Things That Happened Today

-I totally wiped out on the sidewalk at 5:45 am during an early morning run. Scraped up my hands, my elbow and my hip. Totally awesome. Totally shattered my ego. Glad I didn't break my hip.

-The new iOS7 is rocking my world with it's beauty. Updated last night and loving it so far.


(those clouds MOVE, people!)

(pretty even if it's early)

-Truman has had a fever since last night, ranging from 99.0-101.5 degrees. This is VERY high for him and really random to come on so quickly. I hate seeing him sick especially after he and his sister just got over a stomach bug. I don't even think the two sicknesses are related.

-Multiple wake-ups last night for the T-man. One wake up for the Cease-ster. Very little sleep all around. THIS WHOLE WEEK.

-CC refused naps two out of three attempts. No.

-Truman napped on the couch at 9:30 am. What?


-Approximately 800 episodes of Calliou graced our presence today. You know that I despise Calliou, right? Kid was sick and unable to move off the couch so I took one for the team.

-Approximately 8 calories were consumed by my sick son today. Hate when he has no appetite because I don't want him to wither away.

-I had to work on my 'day off' in order to get everyone seen for the week, since tomorrow is probably a bust again.

-Nate took both kids to the doctor ALONE, since I could only get a late afternoon appointment for Truman. Daddy Of The Year.

-Truman sobbed the entire time in the car on the way to the doctor and during the entire visits. Life sucks when you have a fever.

-A negative strep test leaves us with the diagnosis of 'it's just a virus.' Sweet.

-A burst of energy from Truman after the doctor's office lead to a potential Starbucks stop for daddy and kids. Once they pulled into the parking lot, Truman realized he was not up for such an adventure and they had to go back home so he could lay down. This is the most depressing part of the day, in my eyes. And it wasn't even my coffee to be had.

-Numerous popsicle incidents.



-Hilarious little girl through the entire day, despite being cooped up inside with a sick brother and a nearly-insane mother.

-Good chat with my mom on the phone. She made Cecelia 14 of the most adorable felt and crocheted hair bows. I cannot get over them. We discussed her possibly taking hair bow orders in the future, but I want to focus her creative free time on Halloween first. Since we will be in Colorado for a WEEK right before Halloween. Yes. Cannot wait.


-A delicious, much-needed glass of wine for mommy.

How is it only Friday tomorrow? Will this week ever end?

It could be worse. But this week's lack of routine is getting to me. I much prefer the groove we were riding prior to this illness week. Hoping we fall back into it soon. Sickness sucks. I feel like a walking time bomb ready to explode with the various illnesses my family has had this week. Come on immune system. Let's do this.


  1. The lack of routine is killer! We are ending week two of the sickies and FINALLY seem to be on the up and up. Geez, it's brutal - we have all been losing our minds.

  2. Ick...hope you guys get everyone better so you can enjoy the weekend! :)

  3. Girl! How did you just wipe out?! Had I read this sooner I would have asked you about it yesterday - you doing ok now? Hopefully no one saw that happen. ;) Yikes!

    I like the labels on your alarms.

    Hope T is feeling better! We've had the same this week, as you know - just random sickness that will not go away! Hate it! Fingers crossed for a non-sickness-filled fall and winter.


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