I truly think that Cecelia looks so much like Truman that it's rather eerie. Sometimes she will make an expression and it will take my breath away, transporting me back in time about 2 years ago to when Truman was her age. But then other times, I really see that she is her own little person and like nobody else in the world. Even those times when they seem like clones to me, Cecelia is definitely a more feminine version of baby Truman---with a lot more hair, blue eyes, and a face that is not a perfect circle. :) Also, Truman was a HUGE baby and Cecelia is pretty average for her weight (but super tall). So there's that.

Anyway, I've been wanting to compare baby photos for my two little munchkins for awhile now. Looking at pictures side by side makes me think they are NOT as similar as I imagine them to be in my head. I dunno. I feel like I'm not capturing their similar expressions on camera very well. What do you think?

Cecelia at 8 months, all pictures of Truman are 6-9 months.

The stunned look. Very similar here, IMO.

The silly grin. Very different to me here.

Angry babies. Clones.
Angry again. Hilarious.
Precious faces. Masculine versus feminine.

Oh. And I did a 'naked baby' photoshoot with Cecelia yesterday. I plan to do an entire post dedicated to her adorable cheeks but for now---had to do more comparisons between her and Truman's naked shoot. He was only 6 months old here and already 19 lbs (!!)---so similar sizes but he was extra smooshy and younger. Seriously, sweet baby skin is just about the most intoxicating thing ever, right? Obsessed. Don't care if my children will be embarrassed of these pictures someday. Worth it to capture the lovely baby lumps!

Our children both have big cracks. And awesome thigh rolls. And waist line from cloth diapers;)


One of my fave photos of Truman as a baby, and Cecelia's eyes are so freaking blue here (and her hair so RED!)

Double chins! No necks! Eyebrows!

I mean...

This kind of shot makes my ovaries hurt. AND I STILL HAVE A BABY to love right now. Stop it, ovaries.

So fun to compare my babes. I will probably do this again many times over because I can't help myself.


  1. I love this... my boys are so different!

  2. Super fun! Cecelia definitely has a more heart-shaped face and her features are a lot softer, more feminine...

  3. I totally relate to them being more similar in your head than when you look at the pics side by side. I feel the same about Isaac and Miriam.

    T and C definitely look alike, though! It's a good thing too. With that red hair and those blue eyes, ppl may question if she's really yours otherwise. :)

  4. In the silly grin photo, I thought T WAS C! They do look alike, but either way you have ADORABLE babies!

  5. They definitely come from the same gene pool ;) So adorable. But I do not remember Truman being such a chunk-a-monk!! Those shots made me laugh :)

    I totally get it when you say you get glimpses of Truman in Cecelia. Eli and Gabby have such different coloring but man, they make the SAME expressions! It's crazy. I definitely think they look a like now.

  6. Ahhh! Love these so much. Cannot handle the adorableness, and it seems like yesterday that T was that age. Now C is already there!! She is just so beautiful, Julia. I could eat her up.

    The naked photo shoot! I need to do this with Ben, seriously. His butt is totally like your kids' butts, ha. Henry's was always (and still is) so little by comparison!

    I expected clones with my boys and instead got two very different looking kids. It's so cool how you just never know what you're going to get! I told Dave that when a second child looks so much like the first, I always think, "well, no doubt about, he's definitely the dad again!" LOL

    I also told Dave over the weekend that that's just anoooother reason to have a third - to see how the genes decide to line up this time. ;)


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