A week-long celebration

Whoo, boy. Lots to say and show in this post. I finally purchased the BlogStomp app after Andrea recommended it to me and I love it! It saves so much time and lets me use a lot of pictures in collages, without resorting to Photoshop. Totally worth it so far!

-I got my package from CafePress just in time for Truman's birthday. I ended up designing a tee shirt for Truman to wear using Photoshop and it was a lot easier than I thought! Since Truman's crane of choice is currently Merrick, I put him on the front of the tee shirt with a number 3 hanging from his hook. Then on the back I had Thomas saying, 'Truman is a very useful engine' and 'Happy Third Birthday, Truman!' He wore it for his actual birthday and for his party, and requests to wear it a lot. I'd say that is a success.
I also got us a new mousepad that I love (and can't believe Nate gave me full reign to choose something so girlie), and this hilariously awesome onesie for miss Cecelia. I die over it.

-Truman's actual birthday was a Friday and I had to work a short day. But it was SO much fun to drop Cecelia at daycare, then Truman and I headed to a local donut shop to celebrate. This is the time of the day when I was feeling quite emotional about my big boy growing up before my eyes. He ate his donut like he always does (frosting only) and then sprinted around the place on a sugar high. They even put a little candle in his donut and had the entire place say 'Happy Birthday!' to him---which basically made his day. And Truman's birthday twin, Charlotte, came by for her own celebration, too. After this fun donut date I took T back to Lori's and he had his birthday party there while I worked. What a fun day for all of us!

-Friday evening when Nate got home, Truman was ready to burst from anticipation of opening his presents. We didn't get him a whole heck of a lot, but apparently all four gifts from us were Thomas related. He loved them all and ended up playing with the new trains and tracks most of the night. I love watching Nate put together new toys for Truman---such a daddy thing to do, while mommy sits back and snaps pictures;)

-But T did take a time out from playing for a cake made by his daddy--chocolate on chocolate with sprinkles, of course. Truman is obsessed with blowing out candles and having people sing to him. And he doesn't even need a fork to eat his cake, I suppose. The little paper pennants were $1 from Target and I love them so much---glad they didn't catch fire like Nate said they would.

-And then Memaw and GoGo arrived on Thursday! Memaw hasn't seen the kids since Thanksgiving and Mom hasn't seen them since Christmas so they were both chomping at the bit to get some (great) grandkid time. I happily obliged them plenty of babysitting time during their stay---I got a trip to the gym with Nate, a long run outside with Nate, working on Friday with the kids at home. LOVE it so much! I think that is one thing that has changed this second time around with two children---I do not turn down help with the kids because I know I NEED that break time from mommy duties! Mom and I also got mani/pedis and have you ever gotten a 'shellac' manicure? Wow. Obsessed. It's not supposed to chip for 2 weeks and so far so good---which is saying a lot since I usually chip my fingernail polish within hours of a manicure. Is there anything better than girl time with your mom while getting a foot rub? No. I love it.

GoGo brought her new iPad and is cool enough to let my kids play with (chew on) her iPhone. That GoGo!

Note my 'decorations' for the party---same decor I had for Truman's first birthday party! They've held up pretty well.

-Truman's birthday party was on Saturday and we had about 12 adults with 8 kids at our house. I had lots of helpers to prepare the food for this brunch party and knew I would make cake pops in honor of Mister Cake Pop Master himself. I just forgot how freaking tedious they are and I didn't even like them that much, but everyone else seemed to approve. And then we did cupcakes just so T would have something for a candle. After that it was all yummy egg dishes, bacon, muffins, fruit, potatoes, and scones. With coffee and juice, and there may have been two Brandy Old Fashioneds made at some point for two of our guests;) Couldn't go the whole party without busting out the alcohol, I suppose.

Oh, how we attempted family posed shots. And oh, how hilarious they turned out to be.

Sister was in her freaking element with all of the people (attention) that morning. And I obviously live for any opportunity to dress her up a bit. Why is she looking so old, you guys? I have another post in the works that is all about her because she is changing at a frightening pace!

Also wanted to attempt a 'four generations of girls' shot since the Missourians were present and this is the best one we got. Think we are related? ;)
And more hilarious family shots with Nate's family. Can you tell that Truman was in a funk and only wanted to watch the iPod before our guests arrived? Oh, he was in such a mood. I think the anticipation was just too much and thankfully he snapped out of his foul mood after opening one present. Three year olds are so emotional, man.
And our guests arrived! Truman has missed Henry dearly, since he goes to a different daycare now that Erin has a new job and doesn't drive to our suburb anymore;( So it was especially awesome for the boys to play together and we are just going to make it a point to get together on the weekends more often.

All of our friends' kids are just the cutest. Seriously.

Truman's favorite part! All eyes on him!
New fave pic. His dimple is deadly, you guys.

Proud pops.

Had to put together a collage for each birthday party. Sob.
Oh, my boy. Having him turn three has certainly brought out the sappy side of me. I just can't believe he is so big, and I can't believe Nate and I have been parents for three years!
Cupcakes were a big hit, obvi. And cranky Truman made another brief appearance.
We attempted a group shot with us four moms and our 8 kids. Hilarious!
And when everyone had left, he told me he didn't want to nap. He only wanted to play with Collin, his new crane. And then this happened.
When I carried him up to his room he freaked out and demanded to sleep on his rug on the floor. Since that nap he has slept there 3 more times. Whatever, weirdo! As long as he isn't coming out of his room or playing with his toys, I don't really care.

-Truman's most special gift: a handmade step stool by Pepaw. I sent him a picture of a stool I found on Etsy and planned to paint Truman's name on it. When Memaw brought this baby out after the party I was stunned. Perfect! The cut out T is even better than paint and Pepaw nailed it like none other. LOVE.


The entire week of celebrating our boy was a blast. Especially the visit from my family. It's always so hard to say goodbye and the trip is never long enough. But the time we spend together is so special and worth the heartache when it ends. Plus, it's a given that I will bust out my camera and take a billion pictures to commemorate each trip--as you can see;)


  1. Three just doesn't seem possible...and yet it is!

    Adore the picture of T asleep by the train tracks.

    Had a blast celebrating with you guys! Love that little man of yours :)

  2. 3 Already! Wow.
    Looks like you guys had a great party and an overall awesome birthday week! I love that you went on a special date with him alone. I want to do that with my boys too. Such a great idea!

  3. So sweet. Wow I can't believe how much he has grown up between year 2 and 3! He went from looking like a baby to a real boy. Now I am not looking forward to that!

    Also love the stool, my dad is also working on one for our 'T' and I am going to have to show off the handy work!

  4. Looks like a fabulous fun party! I can't believe Truman is three either. Probably because Brigham is right behind . . .

  5. As a boy mom (and soon to be boy AND girl mom), I loved this entire post. What a great few days of celebration! But I especially love the stool made especially for Truman! It's beautiful, and a special something he'll have his entire life.

  6. So much fun!! Love the party decor and the food. Birthday parties are so much fun, I can't WAIT to see what you do for Cecelia's first!! That girl is getting so big and I just love the outfit she wore for the party.

  7. His dimple is way too cute. Happy birthday to your special guy! :)

  8. I saw this post and thought - my goodness I need a tissue. I got all the way to the bottom and was tear free until I saw the bottom of the stool... Goodness gracious. And what a little lady!! Holy cow she is getting big.

  9. Aren't Memaw and Pepaw the best? How special to have a one of a kind step stool made by Pepaw! Glad you got to celebrate Truman's birthday with family!

  10. Aw, that step stool is amazing!!!! How special. So jealous of your Pepaw's woodworking skills (Well, jealous of you for benefitting from them - not of him for having those mad skillz. Though I suppose that would be pretty sweet, too. But when would I find the time? Hmmmm. But I digress.)

    What a fun week T had for his birthday, and I can't believe he's three, either. Love that we've been able to celebrate every birthday with him and you guys!

    Also love the first pic of T and Henry - Henry has that whole darn cake ball in his mouth - ha!

    Thanks again for hosting us! And way to be super fast on those thank you notes! ;)

    Last but not least, I want that mouse pad. Oh, and LOVE the collages - worth getting that app, for sure!

  11. Happy birthday to Truman! That stool is absolutely beautiful!

  12. What a wonderful celebration for your boy! I especially love the photo of him passed out by his train.

  13. Aw, that sleeping pic is too cute! Sigh. Three is awesome and hard and amazing and moody but wow, they do grow too fast :(

  14. A little late to the party but just had to say (again) Happy Birthday T! I love all of the pictures. I can't believe in a few weeks I will have a three year old of my own.

    That dimple...oh.my.god!

  15. You can see how Truman loves cake with the way he smiles as he blows the candle. He's so cute! :D The cake pops, muffins, and cupcakes look very delicious. They're usually the kids' favorite during parties. His birthday served as a wonderful get-together between you, your family and your closest friends too. Everyone surely had a great time!

    Nita Digirolamo


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