecelia's thing, but instead we might be challenged with stronger opinions than her brother ever had. Truman has always been labeled 'easy' and super laid back but he doesn't have the best sleeping skills. Maybe his sister will be the exact opposite.

Also, Truman was always really big and tall. And well, so is Cecelia, apparently! I know that the boys and girls growth charts are very different because at 2 months Truman was 24.5 inches tall and that was 85th percentile for him but his little sister is 24 inches and that is 92nd percentile for girls. Then Truman was 13 pounds 7 ounces being in the 87th percentile, and Cecelia's 12 pounds 1 ounce puts her in the 76th percentile for girls. So although she doesn't weigh as much she is still on the bigger side for girls. Just a little bit more dainty then big man Tru. And apparently she is almost as tall as her big brother was at this age! I find this stuff fascinating, in case you can't tell.

Currently Truman still adores Cece and she seemingly loves him right back---always looking towards his voice and tolerating the constant train talk like a champion Thomas fan. I am just so proud of my Truman for being the sweetest, kindest big brother to Cecelia. I love imagining them growing up together and I really believe they will be best buddies.

Two months down. And the fun is just beginning!


  1. I think they look really similar too! I thought that as soon as I saw the first 2 month photo. Don't you just love that?

  2. The pink bumGenius is about to put me over the edge. SO CUTE!

  3. I definitely see a resemblance between C and T. And I love her red hair. I can't believe she's 2 months already!

  4. That intense going from happy to crazy with rage tired sounds familiar. We really did find that putting Max down to bed earlier helped -- he just got more sleep that way -- and I also found that his reflux was causing him to eat shorter meals more often, so he would wake up more -- and also, he would wake up choking/coughing occasionally.
    So, I don't know if doing some elimination diet for her would help or maybe just trying baby zantac? Just random thoughts, nothing to take to heart. :)
    They are totally related. I see so many T expressions in her pictures.

  5. Hi beautiful girl! My gosh she's adorable - I can only imagine how cute she'll be in next month's photo, and the next, and the next ... I love seeing the developments each month. And each time you think, ok, he/she could not get any cuter - then they DO!!

    "Discussing nature" and calling her Cecil made me giggle. ;)

  6. I still die at the pic of Truman holding her hand!


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