Summertime Does Not Suck

All I kept thinking today, when we pulled out the sprinkler and let the kids loose with the hose was: 'I love summer so much. It's a million times better than winter. A million and one times better, actually.'


Sure, winter is fine and snow before Christmas is great and all of that. I like hot chocolates and fires in our fireplace and cozying up under blankets. SORT OF. But right now, I do not mind the fact that we can literally just leave the house after throwing on some sandals. No snow boots, coats, snow pants, hats, gloves...none of that. Swimming suits from last year prove that the kids are growing, and this one is supposedly her favorite so she *had* to put it on today.


Truman has been enjoying Nate's 'vintage' super soakers from the 90s. He mostly loved to squirt me while I was taking his picture, go figure.

I woke Porter up from his nap at 4pm, knowing he would LOVE to get in on the water fun in our backyard. It took him about one minute to join in the action, and I think he likes summer infinitely better than winter, just like me. What a difference seven months makes, huh?
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Cecelia hates to get her face wet, it's a real challenge to keep her calm if she gets splashed in the tub or the pool. So at first, she was not too excited about the sprinkler or her brothers having the hose. She didn't exactly get her face completely wet, but she did start to embrace the cold water and random droplets on her head.

I love how Porter fits right into the madness around here. He thinks he is as big as Truman and Cecelia. While holding a hydrangea he ripped from our bushes, this guy had the time of his life tonight.


The look of pure childhood joy.

Isn't messing around.

Days like this, when they are giggling and smiling and getting along, are simply the best.

Even with momentary dips in the mood.

Because those smiles come back before you know it, and then I get all sentimental about life and contentment, our blessings.

I also really enjoy watching the kids experience summer. While growing older, and keeping us highly entertained.

I had a flashback to my chubby red-headed baby girl a few summers ago, and now there's this long and lanky thing in front of me. Going to school in the fall. Turning into such a personality, so big that I can't remember a time when she wasn't talking (non-stop).

Tonight as Cecelia read to Porter before bedtime, she also decided to sing him a few songs. One of them said something about 'some people don't know you, but everyone loves you because you are the best baby around.' One of them also said something to the effect of, 'And we didn't even have to throw you in the garbage can!'.

These kids and summer are an excellent combo, indeed.


  1. We are wearing the kids out at the pool as much as we can this summer. I love having fun with them and also how much easier they go to sleep, ha. A couple of those pictures look like perfect 'boy peeing' pics because of the angle of the hose. Yes, I am 35 and shouldn't notice those things. ;)

  2. Yessss, summer is THE BEST! Love all the photos. The kids are getting so big!

  3. Henry's the same way as Cecilia about water on his face. Today at the splash pad was the first time like ever that he was okay about getting his head wet.

    And I"m totally with you about the summer. Having all the fun things to do outside is the best.


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