Wallace | Two Weeks

Two weeks already!! Still riding the new baby high around here, although it's seeming more real and obviously not perfect. Nate went back to work on Tuesday of this week, so my reality check hit this week. Turns out taking care of four kids can be somewhat chaotic, who knew? I mean, it wasn't too awful but there were certainly several times when Porter was crying, Cecelia was pouting, Truman was not listening, and Wallace needed to eat or be held or walk around. Luckily, even on Nate's super long twelve hour day on Wednesday, we all survived just fine.

Hand-me-down clothes from big brothers = the best!

Muscle man

Lois helped out by taking just Porter to the park, while the big kids were at daycamp. Porter needed that 1:1 time with his grandma and I thoroughly enjoyed my Wallace time! Then the big kids went to play putt putt golf with Tony during Porter's nap on Wednesday, which was also awesome for them (and everyone, really). On Thursday, Lois picked Truman and Cecelia up from Nate's golf camp and then she took Porter and Cecelia to a playground. Wallace, Truman and I hung out for awhile and then went to get Jimmy Johns for lunch as a treat. Friday was Nate's half day at work so we loved having him home around lunch time (duh) and obviously the weekends are the BEST ever.


We had several visitors this week and two meals were dropped off for dinners, as some of my friends have set up a meal train website thing for us. We've definitely never had that type of organized meal delivery from our friends but it's oh, so appreciated. In fact, Nate and I were saying the other day that we feel even more supported and surrounded by amazing friends this fourth time around compared to the first time around---without a doubt. Basically, we have a wonderful network of neighbors and friends and family that are a part of our beloved 'village' and we do not take it for granted!


Wallace is still fairly sleepy overall but I can tell he is staying awake for longer stretches now and might need a *little* more work to get him to fall asleep. He is usually napping for at least one mega nap each day---sometimes in the morning, sometimes afternoon----but that big dog nap will last about 3 hours or more. INSANE. The rest of the time he will be awake for maybe 30-45 minutes at a time, mostly content, and then will snooze for about an hour or so after that. He definitely prefers to fall asleep nursing, or will sleep while being held or on my chest. Actually, he is sleeping on my chest as I type this and I admit it's pretty much my favorite thing EVER. Gah, just the weight of him on me, with his little head under my chin? Yes, please. He also really likes the Ergo and the Moby wrap for being on the go and cuddling with me while sleeping.

Truman took this picture and we are both asleep here! Truman then woke me up by tapping me on the shoulder to say, 'I took your picture, mom. Because you guys looked really cute.'


I think he might be starting to show some preference to me versus other people, but that's understandable since Wallace and I are basically attached to each other at all times. Tomorrow I am taking the two big kids to the doctor for their very late well child checks and Porter will stay with Wallace and my in-laws. I'm nervous to leave mister Ace man but know he will be mostly fine without me for 1.5 hours. My best tip for my in-laws will be: hold him, walk around with him, keep him moving, and maybe he will just sleep the entire time anyway.


At night he is in the Mamaroo and will give us about 3-4 hour stretches at a time, usually waking just twice to eat. But of course, last night was different and he ate every two hours, so who knows? I'm liking being back in my own bed instead of the couch, but I am going to move the cosleeper away from the bed and just use the swing tonight---the cosleeper and sleeping flat in general are not Wallace's preferred methods. At all.

He's nursing well overall and has started cluster feeding in the evening hours. He'll normally go about 2 hours between feedings depending on naps but in the evening he mostly likes to switch from side to side non-stop, with only a little cat napping in between there. Not spitting up a ton but he definitely likes to be burped after feeding on one side, sometimes waking up enough to eat on both sides but sometimes just plugging away for 30 minutes on one. I pumped for the first time yesterday morning and got 5 ounces in about 4 minutes, during his morning mega nap. Of course he woke up as SOON as I was finished pumping, but then he was patient enough to nurse and wait for more milk to come in from me. So I think my supply must be a good fit for him, with only some coughing and choking during let down.

Selfies are hard with five people.

Me and my guy. And yes, my eyes still look like this, two weeks later.

Ace is still super chill and content and I'm trying my hardest not just roll with it, without bracing myself for it to change. I mean, maybe he will become cranky and fussy and harder to handle but for NOW he is freaking awesome. He seems more alert and loves to look around the house, especially at our windows and the TV. Fourth babies are surely exempt from the 'no TV until age two' rule, right? ;) I don't think he can see that far in front of his face but he does seem to look right at you, or right at the big kids as they hold him, like he's trying to figure out who these loud creatures are and why they are always yelling. For as laid back as he is, Wallace does nap the best when nobody else is around, go figure.


He did cry in his car seat twice this week, was sort of hysterical and the most we've ever heard out of him. But at least it's not EVERY time or immediately upon getting in the seat. Porter and Cecelia both had a severe hatred of their car seats and it was already happening consistently by two weeks. Wallace also seems more grunty lately, like he is working hard to poop or needs to burp while nursing or right after---I remember the other kids getting super loud and grunting a lot, too, and since it's not constant I won't really read too much into this one yet.

The siblings are still in love with Ace and literally fight over who is going to hold him. Truman keeps saying that he's so glad Wallace is here and is my biggest helper by far, Cecelia calls him her best friend and would hold him twenty times a day if he didn't nurse so much, and Porter gives the best big brother kisses ever. We are still working on Porter being gentle and not poking Wallace's eyes, or sticking his fingers in Wallace's mouth, but overall Ports has done great with his baby brother. I'm just really proud of all three big kids and it's crazy how huge they all seem to us now!

This was when Cecelia told me she likes that Wallace doesn't talk yet, because he is so quiet. Then she looked longingly at Porter...

And I mean...

Seven year age difference is boggling my mind


The dynamic between all of our kids is interesting and changing by the day. Even just having them home for the summer is enough change to shift things around a little, forcing me to implement some rules that don't really apply during the school year. Then throw in a new baby to the mix? It's a learning process for everyone! But so far, I've decided that 1. If you hit/push/punch/etc then it's an automatic 24 hours without screen, 2. You must ask to get up from the lunch and dinner table, 3. Kids have to clean up their disastrous toy explosion every evening before we head upstairs for bedtime. These three rules seem to be helping the constant battles but there are still plenty of times when someone is crying or whining. That said: summertime is still the BEST and we are enjoying it so so much!


These three at 'dozer days' in a giant firetruck. So fun!

And our lemonade stand, where Wallace and I sweat like crazy and the big kids made $16.22;)

Other things: Wallace's umbilical cord fell off at day 13 which is slightly earlier than the other kids. He is not a big fan of the two baths we have given him but he really did need them both, because his skin is pretty dry, he has a little clogged tear duct, and greasy toddler hands are all over this guy every day;)  Also, he used to love the pacifier in the first week but now he is not really having it. I wonder if that will change again? I'm going to keep pushing it to help him self soothe, but I'm also okay nursing him a ton for comfort right now, too. We will get into a nice solid routine someday, but two weeks is still 'anything goes' for me right now.


-a sleeping baby on my chest, all curled up and so cozy
-his smell: literally intoxicating when I sniff his head (which happens often)
-watching the big kids interact with their baby brother, I just cannot.
-Nate holding Wallace, making the baby look impossibly small and Nate look like a seasoned, pro-daddy.
-taking family walks with Wallace in the Ergo, Nate pushing Porter in a stroller, and the two big kids on their scooters.
-maternity leave in the summertime with the kids home, doing fun things as a family, and soaking in this new baby of ours.
-having a beer or a glass of wine in the evenings. I MISSED YOU, ALCOHOL!
-Wallace's laid back personality, his ability to nap well and often, and sleep great at night
-nursing a newborn again, marveling that they just know how to do this! Watching him grow and feeling proud that my body is contributing to his growth
-sleepy baby smiles and scared faces, assuming he's having 'bad dreams' and then very happy dreams. Or I guess it's just his reflexes as he works his way through sleep phases, but it's freaking adorable to watch his face contort as he sleeps.
-newborn grunts, sighs, squeaks, and sounds.

Two weeks down! Time is flying...

Porter at two weeks | Cecelia at two weeks | Truman at two weeks

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  1. Love that everything is going so good! I agree to just soak up all the chill sweetness while you can. Drew and Paige both expressed their hatred of the car seat really fast, and Paige seems to be back to being pissed most of the time (I've learned music w/ girl singers and slower songs are her jam for that) - not fun. I hope Wallace doesn't start to hate it! I have a co-worker whose baby girl stops fussing every time Taylor Swift's Blank Space plays - so funny. Keep the posts and pictures coming!


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