[Girl Moms] Wednesdays We Wear Pink

My friend Erinn asked me to do a feature post on her blog for a little series called 'Girl Moms: Wednesdays We Wear Pink'

Which is funny to me because I actually am wearing pink today....but I usually wear it most days anyway;) I wanted to contribute because not only am I a 'girl mom' but originally a 'boy mom', so having a daughter this time around brings a few differences from what I knew before Cecelia. Basically I'm just a regular old mom who gets to constantly compare my boy and my girl. Pretty fun!

So find me over at Strawberry Swing and Other Things today!


  1. Such a sweet and heartfelt post on Erinn's blog today. I am a boy mom too and I know I would feel the exact same way if we were pregnant again with a girl. Just loved every part of it so thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks so much for sharing your letter! I love that you were able to share being both a "boy" mom and a "girl" mom, because yes, in the end it really is just being a "a mom".

  3. Beautiful post! I ADORE being a mom to girls. Like truly love love LOVE it! I love my son more than I can express, but before i had him, I kind of always wanted to have 3 little girls. It will be interesting to see how different it is to raise a boy verses a girl as he gets older. So far, as an infant, he is totally different than my girls were (honestly, a lot harder baby), but I don't know if thats just because he is a different person, or if its a boy thing.
    And YES girl clothes are WAY cuter and more fun to shop for!


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