TV time

Nate and I really don't watch much television, which is why we got rid of cable earlier this year. As long as we still have PBS kids, The Today Show, the news, and Nate's mysterious way to get ESPN through the computer (or something), we are good. Don't miss it at all.

Plus, we got Netflix for $8/month and let me tell you something: I think Netflix makes us watch even more TV than cable ever did. Even with DVR, we just never watched anything. Now with Netflix we sill use those golden hours when the kids are both sleeping to watch some shows. Not every night but if we find a show that is like crack, then watch out. We'll squeeze in a few episodes a night, no problem.

Since I feel like 'watching shows' is kind of a new and exciting thing for us, I wanted to list out what we've been watching (as our minds rot away, staring at the boob tube). ;)

1. Downton Abbey.
OMG, I loved it so much that I would dream about it at night. All three seasons were majorly addicting to me. Nate stuck around for about two episodes before he bowed out, but I was hooked from about the third episode on. So many interesting characters and a great plot, plus I find the Brits and that time period in general super fascinating. Matthew is also freaking H-O-T-T and I'm obsessed with old lady Grantham. I won't spoil anything here, but that final episode? Heartbreaking and troubling and literally, I could not sleep the night after watching it. I believe they are coming out with the next season in January and since it's on PBS I plan to watch it real time. But I'm skeptical, to say the least, considering the last episode.

2. Breaking Bad.
Nate and I both started watching this beginning at season one, probably around the time I also started watching Downton. I stuck around for the first season and then found it deeply disturbing and could not stomach seasons 2-4. Nate watched those on his own and admitted it was super slow but 'awesome'. Eventually, maybe around the first part of season 5, I was lured back to the show and started watching again. I told Nate if there were any more mass murders set to opera music I was done. But I got hooked again. We watched the final season (number 5, part two) somewhat live---we bought a 'season pass' and could watch it Monday night after each episode aired on Sundays. Gah, that show gets me. It was so good, so horrifying, so complex, and pretty much awesome. I guess you get used to the drugs and the gore and the evil parts of it along the way. Nate and I were both somewhat depressed when it was over. For real. Jesse and Walt are two characters that cannot be matched. And Hank! Ah, this show.

3. Orange is the New Black.
We stumbled upon this one after Breaking Bad, as we were trying to fill that hole in our hearts for a good show. There is only one season out so far and we blew through it pretty quickly. The first episode was kind of shocking but again, I guess you get used to scandal as a show goes along. Loved these characters so much and all of their back stories. The final episode was not my fave and was pretty disturbing, since I much preferred the show when it was funny as opposed to dramatic. If they ever do come out with a  season 2 we will watch it, though. Love Piper and Alex so much (separately and also together).

4. Mad Men.
This was one that a lot of people recommended and we have watched the first season and a few episodes for the second. Nate thinks it's way too slow but I'm not ready to totally give up on it just yet. Kind of a cool time period and I want to keep watching to see what happens with all of these characters. But for now we are taking a break with this (bye, Don Draper, you are so freaking attractive) because we started...

5. Friday Night Lights.
My parents loved this show when it originally aired in 2006, and a few of my friends also swear by it. So we watched the first two episodes last night and I think we are hooked! This show reminds me of my high school in small town MO, to a degree. The football team was definitely held up as semi-gods in our town although our players were NOT as gorgeous as these guys. And our Missouri accents weren't as thick as Texans but still---reminds me of home in a way;) The only complaint I have is the shaky camera shooting. It made me feel a little ill to watch it bounce around like that but maybe I will get used to it. Because I'm sure we will watch another few episodes this weekend.

Anyone watch these and love/hate them? What else do we need to add to our list, now that we are officially TV-ers? Pretty Little Liars? New Girl? Portlandia? Chuck? (Nate loved this one back in the day). Dexter? Any suggestion must be found on Netflix or we are out. Of course, if Netflix hooks us with one season and then doesn't have the rest (i.e. Downton) I wouldn't be opposed to buying the other seasons, too.

How about that for a deep post?? ;)


  1. I love DA!! I've already seen season 4 (because chad also has secret and mysterious ways of watching shows). It's really good, so hang in there!

    I also love parenthood and sister wives. Parenthood just has so many amazing storylines and Sister Wives is just fascinating. And Mad Men!! Oh my gosh don draper. Yes!! So excited for the final season to come out. Thank god we'll have internet in Africa.

  2. I'm watching season 4 of Downton in London. I was mega skeptical after the way season three ended, I swore up and down that I wouldn't watch it because I don't need another days of our lives. HOWEVER. I am happy to report-spoiler free- that season four is very very good. So far anyway.
    I couldn't make it past the first two episodes of breaking bad. And I'm okay with drugs and gore. It was just- not for me.
    Loved Orange. And they've already set up season 2.
    I never into mad men. But Friday Night Lights is hands down the greatest show ever.
    I'm binge watching Fringe right now and loving every SINGLE minute. Seriously, so good.

  3. Well you know my thoughts on all of these :) I'm skeptical of the return of Downton as well, but obviously will watch it. Excited for season 2 of OITNB and can't wait to see what they do with the characters after the season finale.

    As I THINK I've told you 100 times or so, FNL is my favorite show almost of all time. Such great characters, acting, storylines, etc. Was so sad when it ended!

    I love New Girl but it's WAY different from any of the other shows you guys have watched - it's barely 20 minutes long and while there are some longer storylines for sure, it is more of the type of show you can watch one off here and there (which is what I do - like if you're depressed from one show, watch a New Girl, and it'll make you laugh).

    Some of my other faves are mostly from the teen show variety - the first season of The OC remains one of the best seasons of television ever for me, but then went downhill after that although there will ALWAYS be a soft spot in my heart for Seth Cohen. Love Felicity, and I guess since I've seen each episode probably 20 times, I have to rank Sex & the City among favorites but that phase of my life has passed.

    Oh yeah, Parenthood? Can't remember if you guys watched that one but that's also a favorite but I strongly prefer to wait until the whole season is done and just watch them all at once so I can binge. I also used to love Grey's Anatomy but stopped watching that years ago.

    Ben has convinced me to try The Newsroom. He also loves West Wing with all of his heart and that would take you about a year to finish since it's a network show with 7 seasons.

    I'm not even that big of a TV watcher really, but I guess I have a lot of opinions about this ;)

  4. I love all of these shows!!! Netflix is so amazing. I'd recommend Dexter and how I met your mother! Two completely different types of shows. Both equally amazeballs. Oh and also Homeland!!

  5. I've gotten really into Tudors! I need good shows to watch on maternity leave, and that one has sucked me in. I also liked Army Wives when I was on mat leave with H, and Grey's Anatomy is always good. Firefly is AWESOME if you don't mind some sci-fi (funniest show I think I've ever seen!) but there's only one season.

  6. I kept nodding my head throughout your post! We, too, dropped our cable this year and now do Hulu and Netflix. Besides the shows you mentioned, I'm loving Nashville, Scandal and Chicago Fire (hellooo handsome firemen!).

  7. I've been enjoying Pretty Little Liars and Switched At Birth. Also, The Blacklist on NBC - new this season! I don't watch tv - don't have cable either so I can't get any channels here without it, but I do have Netflix and bought a season's pass for The Blacklist off of iTunes (although you can watch full episodes on the day after the show airs). Love James Spader and the show is fab!

    Last night, I started watching the series Private Practice on Netflix...loved it, so I'm hooked!

  8. I need to watch season3 of DA.Is it on Netflix yet?
    We watched Orange- last episode was so disturbing and disappointing.

    Have you watched "House of Cards"? It's really good.

  9. Downton Abbey finale was rough. Rough. Can't wait for season 4 though.

    Mad Men is slow. And, it never gets...not slow imo. But, it still keeps me hooked. I do pick up and stop a lot. Don is pretty much a sexy enough reason to watch though.

    I agree, Netflix gets me to watch more tv than cable ever did!

  10. SCANDAL. It is both amazing and ridiculous, in the best way possible.

  11. I love Pretty Little Liars!! It's so addicting!

  12. We are in the same boat as you - Netfilx addicted post cable. I heard about the ending of Downton and have the last two episodes hanging out there and can't bring myself to watch them... I am pathetic.

    How I Met Your Mother - short episodes and funny. Great for when you have a little time. A little like friends in the NYC group of buddies. Some episodes have us rolling laughing out loud. Good one.
    Call the Midwife - this is mine right now. Mike doesn't like it much - but it is good and a great filler for Downton. In some ways I am loving it just as much.
    Parenthood - I love this one too. Another one that Mike doesn't love so much. He thinks its too serious, but I love it.
    Tudors - We both liked this one a lot. Kind of fell out when a new season of Madmen came out and we binged on that show.

    Can;t wait to watch Friday Night Lights. Mike has watched the first episode of Orange is the New Black and told me I have to watch it so we can start that season.

  13. If Nate liked Breaking Bad, pretty sure you guys will enjoy Homeland - nowhere near as violent - and really good plot development & characters.

  14. House of Cards and Homeland are fantastic!

  15. We've watched all of those series and I agree with everything you said! You need to watch house of cards and homeland next!

  16. My husband and I enjoyed all of those! When we were finished we turned to New Girl (breath of fresh air), and now Dexter (disturbing and gripping).

  17. definitely stick it out with Mad Men! I agree that it's so slow (but I think Downton is too!), but the characters are so fascinating...esp as you keep watching!

    LOVE FNL...watched the series earlier this year and was seriously obsessed! Also, give Parenthood a try. It makes me cry every week :)

  18. I second Call the Midwife. Not really a show to watch with Nate, but another awesome British BBC show

  19. We loved BB. Totally unlike anything we'd ever watch but it was so hyped up that we had to check it out and ended up watching 2-3 episodes a night (like addicts) until we caught up in real time to the last season. Such a great albeit crazy violent show. We haven't found a replacement yet. I've heard good things about Homeland but don't think it's on Netflix yet? Walking Dead (lol) is the only other show we watch regularly.

  20. I / We watch all of these shows and love them! Others on my Netflix Must Watch List... House of Cards, Parenthood, Dexter, Homeland (although I'm not sure it's actually on Netflix now), Weeds, Lost. Six Feet Under is my very favorite show of all time ever ever ever but I don't think it's on Netflix. If you can scam an HBO Go password from a friend, you should definitely watch that.

    Another trick to check out... If you use Google Chrome as a browser, you can download a free Google app called "Hola" that will "unblock" access to the international versions of different websites. For example, you can access the UK version of Netflix which has different shows available than the US version (I watched Part 2 of Season 5 of Breaking Bad this way as it's not available on American Netflix). Completely legal, too!

  21. Love pretty much all the same shows. I've even debated about starting over on Friday Night Lights and watching the entire show over again, but not sure I really have the time. Love me some Tim Riggins :)

  22. I watch all of these shows except for Orange is the New Black, which I'm planning on soon.

    DA is amazing but I am super sad about last season because man, those blue eyes on Matthew were something else :)

    Mad Men is one of my favorite shows. LOVE me some Don Draper.

    I was obsessed with Friday Night Lights. It was one of the best shows I've ever watched and yes, Missouri is CRAZY with high school football. Right now my old high school is nationally ranked!

    Breaking Bad is probably one of the top two shows of all time in my mind. I had to stop watching after one very disturbing scene but like you I came back to it and I'm so glad I did. The acting and story lines are amazing! Oh, how I wish it never ended!

  23. Unrelated to this post...I just saw that Cecelia's crib was featured on Rookie Moms today! I saw the picture and was like, "I know that from somewhere...." Then I saw the credit :)

  24. My hubby and I just started watching BB because of netflix...we are addicted. You should totally watch The Walking Dead...I really thought I would hate it because of gory zombies...but it has an amazing story line!!! Check it out!!

  25. It depends on what you like, but How I Met your Mother and 30 Rock are both good 30 minute comedy options. We also just started watching Burn Notice, I know the commercials made it look really stupid, but so far (4 episodes in), it's actually quite entertaining!


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