A Day in the Life | Summer 2015

Cast of Characters: Nate (33 for one more month), Julia (34/cougar), Truman (5), Cecelia (3), Porter (will be 1 in nine days and I don't want to talk about it), Henry dog (9.5), our house (90), our van (2.5), our great suburb of Wauwatosa (175), coffee (1100), Moscow Mules (74), and the most divine Wisconsin season of summer (debatable, but I'm going with 6000+).

Thursday | July 2, 2015

5:00 am | Porter wakes up, is fussing and won't stop. I stumble downstairs and make a 6 oz bottle for him, walk back up to his nursery, and hand him the bottle. I promptly return to my room and fall back to sleep even though I make a mental note that it's ridiculously light outside and running right now would mean a nice, leisurely morning to myself without rushing to fit it in. Sawing logs in seconds.

6:00 am | My 'get outside and run' alarm goes off. I snooze twice which is very unlike me, but waking up just an hour ago means I'm extra exhausted now. 

6:20 am | Roll out of bed, get dressed in running clothes, take Henry outside, and set off on my run. This weather is insanely beautiful and unseasonably cool, but the sunshine and zero clouds makes it nearly perfect. I slept in way too late so I have to cut my usual route short and decide to do intervals between the light posts. I'll sprint to one post, then slow jog to the next, and repeat all the way down the parkway. This is when I decide to do my DiTL and I have to mentally muster up the energy for it every time. I know that next week will be too busy preparing for Porter's birthday party (how many times will I mention my sadness over his birthday in this post? Anyone care to guess?). 

(Home sweet home. I always try to get a picture of our house for these posts, really hoping someday we will have a new roof/siding/windows and it will look completely different and NOT so brown! Don't get me wrong, I love our house, and our hostas are on point this time of year. Ah, old homes. Always something to do and everything on our list is really freaking expensive now.) 
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(Short run, better than nothing)
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7:00 am | I hear, "Hi mama!" from Truman who is looking out of the open kitchen window as I return home. Nate is in the shower and the two big kids just came down stairs. They are both saying their mosquito bites itch and I notice that Truman has an absurd amount of bites on his sweet chicken legs! Hydrocortisone cream applied. Make coffee and their breakfasts. CC is ultra whiny, so it looks like it is going to be one of those days---we can usually tell her mood seconds upon her waking, so we might as well brace ourselves for the Sister Wrath all day long. ;(

(Little dudes with big mosquito bites)
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(Kids breakfast, really downgrading from a bigger breakfast and it's helping the mornings to run more smoothly)
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7:12 am | They eat breakfast and we all chat a bit. "Want to know my favorite part of today, Mom?" Truman asks. "Swimming lessons," I respond, which was the correct answer.  "Want to know my second favorite?" and I incorrectly guess "hanging with mommy." No.  "Playing on the iPad." Wonderful. Nate comes downstairs and Porter is still snoozing. Truman checks the weather on my phone which is the first of three allowed weather checks---kid is OBSESSED with weather and all numbers lately. He can tell you the high temperature predicted for three days from now along with the chance of rain for 2pm tomorrow. I make my breakfast and am extra famished because running on an empty stomach and without coffee before is a rough wake up call for my body sometimes. 

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(Wait, this is a SUMMER day in the life. What the heck is this weather??)
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7:20 am | I eat and Truman shows me his strawberry puzzle, which is attempting to reconnect the slices of one berry. I check our dinner menu and realize Nate ate our leftovers last night. Sigh. Will figure it out later, I guess. According to weather man Truman it's going to be a cool 70 degrees as a high today, so no pool I guess. We are discussing what else we could do and I figure a playground or the zoo would be our best options. My mom got the kids an ant farm---both kids are scared of biting ants because one did escape and bit Truman during a faulty transfer of ants to farm. But then they get really excited about feeding them an English muffin crumb and two drops of water. An ant did a somersault and CC approved of the acrobatics because she is going to do somersaults in her gymnastics class this morning. Truman tells me I didn't change the calendar yet. Yay July!! Check my To Do list, my email and IG. 

(Ant farm!)
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(So much to do, so little time...makes me feel better to have it all written out at least)
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(New calendar, and I can see our Colorado trip for the month of July, holla!)
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7:30 am | Take my shower and Porter is still snoozing. I hear the following conversation downstairs with Truman and Cecelia: "T: Who's farting? C: I am! T: Stop that, whoever is farting." Try not to nag from upstairs as Nate said he'd get them ready, buuuuuuuuut I wonder if they are even close to finishing breakfast/getting dressed/brushing teeth. 

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8:00 am | Cecelia comes up to brush her teeth with me, and apparently Truman already did downstairs. We hear Porter wake up finally and Cecelia runs in to get her baby brother. I hear her ask if he wants to go to gymnastics with her today, then asks if he 'had a good sleep'. He's happy as a clam and well rested! Truman runs upstairs when he hears Cecelia in with Porter and T is wearing a crown he just made, vowing to make CC one, too. With all of this documenting the day and also waking up/running later, I need to hustle butt to change Porter and pack a bag with a bottle for later. CC picks out a 'special treat' for after gymnastics, which she always brings for her and Eddie as rewards for making it through class. Which is silly because they both love the class and sis only lost her mind about it the very first time. That was a few weeks ago and she is much more mature now, duh (and candy rewards run rampant around here, so whatever). Truman gets coloring books for he and Charlotte to use during the little ones' class and we Hurry!! Hurry!! Hurry! to get through the rest of the morning. 

(having a good curl day)
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(Happy boy!)
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(Really proud of his crown)
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(Why are you taking my picture within seconds of me waking?)
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(Dressed and ready to roll)
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8:20 am | We leave after I make Nate snap a quick picture of us in our 'let's get this day started' pose. His Thursday mornings are usually his latest start, not leaving until 10:30 am but today he is leaving at the same time as us. It's one of his two late nights at work, usually not getting home until 7:30pm so he has a long day ahead of him (I much prefer the long day ahead of me than his!). In the van the  mosquito bites are itching both big kids. Country music is on the radio which is a new-recently-revived thing for me. The kids have now noticed that I'm dictating things to Siri and taking more pictures than usual, but explaining a blog post to them is a lost cause. Instead they probably just think I've lost my mind or am just in a 'phone mood'. 

(Go team!)
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(Shuttling around in the van = only going to get worse as the kids age, I know).
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8:30 am | We arrive to the middle school where the gymnastics class is held two mornings per week and we run to get sis inside quickly. Slide off her flip flops, take off her sweatshirt, and give her a kiss as she gallops into the gym, leaving me and the boys in the hall to wait with the other parents as we aren't allowed in the gym with them. Andy and Tommy are here with Eddie, no Diz or Charlotte today. The thirty minutes in the hallway mostly consist of: Kids Clif Bars, throwing crayons, blocking Tommy from going in class, and playing with a random tennis ball. 

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All Photos-137

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9:00 am | Cecelia is done with class and all of the tiny three year olds march out to meet us. C loved it and is grinning ear to ear, then immediately wants to hand out her chocolate treats she brought for her friends. Today's special is a bunch of chocolate from Easter.  Make a mental note to be done with the candy treat post-class since it's really not necessary anymore and old candy makes me leery anyway.

(Genuine smile walking out)
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9:15 am | We leave for the playground we discussed earlier this morning, and my friend Ali has texted back to me saying they were planning to go there, too. Surprised that we haven't ever been to this particular playground as we have about 3-4 that are heavy in rotation currently, and this new one has swings so it's likely to be a favorite in Cecelia's book. While driving there Truman tells me, 'You look pretty today mommy!' and Cecelia says, 'You do too.' Not sure if she means me or Truman but it's notable anyway. We hear a song the kids like and I quickly add to my list on Spotify so we can sufficiently play the heck out of it in the next few days, thereby getting sick of it within a week (how we roll). I love hearing them chatter in the van and listening to them 'sing' is even more awesome. 

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9:30 am | We are here, and we have to park and walk a bit before we actually see the playground. But it's super fun with swings, a see saw, a pond with a pretty trail around it, and our friends Ali with Dylan and Natalie. Porter takes one fall as he is standing at a bench and tipped over when I looked away for a second but otherwise no injuries on this playground excursion, which is pretty exceptional. Many snacks were had and of course the most cherished ones were anything that Ali had, since other kids' food and other kids' toys are always more interested than our stuff. Excellent morning at this new playground, the kids got along ridiculously well like they usually do and it was fun to catch up with Ali, too (due with her third in October, so we couldn't help but talk a lot about mom life).

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11:45 am | We all leave and this is the exact moment when I get hit with the repercussions of a super busy and fun morning: the children are SPENT and really let me have it.  Truman and Cecelia are both crying because they are thirsty and fighting over my water, as they both drank their own waters and are still parched. Porter is over it all, too, since he didn't take a morning nap and was forced to enjoy himself at gymnastics/playground instead. The big kids are obviously tired and hungry and thirsty and just not handling life too well, and Nate and I have often remarked that our brood does SO fantastic in public. Then when a social outing ends they usually all dissolve into puddles of emotions after such heightened fun and busyness and excitement. Payback for a fun activity should be expected but it's always kind of a bummer, too. Rollercoaster of days home with little kid, current status: sad trombone, bottoming out. MAYDAY.

12:00 pm | We are home, thankfully. Porter fell asleep within eight minutes of being in the van and he has always continued his car naps with the fragile transfer to his crib....until now. Once I get him inside Cecelia is hysterical over something completely minor and Porter snaps awake, out of sorts and angry about it. So basically, everyone is semi-angry at the moment as the two big kids argue over who gets to look at the book Memaw sent them in the mail just now. I have had enough and raise my voice (i.e. yell) to get my point across, which doesn't do anything except to make me feel bad for yelling. Truman sneaks the book from the counter, where I placed it after both of them were fighting over it, and I am seriously ticked off at him for not listening to me. I need to get a grip and I think we are all too hungry to function at full capacity (despite plenty of snacks at the playground). Make lunches for everyone and I have Truman and Cecelia clean up the disasterous dining room. Porter plays with pots and pans at my feet and we all seem to level off a bit.

12:20 pm | The kids eat and I make my lunch as I hear them interacting without arguing, hallelujah. I update our grocery list on my phone as I realize we are running out of a few staples. Porter throws his food off the high chair and wants to hold his own spoon for Greek yogurt, as I sit next to him and eat/try to rescue dropped food morsels. I text with Erin and Brittany and Dizzy. Porter can now say uh-oh(!) and is laughing at his siblings who are all yelling "gah". Rollercoaster of days with little kids, current status: high on life, everything is awesome. 

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All Photos-347

12:50 pm | I am finished eating so I clean up the kitchen, clean out my bag from this morning to rid it of various empty wrappers and filth, and feel slightly overwhelmed by all of the things that should get done this afternoon. I decide that I really need iced coffee and some decompression time STAT. Scrub down the high chair once Porter is finished throwing his food, playing happily in the sunroom for a bit. Scrub the counter tops and table and feel better about my first world problems. To be noted: anxiety about messes in the house and the need for constant productivity is getting worse as I age. You'd think with each child I would chill the eff out about a tornado'd house but nope, still bothers me. I assure you I can see the forest from the trees and enjoy my tiny tornado children to the fullest but I like my house to be clean, dang it!

1:00 pm | The big kids are finished eating and are playing nicely, reading books and playing with baby dolls in the sunroom with P-man. Since they ate everything on their plates for lunch (dual clean plate club = such a rarity!), they each pick out a dessert and settle for a few Pez candies. I hear them doing cheers with their Pez and singing together sweetly about "the little red school house"--life is good again. Rollercoaster status: up! Read new Mr. Sneeze book from Memaw, the one that caused such a ruckus just moments before is now a happy bonding moment on the couch. Remember that I haven't used my selfie stick one time today, so we play around with it and both Truman and Cecelia get a chance to hit the button on the stick. Budding photographers, they are.

All Photos-179

All Photos-182

1:30 pm | Okay, it's officially nap time! Make Porter a bottle and have him finish it off in his crib, then tuck Cecelia in, and discuss the iPad with Truman.  I agree that he can have it but he really needs to listen better this evening, since I don't want his iPad time to be something he feels entitled to---he should earn it. Quiet time for all!!!! Make my iced coffee from the leftover carafe we made this morning, check the laundry status downstairs and am happy to see it will only be one load for today, start the load, and then hear a roaming daughter upstairs. She needs my help wiping off a book that has spilled water on the cover in her bed, so I help and then re-tuck her for the nap. Notice a giant blueberry stain on my denim shirt so I take it off and spray it with stain remover, letting it sit while hoping the spray works. 

(ahhhhh, come to mama).
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1:50 pm | Take my coffee and my laptop outside for decompression time. Ahhhhh. Check Timehop, return emails with both of my Erin friends, with my family about the reunion we are attempting to plan next year in Colorado, and with a neighbor about our upcoming block party. Also email Memaw and text with my mom. A fire truck with an excruciatingly loud siren AND horn passes by our house. I cringe and pray it didn't wake my kids, but also know they are probably going to the "old folks home" near our house. So obviously I hope the person in need is alright, but also: naps!!! Check the monitor on my phone and nobody is stirring and seem okay.

(Although I'm sad Porter is nearly one, I am NOT sad about being finished with the end of pregnancy stuff. Seems like a dream when he was in my tummy!)
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(Okay, yes, much prefer this view to last year)
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3:00 pm | Come inside, change laundry, hang with Truman a bit, and look at his horrible mosquito bites again. Get a random "I love you mommy" and melt because this boy is just a dream a majority of the time. He tells me, "I also love swimming lessons," and he's getting excited for them tonight. We should probably set up the new soccer goals that arrived in the mail today but it seems like a daddy thing. I don't like assembling things so I Instagram instead, letting Truman have extra time on the iPad, too.

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All Photos-189

3:10 pm | I start deleting pictures on my phone from today, to get this post process started. Chat with Truman, text with Erin and Dzzy, Email Erin and Andrea, and make a few collages for the post.

3:45 pm | I hear Cecelia crying, so when I go in there and notice her clock is still blue for her nap time---I guess it hasn't been two hours and fifteen minutes yet then, but whatever. She seems rested enough and really just wants to come downstairs but was sad to see her clock wasn't yellow yet. I change the clock for her and carry her downstairs, where she snuggles me for a bit as she wakes up. Truman's iPad time is done and he knows he got a long stint today, so he doesn't complain as he puts it away. We all partake in a chocolate chip cookie that we made last night, and then I slice a full watermelon to prep for dinner. I decide that Papa Murphys pizza is our best option for tonight and we all get kind of excited for the deliciousness, popping in extra-juicy pieces of watermelon while we talk. We discuss the plan for the rest of the night, including the estimated minute we will leave for swimming lessons. Truman is really obsessed with time and temperature and numbers, did I mention this? I wonder where he gets his very his strong need for routine and schedule and structure? (ahem). Also we discuss how many of the "Mr." books we have then the kids go up to get them all so we can count. I keep slicing watermelon and try to exert willpower from eating it all right away. 

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All Photos-202

4:05 pm | Cecelia somehow slammed her own arm in her bedroom door and cries very loudly. This wakes Porter from his nap, but he's been asleep for 2.5 hours which is enough anyway. The kids play with the books and eat some watermelon as I finish cutting the rest. I have them put on their swimming suits and I take a picture, since they both have new suits.  Cecelia wants me to put her hair in a ponytail but is serious when she says she doesn't want anyone to take her ponytail holder (?). Porter is playing happily on the ground with them until he gets hit in the face with a ball. He is quite displeased with this. I try to give him a bottle but nope, not what he wants.  I change his diaper and he plays with Cecelia for a little bit as I pack up our bags for swimming lessons. 

All Photos-205

All Photos-209

All Photos-348

4:30 pm | We leave and hope for the best with Porter, being him watermelon and some pretzels for entertainment during the lessons. In the van Cecelia asks when it's going to be wintertime, it's never winter according to C. She wants to build snowman but I urge her to reconsider this wish, since driving to swimming lessons in the glorious sun WITHOUT wearing four hundred layers of clothing is six million times better than winter, IMO. Weatherman Truman gives us the forecast for the next four days including the highs and lows and chances of rain. He is also very concerned that I don't know the way to the pool. I dictate this to Siri as we drive and the kids are again perplexed. #WeirdMomWhoAreYouTalkingTo?

4:45 pm | Arrive at the pool and since we are 15 minutes early, we go to the playground for some swinging first. This was all a part of the plan because walking by the swings without swinging on them is a big no-no in Cecelia's world. Another mom and her daughter are both obsessed over Porter in the swing and they help Cecelia push him, asking us if P is always this happy. In the swings? Yes he is! We head over to the pool with a few minutes to spare.

All Photos-212

(See that pool house up there? THAT is what I want our roof/siding/trim to look like someday. Dark gray roof, then two shades of gray for the siding and cedar shakes, and white trim. YES. Imagine it with me, people).
All Photos-214

5:00 pm | Swimming lessons start and although CC said she was scared in the van, she is totally fine to walk over to the teacher now. Truman is more than fine, too---both the 5 year old class and the 3 year old class happen at the same time but with different teachers. Only four kids are in each class with two teachers per class, but tonight there are only two 3 year olds. So both the 5s and 3s combine and it's really adorable to watch them all in the water. This is another class when the parents have to stay away and watch from the distant sidelines, so I talk with our neighbor Mike, while Porter throws food on the ground. 

All Photos-218

All Photos-220

All Photos-223

5:30 pm | Class is over and both kids come over smiling but slightly shivering. Wrap them up in their towels and CC has to pee, so we find the changing room that also has a toilet. Change them, and Porter is getting fussy. Tru and CC tell me it was a good class, full of 'fishies in the basket' and putting their faces in the water. Of course, Cecelia's hair is 90% dry but oh well. Snap a few pictures as we leave the pool.

All Photos-227

I love this sign.
All Photos-228

5:40 pm | Hit up the swings one more time, making it our THIRD swing experience of the day. I'm telling you, sister is obsessed. As I count down until we leave, it becomes apparent that everyone is starving. This could be bad, very very bad, as I was hoping to swing by Papa Murphy's on the way home. 

6:00 pm | We leave the pool and playground and I'm not sure we should do Papa's, an extra 15 minutes before we can eat would be a bad decision on my part. Maybe we can just do frozen pizzas at home, but I'm not totally sure we have any in our downstairs freezer. The kids are so hungry and whiny and its late because we usually eat at 5:30. Find a rouge Cliff bar at the bottom of my bag, break it in half and toss it to the kids to keep their appetites from exploding. They are pleased with my discovery. We decide that I will run inside our house to check if we have frozen pizza while the kids wait in the car. If not, we will continue to Papa's and if we do, I will release the rabidly hungry children and we'll stay put. 

6:08 pm | We are home and I hold my breath as I check the freezer. The verdict? Yep, one cheese and one 'nicer' frozen pizza for Nate and I. Take the frozen discs of delight upstairs and preheat the oven. Go back to van and pull it in, and the excited kids jump out to play in the driveway while I slave over a very elaborate meal. Kind of bummed we don't get Papa Murphy's but this is a much better solution. Deep thought: being a mom of three kids means at least *pretending* to be flexible.

6:15 pm | I head inside to clean out our various bags, and the kids play in yard. Truman falls off his scooter and needs bandaid. I pick up some dog poop because the last thing we need is to have a poopy shoe incident. Put in the pizzas, hang up our suits. Call Tony and say coming at 7:30-7:45 is fine, we had originally said 7:00 for him to stay with the kids after bedtime but there is no way we'll be ready then. He worked today, although he is 99% retired at this point, and said the later time is fine--he's going to bring a book and read it on the couch while the kids sleep and while Nate and I are the the neighbor's for some drinks. Busy day! Rough life! ;)

All Photos-243

(HI, Henry! You made it into a DiTL!)
All Photos-241

All Photos-239

6:35 pm | I'm back inside making a salad, and Nate texts to say he is on his way home a bit early. I really, really want a beer right now but I shall refrain to be less of an alchie by drinking alone. Plus, I'm sure I will have plenty of adult beverages later. Kids come inside with me and are super hungry, go figure. I swear I feed them constantly so I'm not sure why they are so ravenous today.

6:45 pm | The kids sit down to eat as I finish up the salads and Nate is home! Kids seem deflated when he arrives and they aren't their usual chipper selves greeting daddy. Makes me sad. Let's eat! We talk about the day, give high fives, swim lessons are discussed, multiple swing adventures are detailed, we figure out a timeline for tonight's adult adventures, and think about plans for tomorrow. One quote I have written from this dinner: "Mr. Butt is a poopy head." I'm willing to put money on the fact that Cecelia probably said this. She is also being very sweet with Nate and everyone is in a good mood again. 

All Photos-246

All Photos-350

7:05 pm | We are all done with dinner, remarking that this is super late for us. Clean up, and I really think the kids need to bathe although Truman isn't too happy about this decision. He probably does a bath three days a week at this point which is not that often in the summer, and somehow we sweet talk him into it---because really, triple baths are something they all adore right now.

7:20 pm | I take charge of the bath while Nate cleans up from dinner. I have to comb out Cecelia's hair with conditioner in the bath because it's getting crazy long and will be super tangled if not. Porter does this weird thing of constantly scratching his butt when in the bath, even though he doesn't have a rash and it's not red (before the little finger nails get at it, that is). I have to keep his hands away from his backside, while convincing CC to let me comb her hair, while Truman is being the ringleader to this goofy circus and I have a moment. A great moment for once, one of those when everything sort of stops for a minute and the enormity of the little details in life truly sink into my brain.  Listening to the kids giggle together, smile at each other, and joke with each other....it's one of those times when I feel overcome with emotion over having three of the most precious gifts I could have imagined. *This* is something I do want to remember about this time in my life: the laughter and the silliness. And the intensity of feeling overwhelmed by contentment as a mom. End of strangely deep moment goes here. Not really sure where that came from but I'll take it! I cut Truman and Cecelia's dagger fingernails which always makes me feel extra satisfied. Nothing better than squeaky clean kids who don't have talon nails with black dirt caked beneath.

(Her hair is insanely long when wet!)
All Photos-258

(Giant baby! This is begging for a comparison shot from when he was super tiny)
All Photos-265

7:35 pm | I get them out of the bath and get Porter dressed first, then I try to help Cecelia since she is crying that her jammies are too tight.  But then she screams she wants to do alone ( I do it myselffffff!!!!). Have to walk away a second and recompose in my bedroom because her hysterics are just so ridiculous. Truman is super tired and whiny. I get a bandaid for sister (cannot recall which phantom owie needed one now), make Porter a bottle and let him drink it on the rug of the big kids'  room, I put away clean and folded clothes and Nate reads books. Nate helps them brush teeth, and Cecelia remarks that Porter has pajamas like her friend Luke. Then asks, 'Why they name him Luke?' She is full of questions this time of night. 

(The crew)
All Photos-269

7:45 pm | Nate sings his three songs to the kids and I snap a video, it's too cute to avoid. We all say goonight to Porter and I read him a quick book and get some snuggles in before laying him down. Papa is here now so after my two stories to the big kids, they want Tony to tell them goodnight. When telling Tony about the new playground we tried today, Cecelia poses rapid fire questions that nobody can answer: "Why did they have a broken swing? When will they fix it? Why is it called Elm Grove park??" Kiss them goodnight as Tony and I walk out of their room after I say that I love them.
All Photos-352

7:55 pm | Bedtime is super late tonight but we told our friends we'd come around eight anyway, so I get dressed (try on numerous outfits and am very apathetic about every one). Nate and I talk to Tony a bit before we leave.

8:18 pm | Leave the house and make Nate take a selfie with me. Walk down a few houses to our neighbors and sit outside on their deck with everyone, appetizers and drinks are had. And hilarious conversations. Something about the most important Commandment in the Bible, discussion about our neighbor's daughter's recently broken leg, and stories from college are had. I drink Moscow Mules which are delicious, and partake in the yummy sausage plate, plus cheese and artichoke dip, with some veggies thrown in for good measure. This is a really great group of neighbor friends and since we all have kids who are the same ages, I'm sure they will continue to be a core group of friends in our lives over the years.
All Photos-353

All Photos-281

11:50 pm | We walk home, can't believe it's so late!! We get ready for bed and I text mom back about the reunion. She is a night owl so I'm sure she is awake. Nate has to wake up at some ungodly hour tomorrow to golf at the crack of dawn, which is definitely self-inflicted exhaustion. Always worth it to him, though, to tee off before 5 am because he can be finished with eighteen holes and back home by 8. Perfect for everyone since he won't miss out on family time! Never mind that he is exhausted, he won't complain since he was able to golf;) 

12:06 am | Goodnight! (Latest ever for me on a DiTL)!

All Photos-354

3:00 am | Cecelia is yelling for me and wants me to help her go to the bathroom. I am literally dying from being so tired and am basically stumbling into walls and have no idea what is happening, but I know I go into the bathroom with CC and plead with her to take herself potty without me next time. 

3:50 am | Nate's alarm goes off but it barely registers in my mind. I cannot believe he is golfing this early, OMG. He leaves shortly after this I think, but I really have no idea because I'm passed out while he gears up to golf.

6:15 am | Porter is totally awake. I get him a bottle and bring him into bed with me. I am so tired I want to die, also have a teeny tiny headache from the two Mules. Attribute this to neglecting to drink one big glass of water for each alcoholic drink I consumed---usually works like a charm, but last night I didn't have much water. At all. Oh man, this is going to be a rough morning. I take Ibuprofen and chug water, hoping that this isn't an actual hangover I'm feeling.

6:30 am | Truman gets up to pee and pokes his head in on me and Porter. Cecelia and Truman are totally awake and talking very loudly, but wait nicely for their clock to turn yellow at seven before exiting their room. I even take a video through the monitor to remember how sweet they are being in there. Hear Truman quizzing CC on simple math equations and she is not interested in being his subject. Check email on my phone and see my first Stitch Fix has been shipped! YES. Now if I can just remain calm and not sneak a peak at the list of items under 'checkout', ruining the surprise. (I last two more days before caving and looking up the listed items on pinterest. I think I will like some of them, we shall see).

All Photos-355

7:00 am | Big kids come into my room and are excited to start the day, and Porter is finished with his bottle. My headache is already better so I think it was a hangover false alarm, and we have a relaxing morning together while waiting for daddy to return home. 

All Photos-294

Life is good in the summertime, man. I really cannot get over how much I love this season!


  1. So many things to comment on, let me see if I can keep them all straight.

    Mosquito bites. I don't get bit, but all three of my kids do and their bites swell to huge lumps. It's crazy and super annoying.

    It was warmer in Swaziland on this day and it's winter here...you poor Wisconsinites. ;)

    I lol'ed at the ant escape.

    Siri and Spotify. I have no idea what Spotify is and I've never used Siri. So much to learn when we return to the land of wifi!

    The meltdown upon ending a busy morning...yes. I've read that kids "save up" their frustrations when they are in public places for later when they feel safer (aka with only mom and dad). Maybe it's a load of crap but I mollify myself by telling myself they just feel safe with me. Haha.

    Also, yes to needing a clean house. I think it's because the chaos of kids is so much that I need *some* sanity and that comes in the form of a clean house. I'm spoiled right now with someone that does most of the cleaning and straightening for me. What will I do when we are back in Missouri?!

    Love gray on gray on white for house. I can totally picture your house like that.

    Dying to hear how stitch fix goes for you. Blog it ASAP. :)

    1. Girl, I am DYING to get my Stitch Fix box. It was supposed to arrive yesterday but now it's not coming until Wednesday and I am totally bummed!

      I think I've read that the kids save up their frustrations when in public, letting the parents REALLY have it when they are done holding it together for so long. I've always said that about Cecelia after daycare….yikes.

  2. My first comment is - that timehop pic - whoa pregnancy boobs :) They sure do fluctuate for you, huh? :) Also as you know I love that shirt, maybe I'll wear it tomorrow!!

    I wish I had a little bit of your clean-house psychosis. Sadly, it skipped a generation for me.

    You KNOW I can relate to the end of events meltdowns. When will they end I wonder?? I'm hoping by 10???

    1. Right??? Meltdowns are just a way of life now, I suppose...waiting for those 'golden years' of childhood to kick in someday.

  3. What a great day! I'm saving my DITL post for when we go to the lake this weekend. My last 2 have been very similar given I work from home, so I wanted to mix it up a bit this time. Interesting to read about the meltdowns being saved for parents - I like that theory and can maybe hold myself together next time if I remember that! I can't believe it was 55* there when you were jogging - that's winter-time weather for us for sure! I noticed on your calendar that your dad and my mom have the same birthday (6/21) but my mom is older, ha. When is Nate's bday? Mine is August 5, so I'll be 35 in just a few short weeks!

    1. Nate's birthday is at the end of August, so he is exactly four months younger than me. He works every single day of those four months to make sure I know that I'm 'older.'

  4. Love your DITL's!
    Can't believe how cold it's been this summer. Except for yesterday... we were drowning with the humidity yesterday..I'll take it.
    P's going to be one already?! :uglycryface:

    1. This *has* been a very mild summer so far, kind of like last year. I'm a wuss when it comes to heat anymore so I'm fine with it!

  5. These are my favourite posts! So excited for the roundup. I can't believe how long your hair is and CC's too! Can her hair get any more perfect? It's so adorable!! I totally hear you on the roller coaster of emotions. I am constantly texting my husband John saying "worst day ever" followed by "our kids are the BEST how did we live without them?". Sounds like a successful day complete with neighbour drinks! You can't go wrong!

    1. Highest of highs, lowest of lows, for sure! Looking forward to your post.

  6. Your first outfit of the day looked strange. I think rolling up the sleeves would have helped.

    1. Thank you for that! I usually do roll the sleeves on this shirt.

  7. I love the roller coaster comparison to a day with three kids. It's the same way here. You description of the triple meltdown when leaving the park is so familiar. My middle is always "so bursty (thirsty)" and doesn't appreciate being asked if she's going to burst.

  8. Live these! Doing our next week when the hubby isn't working super long days - I don't want all my DITL post to be just me. That roller coaster is no joke! Love the colors of the pol house and think it will look so great on your house.

    PS- what app do you use for your lists? Mine doesn't look as nice.

  9. Okay "sister wrath" is the best thing I've read all day. We have that here but with brother instead ;)
    I totally get what you're saying about the clean house thing. I'm forever picking up here and there and though it's pointless, it lowers my stress levels (temporarily anyway, until the next mess lol). So jealous of your weather...55 degrees in the morning in July? I would kill for that!

  10. That breakfast sandwich looks heavenly...I'm going to go buy English muffins stat. And LOL at the comment about the kids thinking you must have lost your mind dictating and taking photos all day. My boy is only 7 months and I swear he looks at me every time I pull out my phone for lots of photos like, "What? Is that really necessary?"

    I get so disappointed when Papa Murphy's plans don't come to be. It has to be my favorite pizza of all.

    And 3:50am to golf?? I used to consider myself a pretty die hard golfer, and even that sounds crazy to me. I guess people will do whatever it takes to fit in a round of golf. :)

    Thanks for sharing your day. And hosting!


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