Oh, Cecelia

Like I said before, Cecelia is changing SO fast now. Although I don't particularly love to do the monthly update-type of posts, I feel the need to do a tiny update here so I don't forget all that is happening with our girl right now.

-Sister has been so much fun lately. She is giggling all of the time now and has the HUGEST grin I've ever seen. It is like she is somehow getting happier by the day and maybe with those top two teeth out of the way, she just feels better? My cheeks hurt just from thinking about how much she is smiling.

Whenever she sits in her highchair she will do 'So Big!' non-stop until one of us tickles her armpits. Truman taught her this and it never gets old. (And yes, that dark drink would be prune juice. It worked it's magic a day later!)

-Watching Cecelia with her great-grandma is one of the sweetest things ever. I love thinking about how Memaw was once in my shoes as a young mom, caring her for her daughter just like I'm doing now. (Except I'm not really that young, but we'll go with it here). And to see Memaw love on my girl is very special and I realize how blessed I am to have my grandmother around and in SUCH great health. She's a natural with both of my kids and the chaos of our loud home doesn't seem to phase her too much, even though it's so far outside of her norm. I know she remembers these days well and I can see why people have fond memories of the 'little baby' days. Glad that we can share in the chaos with other generations.

Tell me she isn't going to be a total firecracker. We are in trouble!
-Some HUGE motor milestones have been met since my last monthly post. In the past 10 days, she has learned how to CRAWL for real, to push herself into a sitting position from laying down, and she is even pulling to stand all of a sudden. That was fast! I am not kidding when I say that watching my second-born hit these milestones is every bit as exciting as the first time around. Probably because Cecelia is just so darn proud of herself when she learns a new trick. It's hilarious and awesome and I love this part of the first year so much!

Learning to crawl on all 4's like a big girl!

Still with the planks

Pushing into a sitting position, so proud

Next up? Walking. But thankfully not even close, obviously.

-Did I ever show you this hilarious video of CC planking and then screeching? It's classic.

And then there is this one I took of her pulling to stand for the first time. My big girl! You can tell we are both so proud.

-Teeth, oh teeth. She had just sprouted the top left tooth at my last update and now she has the top right and the side left already through. There is another one on the verge, so that would be 4 teeth that have come through in a matter of 2 weeks-ish. No wonder we have sort of been in teething hell lately. Those buggers have to hurt! But man, the sight of her top two nubbin teeth poking out in her smiles is enough to melt me. I have yet to get a good picture of them but think gap, uneven, and HUGE for those two butterbeans.

Also, I am still toying with the idea of a Baltic amber teething necklace, but I'm basically too chicken to actually buy it. Nate is a huge skeptic and I'm sure Lori would be, too, which means I'd have to feel pretty strongly about it if I really wanted to be that crunchy granola. Two weeks ago I was ready to buy 100 of them in the name of getting my happy baby back. But the past few days she has been more content so maybe I can push it off even longer. Any big success stories I must read?

-I posted these pictures on IG but had to post here, too. (are you following me yet? mrsjuliagoolia). My baby at 3 weeks versus 9 months. Still the same child, for sure, but she just looks so grown up to me now. Sigh. I suppose this was bound to happen, huh? ;)

-This is sort of about Cecelia, but also about Nate: a few weeks ago I had to take a course for my PT license on a Thursday. Which meant that Nate was alone with both children for almost 8 hours. This was HUGE because although Nate is an amazing dad who does his share of solo-parenting for a few hours at a time, he hadn't tackled the monumental 'full day' with both kids. Truman was bound to be pretty easy on daddy, but Wild Card Cecelia? You never know how she will handle being away from mommy. I know Nate was nervous and I was, too! But of course, he handled the day like a freaking professional and was even a little bit cocky about it. Like, 'Mister Mom is rocking this thing like it's NBD' type of bragging. I mentioned that if it was so easy I could easily find a way to pass a few more hours before I came back home and he quickly texted back, 'Nice try.' Doh! But seriously, he did great and both kids did, too. Their outfit choices were questionable to say the least but I got a good belly laugh at seeing how he dressed them. Let's just say this: Cecelia has never worn more pink or more polka dots than the day Nate chose her outfit. Amazing!! ;)

That's it for now. I guess 9.5 months is a big time for change with this babe.


  1. i am a silent follower :) but had to weigh in on the amber teething necklace! our little guy (16 months) had been wearing on since he was 6 months and we swear by it! we weren't sure that it was doing anything and used to take it off at night, and then we forgot it on a weekend away when he was 8 months and he was miserable! needless to say we put it on immediately when we returned home and it hasn't come off since. that's not to say that he doesn't have any teething symptoms, but i think they would be way worse without it. also, it's super cute!
    hope that helps!

  2. The planking is hilarious!

    She's a doll. Love this age!

  3. Goodness she is so cute. I can't get over that big grin and the red hair! I'm so in love with her. Mac does the "SO BIG" too and I melt every time. This is such a fun age. I just want time to stand still for a few months right now.

  4. How cute! I hope Henry teaches William things like that. Those teething necklaces scare me. I have a huge fear of anything near my sweet baby's neck. But I have heard a lot of good things about them.

  5. Love all of the pictures. So special to have your grandmother around.

  6. We just got ours out of total fear of what teething would be like. Lucy is a lot like Cecelia, she knows what she wants and can be a little firecracker. So far I can see a slight help by it. This is her first tooth so I don't have anything to compare it too. I swear that it does seem like she is drooling less, she was a drool monster when I first felt the tooth and got the necklace on her ASAP. I breastfeed and cloth diaper so I figure amber necklace was the next step in the hippie mommy trifecta :)

  7. She makes my heart happy. *sigh*

  8. Go for the amber necklace!! I too was a total skeptic, and a friend of mine has researched exhaustively and says there is no 'real' scientific backing for it. But I don't care, for us, it WORKS, I don't understand it, but I use it religiously. When my daughter was getting her first teeth she needed tylenol to go to sleep every night she was in so much pain, but as soon as we put the amber necklace on (on double on her ankle for nights, if you're worried you can leave it on the ankle) - the pain stopped and she slept like an angel.

  9. She is so dang cute. LOVE the video of her pulling up. Man, seeing those big milestones just never gets old!


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