Truman's last day of SK

Senior Kindergarten is finished, and Truman is on his way to FIRST GRADE, guys. He has learned so much this year, it's hard to even describe the value of this school year. He can write (most words are phonetic and freaking adorable), and full-on read pretty much anything these days. He loves math and is scary-good with remembering numbers, requesting math equations at the dinner table many nights. His favorite class was PE and least favorite was music.

(First day versus last day, entirely too big).
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Mostly I want to remember how much Truman adored his Senior Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. C. I will admit that I assumed nobody could top his teacher from last year who we love and adore like woah (Mrs. K, her girls have babysat our kids, we are Facebook friends, etc). This year Mrs. C quietly stole the show and won Truman's heart like nothing I've seen before. She is kind, has a soft spoken authority over the kids, and calls our children 'gems' and books 'treasures'. She gets the credit for teaching Truman to read and she continued to carry his love for school....almost TOO much love for school, actually. Because my big guy has been really, genuinely upset all week when he talks about school ending. My Truman, with his big, sensitive heart, doesn't love change (who does?!) and the end of the school year has been a tough one for him! But alas, I continue to remind Truman that he gets more time with ME and his grandpa and his siblings, time outside, time at fun camps, time much fun awaits this summer, I can barely handle it (even if Truman is completely apathetic about the concept of summer). He will come around, but let it be known that he loves his teacher something fierce.


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Yesterday I had him write his teacher a letter to help him sort through his feeeeeeelings. This guy is a top notch kid, I know I'm biased, but he just is!!
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Nailed the 'sibling shot' this morning!
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Today was the last day of school. We had a nice breakfast together and Truman was extra excited for the day ahead. He semi-happily took my standard 'last day' pictures on the porch and we walked him to school for the last time as a Kindergartener. Oh, how he has grown!! I just cannot get over it, sorry for all of the comparisons....well, sorry, but not sorry.

First day of JK, last day of JK, first day of SK, last day of SK. TIME FLIES, LADIES!
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Again, Sept 2014, June 2015, Sept 2015, June 2016. Wow.
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Making it a tradition, I suppose.
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Little girl is about to follow in his footsteps. Last day JK, first day SK, last day SK.
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I took the kids to Culver's tonight as a special treat and they all hammed it up and ate a ridiculous amount of food. Tomorrow marks the start of summer and Truman will be home with Tony for the morning while I see a few patients, then the weekend begins. Oh, what a summer it will be. Guaranteed to fly by in the blink of an eye, sort of like the entire school year.

And come September, we will have a first grader and a Junior Kindergartener walking to the same school, at the same time of every single weekday morning. Two school kids? I cannot even. (So I won't and I promise to enjoy the summer).

Yes, today was a great day.
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  1. Congrats to you! And everyone! I love your posts, so much gratitude and happiness. But also you keep it real (; Thanks!


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