Love her

This post has nothing of real substance or deep thoughts or anything other than pictures of my sweet girl in a diaper.

And I guess I could also say over and over again that, 'I love her so much it hurts.' She's just too much and growing so fast now!




Really into throwing balls lately...this time it went backwards. Oh, babies.


Oh, this child.

Still looks like Truman at times.

And I love her so.

I think year one to two is a total blur with Truman, so I have no idea what to expect with Cecelia this time around. I have a feeling she will keep us on our toes. And it's going to be an awesome year with our little spitfire. I'm sure there will not be a shortage of pictures to share, either;)


  1. While I'm so excited to have a squishy baby, I already can't wait until #2 is at the age A is, 1 yo is such a blast, I pretty much love everything about it. SO. MUCH. FUN.

  2. I am so in love with her hair!! And yes how do kids throw a ball backwards? Mine does this, too, and I think it defies the laws of physics.

  3. I feel like she has become such a KID this past month!! Adorable, as always. And yes, SUCH a fun age!!

  4. What I wouldn't give to get she and Ben together...we might actually die from then cuteness!

  5. Yep, she's a cutie alright! 1-2 is such a good, fun time!

  6. This age is so much fun! I'm totally loving everything Mac's doing right now. He's eating like a machine, trying to talk, throwing everything, giving the best hugs. Just love it.


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