The good, the bad, the funny

The Good:
  • Nate takes his last final tomorrow. One semester of PT school down [about 11 to go]!
  • I had the day off work today. [Keep reading to understand the importance here.]
  • We are going on a tropical vacation on Friday!
  • Okay, it's just a trip to mid-Missouri to see my parents. And it's been 100 degrees down there with about 99% humidity, hence the 'tropical vacation.'
  • It has yet to reach 90 degrees in Milwaukee this summer. We've had a few days in the upper 80s but still nothing above 89. In fact we don't even run our air conditioning most of the time, just fans and windows. Does that make you Missouri girls jealous?
  • I'm busy working on three different album designs right now. Can't wait to show off their fabulosity.
  • Instead of burning my retinas in the summer sun during our training, I finally got a pair of running sunglasses. For FREE with our Discover Card cash back bonus. I love free stuff.

The Bad:
  • Um, why did I agree to work all day Saturday AND Sunday this past weekend? On top of my regular 40 hours during the week? That was incredibly stupid and I almost threw myself out of the fifth floor windows at the hospital. True story.
  • You read correctly: it is 100 degrees at my parents house and we have to run 15 miles this weekend. I smell a bad run coming on.
  • I am a horrible daughter and this will be my first trip home since Christmas. Isn't that sad? Two trips to St. Louis to see our friends and yet no trips home in 8 months. Living so far away really sucks sometimes.
  • Since I had to work an ungodly amount this past week I could barely squeeze in my long run. I somehow managed to run 10 miles today despite our northern version of 'humidity.'
  • I've been really burnt out lately, not just at my job but also with blogging. I wasn't even going to post tonight but I did it just for you, dear readers.
  • Our laptop finally kicked the bucket for good. She lead a good life and was such a hard worker. RIP, dear laptop.
The Funny:
  • I know this is really old and I'm sure you've all seen it, but let's relive the hilarity, shall we? The sound that she makes reminds me of a dying walrus to me and the quote, "I think she is actually hurt" sends me over the top. Love it.


  1. AAhhh...yes, I love that video clip. I think I died from laughter the first time I saw that!!

    Ditto on being burned out. I've been on the go for two weeks now and I really don't see a rest in sight :-(

    Have fun at "home" this weekend!

  2. I love that you called MO tropical. It was HORRIBLE here today! I was coming home from the gym at 9 pm and it was still 90 degrees in the suburbs! My air conditioning bill is going to be huge this month, I'm sure!

    Yeah to Nate for finishing his first semester!

    I didn't know they even made sunglasses for running!

  3. That clip is freaking hilarious! I hadn't seen that in a while. How in the world does she even make those sounds? The newscasters are pretty funny - "Oh dear..." I wonder if they were just trying hard not to laugh?!

  4. Ok, I had never seen that is quite funny.

    Well, I am sorry to hear about your burntoutness (is that a word?) but I am confident it will pass.

    I hope you travels to MO are safe!

  5. How have I never seen this clip before? I love it, it's hilarious! I watched it three times. Ha! Thanks for sharing.

    I think I heard that burned out is going around and is quite contagious. Shame, really.

  6. oh yes, that clip is classic

    if you are burned out, don't post. you don't owe us anything.

  7. OMG I feel bad that I laughed but how funny was that! I hope she was OK!

  8. I am sorry to hear you are getting burnt out. Maybe you need to take a week vacation from blogging and reset and refocus.

    Can't wait to see the three albums! Wink, wink!!

  9. Not a day over 89 degrees? That's actually sorta depressing in my book. Nothing beats laying out by the pool on a 100 degree day. I would seriously miss that about Missouri should I ever move away!

    Oh, and I think you'll be OK for your run this weekend. It's 100 today, but we are supposed to get some serious thunderstorms tonight and it'll be in the upper 80s for the rest of the week. ;)

  10. I'm definitely jealous of the weather you are having. The humidity pretty much sucks in St. Louis right now. The weekend is supposed to be better, though.

    Congratulations to Nate on finishing his first semester. Yay!!

  11. I'm sorry you're feeling burnt out. You have a lot going on right now, so it's understandable. Yay for Nate for finishing his first semester! Good luck with the run. I almost died on Sat. and I only ran around Forest Park when it was like 90. But Kristal's right-it's supposed to be really nice, at least in StL, over the weekend.

  12. I seriously started to get anxious just reading that you'll be running 15 miles in that heat and humidity! Yikes, woman! I love your dedication, you're doing what it takes! :)

    Nice job on the free sunglasses too!

    I'm confused what has happened to our terrible heat and humidity though if it hasn't traveled from MN to WI? Lol, lucky dogs.

    Take your time if you need to, relieve some stress, don't get too burned out!

  13. Great video clip!

    Hopefully you can re-fuel while you're visiting your parents. Even now in my late 20s, I still love going back to visit my Mom and Dad. I always leave feeling happy and so loved (and well fed).

    Have fun!

  14. That clip is hilarious! I really admire you for planning to run while on "vacation" AND in 100 degree heat. Craziness!

  15. I have to disagree with you, Kristal. I used to think that a 100 degree day was awesome for pool time, but now I'm a convert----an 85 degree day spent at the beach is WAY better:) I now prefer upper 80s to anything hotter and don't miss the humidity at all.

    And yes, I think a bit of a hiatus is in order. Refocusing never hurt anyone. :)

  16. You should feel at home in MO this weekend - it's actually nice here now.

    Kristal - you're crazy. There's nothing worse than 100 degree heat. Bring on fall!! NOW!!!

  17. have a great trip and face that heat with no fear! it's dreadful here, too.

    i love the grape lady video. my husband always wants to pull it up on youtube and laugh at her. it gets him every time.


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