A Day in the Life | Summer 2014

It's that time again! I will admit that I really didn't feel like documenting a Day in the Life this quarter but figured that reading back over a day during my maternity leave would be interesting for me in the future. If I didn't have Mom and Memaw here visiting (i.e. helping like CRAZY), I probably would have skipped this post but having them here makes everything SO much better. Maybe it's not a 'typical' day on maternity leave with three kids given the four extra hands we have this week, but I still wanted to capture a slice of our life right now anyway. Such a special time, kind of bummed that Porter had an atypical Fussy day (yes, Fussy with a capital F). But it is what it is with a three week old baby, I suppose. 

Thursday | July 31, 2014
I am 33 years old. 
Nate is 32 years old (he loves these 4 months of the year when he is younger). 
Truman is 4, "almost 4.5" with his beloved half birthday about one month away.
Cecelia is 2 years, 2 months. 
And Porter will be 3 weeks old tomorrow! Last day I can say that I had a baby 'this month.' 

5:00 am | I'm sleeping sitting up in bed with the Boppy and baby and my right boob is dripping onto our sheets. Porter is not nursing anymore and is ready to eat again, I suppose. Left side it is after a diaper change. Glance at my phone and see he ate at 1:45 am and 3:30 am before this. Not great but not bad for 3 wake ups counting this one---I'm spoiled with two wake ups most nights. Fingers crossed this good sleeping business continues since Lord knows I'm due for a decent sleeper this time around.

5:30 am | Nate's alarm goes off. Still nursing P, and I'm not super tired anymore, so I peek at IG and FB. Read the most heartbreaking story about a mom who had to deliver her daughter still born, and the photographer that came to provide images of the sweet baby for the parents. I feel ill after reading this and seeing the pictures of the lifeless, perfect baby. The irony of reading about this nightmare while I nurse my heathy, squirmy newborn baby is almost too much. Say a quick prayer for that family and a prayer of gratitude for Porter. Try to push it out of my head with Pinterest time. 

Camera Roll-81

(Still can't get over how many times our pregnancy announcement has been repined...1674 times? Crazy.)
Camera Roll-79

5:48 am | Nate's alarm goes off for the third time now. Porter is finished and asleep in my arms. I should put him in the swing or co-sleeper but I just can't bring myself to do it. Try to rest. 

Camera Roll-83

6:00 am | Fourth alarm. Nate kisses me 'good morning' and kisses Porter's soft little head. Hops in shower. I stare at Porter some more. Big kids still asleep. 

Camera Roll-84

6:50 am | CC is calling for "mama" and I guess I did drift off for a bit after all. Nate brings her and then Truman into me. Snaps pics after I ask. Both kids are asking if Porter is awake and they keep touching him, Truman even waves hand in front of face saying "wake up Porter!" So of course Porter is trying to wake up to play with them:) Nate leaves for work---I take video of their high five routine. First fight between T and C erupts over who gets to put Porter's nuk into his mouth. GoGo comes up to see us, takes MamaRoo down for me. Kids need to get downstairs and are whiny now after the fight so I ask them each to carry something for me, since they love a task and it distracts them from their attitudes they had seconds ago. 

Camera Roll-85

Camera Roll-266

7:10 am | Downstairs. CC demands I carry her so mom gets Porter. I feel like this trade off with me passing the baby to Mom so that I can hold Cecelia happens all.day.long. Let Truman watch Wild Kratts which seems to be his new favorite show. CC is playing with toys. I get breakfast started for them--they usually want waffles with peanut butter and honey and today is no different. Memaw comes up from the basement and CC helps her with vitamins and hearing aides (adorable). Mom changes Porter's diaper and then Truman holds him FINALLY after asking nonstop. I pour myself some coffee and make my beloved bagel. 

Camera Roll-98

Camera Roll-267

Camera Roll-268

7:20 am | It's breakfast time for 3 of us, and Mom is making hers, too. Then Porter is fussy so we nurse again. CC eats the rest of my bagel and wants more so Memaw makes each of them a half of a bagel. As expected, Cecelia eats about one bite and then wants to play outside. Porter doesn't nurse much, just seems super tired and passes out asleep before he can get a good meal. He rests on my chest then needs to walk around: let the 'trick the baby to sleep' games commence. CC and mom are outside. T gets dressed and ready for 'school', since he's been going to a program called Jump Start to 4K all week. It's pretty awesome---two hours at the school with a lot of other kids who will be in his class and the first grade teacher leads them in different activities/tours the building/gets them ready for the fall. She is amazing and I hear his actual preschool teacher is even better. He was really nervous the first morning but has loved it every day so much that he announced, 'It was awesome, mommy. I love school and can't wait to go back.' I'm so proud of my first born and am thankful we found out about this little 'practice' class for the week because I think the fears on the first day of pre-school are already behind us now. He is making new little friends and gives me a full report about all they do in those two hours away from mommy;) 

Camera Roll-96

8:00 am | CC gets hurt outside (first of many bumps and bruises) and Porter is fussing. I take CC and cuddle, mom takes Porter. I get CC dressed and swaddle Porter up really tight to help convince him to nap. Help Truman brush teeth while CC demands to do her own, of course. I get dressed quickly, wish I could have showered already somehow but whatever. Maybe later.

Camera Roll-270

Camera Roll-271

8:20 am | It's time to take Truman to school and today Memaw and Cecelia want to come. CC wants to push her Dollie in the stroller, which is a new thing but apparently very very important as Dollie has gone on a few walks with us in the past few days. The kids play with their friends for a bit on the playground and I catch up with the neighborhood moms. Love this new group of families that will likely be a very big part of our lives in the school years to come. 

Camera Roll-272

Camera Roll-107

Camera Roll-273

Camera Roll-274

8:30 am | Say goodbye to Truman. Walk home after CC goes down one slide. Memaw does her exercise video, Porter is getting dressed and is still fussy. I nurse him yet again although I was hoping to pump this morning at some point---doesn't seem like he will ever stop nursing long enough to make that happen. CC informs me she does have boobies but doesn't have a baby...but "almost" has one (?!). I Instagram about the MMIW poster today. I love being "surprised" by which poster is up on the blog, since I scheduled these many weeks ago. This one is quite memorable and I think readers will love it. Porter is now snoozing while he nurses. Wakes up and gets swaddled. Girls are in basement doing laundry. 

Camera Roll-114

Camera Roll-115

Camera Roll-125

9:15 am | I set P in swing and hold my breath, snapping a picture and noticing that our house is somewhat disastrous.  Memaw and I unload the dishwasher, talking about "old people" who are too stubborn for their own good (i.e. my patients, not Memaw!) I take out the trash. MM tells me to shower "if you want." Ha! Maybe I should take that as a sign.

9:30 am | A certain someone is grunting and awake in swing. Stinker. What is going on this morning? He usually naps for a solid chunk after he wakes up for the day but I guess he isn't into that idea right now. Walk around with him. He is soooooo tired. Give CC a snack of dried fruits and pass Porter to mom so I can shower. CC comes up with me and wants to hang in the bathroom while I do my thing. 

9:45 am | I shower while fielding questions from Cecelia, such as 'why you shower?' 'why you wet?' etc etc. After I'm out Memaw comes to get CC, needing help "popping beans" and C happily goes to assist with the green beans for dinner prep. I love having these helpers, seriously! Get ready alone. 

10:15 am | Porter still not asleep, is crying downstairs. Mom brings him up to nurse. Tired boy needs to freaking nap! He has been mostly awake all morning now which is some sort of record for my little guy. Mom and CC leave to get Truman from school since I'm a bit tied down. Wish I could go because I love seeing Tru's face when he comes out of those doors, but my baby needs me first. 

Camera Roll-129

10:35 am | They are home and Porter is sleeping in my arms. CC requests to go night night--seems way too early to me. I suggest we blow up the new pool we just bought and play outside a bit since the weather is glorious. Kids are totally into this idea and Truman runs to get his suit on, while CC decides to wear only her diaper.

10:50 am | I blow up the pool with our ShopVac after briefly trying to do it with my mouth. I'm sweating and sort of cursing myself for suggesting we do the pool this morning. Once it's finally set up the kids play, having fun most of the time. I make a smoothie for me and Cecelia because I'm starving. CC is pretty fussy but manages to enjoy the water a bit.

Camera Roll-277

Camera Roll-278

Camera Roll-152

Camera Roll-279

Camera Roll-280

Camera Roll-281

11:30 am | I put my CC-girl down for her nap. The others come inside, too. I pump for 5 minutes, don't get much but Porter wakes up and is crying. Of course he is! Diaper change. Wash pump parts quickly. 

Camera Roll-155

Camera Roll-282

11:50 am | Nurse immediately after pumping which is probably not a great thing to do for my supply or my baby but it's pretty amazing how he gets more milk, right away. Man, my babe seems out of sorts today. Text with Diz -she may bail tonight for our girls night out and we may not meet up this afternoon, either. I hope Porter isn't fussy when I attempt to leave for ladies night, because I really want to get out and socialize a bit. But a few nights this week have been pretty awful and that was WITH the added tool of breastfeeding to help soothe mister fussy pants...so we will see if I can be tough enough to leave the boy with Nate/Mom/Memaw tonight. Truman gets the iPad for his quiet time and starts with Angry Birds. MM is making lunch, and I Instagram a picture of Truman in the pool and look through the other pics I took this morning. 

Camera Roll-283

Camera Roll-119

12:15 pm | We all eat lunch together. I walk with P as I scarf my meal that Memaw made for me--it's an excellent chicken salad sandwich and is very yummy (especially because I didn't make it). Tru shows MM how to play Tiger Stripes and Bubble Explode on iPad (I have no clue, seems educational so whatever). I call to get an oil change and diagnostics on the van since it's been making a weird rattle ever since Nate drove it over a giant pot hole. So glad that I wasn't driving it for that one or I have a feeling Nate would be totally irritated with me! Got an appointment for today somehow at 2:45. Sweet-will make Nate go with me. Mister P is still fighting a nap but what else is new?

Camera Roll-284

1:00 pm | I decide to hold Porter, sit on the couch, and start typing this up on the laptop. It takes a special kind of talent to hold a baby and still type with two hands, but I think I've mastered this routine for now;) Memaw and CC are both napping and mom took Truman back outside to check the pool water. Nate calls and is coming home. 

1:20 pm | The doorbell rings and Henry barks like a maniac, startling the sleeping newborn in my arms. I seriously want to murder our dog when he barks like this. It's Porter's birth announcements from Pear Tree Greetings!! Review and giveaway coming soon;) Continue to type this up, Mom and Truman are now making some dessert in the kitchen. Did I mention that I love having family here to help/feed us/be generally awesome?

Camera Roll-285

1:30 pm | Nate is home. Truman keeps kissing Porter and hugging him which is very cute but if he wakes the baby I may snap. T looks really tired too, but says he doesn't want to nap at all. I'm explaining kick ball to him since Nate and I are talking about playing with the neighborhood parents in a few weeks. Do you think it's sufficient to say that it's like baseball but also a bit like soccer since you use your feet? That's the explanation I went with since Truman loves soccer and relates most sports to the game.

Camera Roll-168

2:00 pm | Done typing for now and Truman wants me to tickle him. Memaw is awake and she, Nate and Mom are discussing cold press coffee. Nate is making simple syrup as he discusses the art of making cold coffees and I hope he makes us our favorite home made Double Shots!

2:15 pm | He did!  They are amazing and he even instagrammed a picture. I decide to IG the birth announcements, too, even though I should wait until people get them in the mail and I take some nicer pictures of the announcements. Truman is helping Memaw in the kitchen with the lime ice she is making for dessert--tastes a bit like a margarita, so good. Porter fusses so I nurse him since Nate and I are leaving soon anyway. Love listening to Nate and Truman discuss their days as I feed my other little guy. Truman tells Nate all about school and how much he loves it. 

Camera Roll-286

2:25 pm | Time to go to the car shop. Truman and Memaw are doing a vintage USA puzzle that she brought. I hope CC is alright waking up without me and I hope Porter is chill for mom. 

Camera Roll-177

Camera Roll-287

2:45 pm | Nate and I arrive at the car place and apparently this will only take 30-45 minutes now. Called home, Porter is happy and CC just woke up so Nate and I go to a Target instead of going home or staying with the van. 

3:00 pm | Target without kids!! Really want a Heath Bar but decide it's not necessary, since Nate and I were just talking about how we are trying to lose a few pounds (but not really trying that hard, obviously). Same story with the M&Ms Nate wants and the trail mix I want--exerting a bit of will power for once. I must be hungry because everything sounds amazing. 

(Nate loves when I make him take selfies with me, obvi)
Camera Roll-179

3:45 pm | Text mom and all is well. Head back to the dealer, hit some crappy traffic . Discuss how Truman is going to be super tired tonight and Nate mentioned, "He must be tired, he is already telling me he loves me." We've noticed that T gets very emotional and tells everyone how much he loves them whenever he's exhausted. Sort of love it;)

Camera Roll-180

4:00 pm | Van is up on jacks, they can't find the rattle by looking at it so they are going to drive it around. I take Nate's car home and he stays, since baby will need me before him. I'm antsy being away already. Nate has old school Dr. Dre and Eminem in his car which is pretty awesome and like a time warp back to our college days. (...I'm sorry, mama. I never meant to hurt you, but tonight I'm cleaning out my closet ...anyone?)

Camera Roll-181

4:20 pm | Home to a hungry baby. Nurse. Kids were outside and now they're having a snack and chasing GoGo around the house. Then CC freaks out because she thought Truman took her green bowl. Needs mommy and will not tolerate anyone else. I had GoGo give her another "special bowl" and that helps distract her from her tantrum. Nate texted that the tree guy is on his way over which is earlier than planned. Nate and his dad are worried about a really old Hawthorne tree we have in our yard and they think it needs to come down because of carpenter ants. I do NOT want to lose this awesome tree and hope the 'tree guy' agrees with me!

Camera Roll-306

4:35 pm | Dude is here, so I carry a semi-fussy Porter out with me to meet with him. The other kids and GoGo also come along. Porter is then freaking out so mom takes him back inside as I try to ask all of the correct questions of the expert while Nate is gone. Tree dude thinks the tree is actually pretty healthy and will last at least 10 more years, doesn't think it's at high risk for falling down, and recommends that we just pare back some of the bigger branches to keep it more balanced. YES. 

Camera Roll-186

4:45 pm | I put Porter in the Bjorn and take him back outside because he is one unhappy little camper  He's then calm but awake and Cecelia comes out with me as I walk around house/sidewalks. She's super cute playing in the front yard--love hanging out with my two 'babies'. 

Camera Roll-188

Camera Roll-189

Camera Roll-193

5:10 pm | Porter, CC, Dollie, and I go across the street to the school playground since Nate won't be home until 5:45-6:00. We have some time to kill before dinner and P is now asleep in the Bjorn! CC is frickin' adorable and deserves an IG--my fourth of the day already. Oops! Our neighbor came over to talk and give me some mail that was in her box. Looks like a hospital bill---wish she would have kept it;) We talk for a bit about her family member that is having a really really hard time getting and staying pregnant and it makes me feel overwhelmingly grateful for my brood, once again.

Camera Roll-288

Camera Roll-209

Camera Roll-211

6:00 pm | Home from the playground and Nate just got home, too. I just realized that I totally spaced about the Target stuff that's been in his trunk this whole time. CRAP. Had half-and-half and yogurt in the heat for the last three hours, but we think it's alright. CC is crying and Porter is crying and I'm so insanely hot that I get a little frazzled with everything going on. I nurse the babe and Nate gives me a beer. Yum. The evening is sort of a blur of chaos after this...not because of the beer, just because of chaotic crying and general discontent in our house of many children. Ah, evening hours with kids. Not so fun all of the time.

6:10 pm | We all eat the dinner Memaw made and it's awesome, as usual. But Porter is crying, CC is crying and Truman is ultra whiny. Living the dream, man. My beer tastes amazing. Also, while nursing Porter on the couch once my dinner is inhaled, I notice that the house is a freaking disaster and making me twitch. 

Camera Roll-289

Camera Roll-215

6:35 pm | Truman crying because his Angry Birds blocks set keeps falling down. Porter is nursing and Cecelia attempting to eat a bit while further destroying house. Porter gets fussy so we head outside and look at trees/walk. I leave Nate, Mom and Memaw to deal with the bigger kids.

Camera Roll-290

Camera Roll-291

7:15 pm | Nurse outside. Kids go upstairs with Nate to start bedtime. I'll never make my girls night by 7:30 if at all. Mom and Memaw are doing dishes. Text with Hannah. Feel the breeze and hear lawn mowers and see the pretty sun close to setting. Have a little moment of peace and contentment but then Porter starts up again and I have no clue what to do anymore. 

Camera Roll-292

Camera Roll-228

7:35 pm | Give Porter to Nate and I tell my three stories to the big kids, get my hugs and kisses, and tell them goodnight. They are both exhausted and don't put up a fight about bedtime much anymore. Plus they both sleep through the night without a peep and I make a mental note that someday Porter will do the same. Get very excited about this idea of three kids sleeping well. Porter is still crying really hard but Nate says to go to my girls night anyway. "It will be fun, you should go, we are totally fine," he says. I'm torn and kind of want to cry over it all. Nate puts Porter in the Bjorn for a walk and Mom and Memaw have the whole place cleaned up now. This also makes me want to cry because I feel like I should be able to handle this all better. I decide to go ahead and get dressed, suck it up, and go to my girls night. I do have a new strapless (i.e. nursing friendly) maxi dress that looks reasonable for drinks with the girls, so that's a plus.

Camera Roll-294

8:00 pm | Walk with Nate and Porter up the street to my Girls Night restaurant. Tell the boys 'goodbye' and walk the rest of the way with three of the neighborhood girls who are also making the trek at the same time. End up having a blast with eight other girls at the restaurant, two of which I hadn't met before. Have one Brandy Old Fashioned and lots of fun girl talk, but didn't have the courage to take any 'real pictures' of the group. 

Camera Roll-229

Camera Roll-293

9:30 pm |  Nate texts that Porter needs me so I leave and feel a little nervous about what I'll find at home. Walk home in the dark, see a text from Andrea that our lifestyle pictures are ready and get pumped to view them! Walking very, very quickly at this point.

9:40 pm | I'm home. Feel super anxious walking into the house but find Nate in the dark nursery, listening to Bon Iver out of his phone, rocking a sleeping Porter. Nate said, "See? He's easy." Awww. Giant sigh of relief. Gave me a report--the guys walked until 9:00, and Porter freaked out once home. Sounds like maybe 15 min of hell that both Mom and Memaw got to witness but Nate is not really shaken at all. I changed into jammies, Nate and I come downstairs with Porter. Nate kisses porters head and says, "Love you, buddy," before he hands him over to me.

9:50 pm | Nursed my boy. Talked to my mom--she didn't seem too upset by Porter's antics, and commented that that Memaw didn't remember my mom having colic. I guess my newborn mother is screaming in every photograph they have of her as a baby but somehow Memaw blocked this from her memory;) But mom remembers me having colic----crying from 9-3am most nights, apparently. Man, I hope that's not what Porter is going through...guess we will see. Hope he didn't scar mom and Memaw too much since I know they don't handle him tweaking out as well as Nate does. Mom goes to bed after telling us all 'goodnight.'

10:15 pm | Porter is awake but happy, which makes me feel a little bit better about his likely normal fussiness. Memaw comes upstairs and is chatting to us about our love for coffee (again---note a theme with our conversations today). I flip through Andreas pictures from our session and loooove them. Text her to thank her and keep going through the images, feeling very much like our family of five has always sort of been. Can't believe Porter has only been with us for three weeks. Diaper change for my babe, who is still awake and happy. Then nurse him and chat with Nate who assured me Porter is and was totally fine, so I need to stop worrying about his fussiness. Memaw goes to bed and Nate and I watch some jimmy Fallon and look through more of Andreas pics. Porter is asleep on me now after nursing a lot and crying a little. 

Camera Roll-295

Camera Roll-296

11:00 pm | Go upstairs with P, have Nate bring me the swing. This is really late for us but I don't feel totally exhausted just yet either. Brush teeth, wash face, say goodnight to the boys. Please sleep well, Porter. PLEASE.

Camera Roll-297

4:00 am | He wakes up. Five hours!! It was a five hour stretch of sleep!!! Yessssss. Nurse.

5:30 am | Maybe nurse again, can't really remember.

6:40 am | Truman comes in to bed with me and Porter. I'm really tired but Tru keeps saying cute things like, "I love my Porter. He's the best Porter in the whole wide world." I eventually wake up and proceed to keep Truman from also waking Porter. Make Nate snap one more picture before he is off to work again. Super unflattering angle for my double chin-nage but whatevs.

Camera Roll-247

Begin our day again....no documentation this time;)

Grand totals of the day (my favorite part of these posts):

4 Instagrams
15 nursing sessions
2 playground trips with Cecelia
2 alcoholic bevs
2 cups of coffee (one hot in the am, one cold in the pm)
Countless freak outs by baby and big sister
0 tears by me, which says a lot for being nearly 3 weeks postpartum...although I was close about 3 times

What a day in the life with three kids....and four adults;)


  1. You picked the perfect time for helpers - that day would have been pretty rough without them!! Newborn fussies.... such a short stage but seems to last forever at the same time.

  2. What a HUGE blessing to have all those helping hands! Sounds like a pretty awesome day, despite the fussiness/meltdowns - even managed to squeeze in time for just you and hubby AND a girls night! I don't think I attempted either for at least a couple of months after having #3!

  3. This made me tired. 0 tears is a total win!

  4. Helpers are THE BEST! I'm still begging mine to come back on the regular 4 months out! What a special time to share with your mom and the ever-fabulous Memaw! I'm sorry Porter was a grumpus on the 31st (something was in the water down here, too...) but he is so adorable!

  5. How wonderful you have such great positive family support to help you! You seem to be rocking the transition to a family of 3 (at least from this outside eyes and from a family of 1). Love your DITL posts so glad you did it. So impressed you went to a mom's social with a 3w old at home!!! Good for you!

  6. I'm sitting in here in awe of how you're able to document everything and take such great pictures while having a newborn and 2 other kids. Seriously, you're like super-mom. Having help around the house is sooo amazing, and it's great that you have family helping out. Reading your posts always makes me want to have more than 2 kids :)

  7. That is just plain wonderful that your mom and memaw are staying with you. And, even then I'm impressed you managed to document it all! I'm sure you'll be glad you did though.

  8. How great to have things so close to walk to, I have no kids but would still love a park across the street instead of houses!

  9. How great to have the help during these early newborn days. It's great that they can help you split up time between the kids and they each seem to get a lot of individual attention, which is awesome!

  10. Clicking over from the DITL link-up ...

    You're so, so blessed to have amazing family help you through these first crazy weeks of newborn life. And, so nice your husband is hands-on with the baby, too. I feel like a lot of that responsibility falls me to until our babies are about 8 or 9 months old and it can be tough. Looks like you're adjusting well to life with 3.

    Thanks for sharing your day!

  11. Like the others have said - yay for all the help! But even with that help you seem to be doing so great!! I couldn't have handled a girls night out even with all the help in the world. You continue to glow with new mama-ness and I hope Porter has stopped that fussy baby nonsense for the most part :)

    Oh - and your post also made me miss my old neighborhood which was super duper walkable. What a nice area you live in!


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