hello, crack

After much debate and plenty-o-beads-o-sweat on my upper lip, I now own one of these babies. Isn't she beautiful?

You see, it was time for my 'new every two' promotion with Verizon. It never gets old, really; every other year it's like a taste of Christmas for me as I am awarded a new fantastical phone for next to nothing. Does anyone else get this pumped for a new phone? Because we all know how the wireless phone gods behave if you happen to need a new phone before your 'magical' time: they throw their heads back and cackle at your poor soul, then request hundreds of dollars for the same crummy phone you had before The Incident. Take your pick with what 'the incident' entails....maybe it was stolen, lost, drowned in a cup of beer [ahem, never happened to me!]. But either way, if you can make it through those two years still holding onto that once very cool phone, you will be rewarded greatly.

That's why my new pimped out PINK Blackberry Curve was literally $0 after a mail-in rebate. The added monthly internet plan was pretty freaking cheap as well which made her even more tantalizing. Luckily, Nate helped me swallow my inner-tightwad fears on this one and splurge a little bit. Because let's get real: he wants one next year when it's his 'magical time.' He somehow convinced me it was worth it, even though I was worried it would be way too much phone for little ol' me. After all, aren't Blackberries for cut throat business professionals with complex schedules? So how does a puny health care professional fit into the BB plan? It turns out I like the internets and organization, my friends. Who knew?

Let's look at her again, shall we?
hello, crack
I mean, I'm not going to lie. I kind of freaked out about this whole thing, nearly settling for a less flashy more practical phone. It's totally frivolous, you guys, even if it only costs an extra $15 per month from our current plan. So what finally sold me? The fact that salesman dude told me about the 30 day trial period. And the fact that I justified quitting my gym membership to even out this new expenditure [which will actually put us in the positive since the gym is way more than $15/month]. I hate to exercise indoors during nice weather anyway, and really....I can do all of my marathon training outside for free with a little creativity.

Do you see how this purchase pained me so? I think I need professional help to loosen up about money. When did I get like this? I remember a day when I could spend money like water and it totally did not phase me. And now it's an ordeal---just ask Nate and the salesman dude. They were about sick of my antics at the store. But alas, I did it and I have a feeling I'll be keeping her. Just look at my wallpaper, you guys:
guess who's on the wallpaper!
So yeah, kind of freaking out a little bit because I have no idea how to work the beast. I read the entire owners manual and tinkered around quite a bit tonight so I feel a little better. Technology is both my best friend and worst enemy sometimes.

Now I wonder if I should just go all out and even join Twitter. It's basically the last 'social networking' site I have yet to claim. Am I going to be one of those people addicted to her phones? Probably. But I think I'm okay with it.

So who has a Blackberry out there? Any advice? Do you love?

In other news, I finished the Twilight series and oh em geeeeee. The last book 'Breaking Dawn' is by far the best ever. Eventful, suspensful, and TOTALLY worth all of the frustrations from the previous three books. In my opinion, the ending was decent but a little anti-climatic for me. I constantly wondered how the series would end and I guess it didn't disappoint too much. But holy cow the first third of the book was my fave. No more details but you get my drift. Now when, oh when, will they make movies #3 and #4? Because I'm totally going to mark it in my new Blackberry calendar.

Also, it's summer now. No seriously, it got up into the 80s this weekend and I thought the natives were going to die from heat stroke. Oh wait, that was me on Saturday when I ran 10 miles in the sweltering sauna. I will not complain, not for one second, because I loved it. But now I remember why we ran at 8:00 last summer instead of 10:00. Whoops! Defnitely got my first sunburn of the season because I'm pretty sure my SPF 15 moisturizer dripped off my sweaty face in about 20 minutes. Note to self: invest in sweat-proof sunblock. And drag yourself out of bed earlier. Because it's official: marathon training program begins this week. Eek!

What else can I ramble about for your entertainment.....oh yes! Today would be categorized as a good day even though I had to work all day long and it was insanely busy and stressful. Why? Because one of my co-workers acted shocked when I told her I am 28 years old. She said, "No, you can't be. I thought you were about 24!" I nearly kissed her smack dab on the forehead. No joke. I think she was even being serious, you guys. I'm SO in that stage of life when being mistaken for a younger age rocks. Wow, I'm old:)

And finally, I am going to the famous Lake of the Ozarks this weekend for Lindsey's bachelorette party. This will be b.party #2 of the year and it's sure to be every bit wild as the Chicago version. I just hope there will be a few G-rated pictures to share with you, my lambs. And I'm going to be honest and say I'm getting way too old for back-to-back nights of partying so I'm a bit nervous. So nervous that I will likely leave the SLR at home [gasp!] and settle for the point-and-shoot. Boats, lakes, and expensive cameras [and probably even Blackberries] do not mix in my book....you feel me?

Feel free to enlighten me about my new baby crackberry. And share your thoughts on Dear Edward and Bella if you so desire. I might re-read those amazing chapters again, just for fun...


  1. oooh, so fun. I can't take the plunge and add the internet onto my plan. yet.

    twitter? yes. do it. it's fun. I can't believe you haven't already actually.

    I was just looking for weekend getaways and was considering lake of the ozarks...but then realized it might be like party central lake? and not relaxing couples getaway?

  2. Crackberry? I hope yours is better than mine! I have red pearl. I got it for free when the hubs and I got our phone plan together (cute, huh?). I thought it was the greatest thing EVER... until I got a load of R's new Google Phone. Love that thing. Mine seems so silly now... maybe the curve is better though... hope so!

    #4 was amazing!! I was hoping you'd stick it out to the end. I wasn't sure from some of your earlier posts!

    Twitter... no idea. I've yet to be swayed as to the point of the website. Let me know if you cave. :)

  3. make sure you add a sizable (several gigs) memory card and delete any programs that you aren't going to use. hope you enjoy it as much as i do!

    as for twitter, jump on the bandwagon. it provides some amusement when there's waiting to do.

  4. I'm totally jealous of the color, mine is just plain red.

    But I <3 my bberry, my husband thought they were silly and pointless, until he got one. I like to use it to listen to Pandora in the car...gotta love the unlimited data plans!

  5. I had a blackberry before my last upgrade, and now I miss it so. The ONLY thing I didn't like about it was the internet browser, but you can download "MiniOpera" and it will look just like a regular browser!

  6. I have an iPhone and I'm addicted. How did I ever survive without it? Really, I'm that much dependent on it.

  7. Enjoy your new phone!! I am so glad that you got the internet too! You will LOVE and abuse it! :)

  8. I have had a BB for a long time. Recently my husband broke his curve. Since it wasn't time to update for him and since he had to have a phone that could open his attachment from work I handed over my BB pearl and I went and got a cheapy phone. Um yeah that lasted all of about 3 days. He then felt so bad for me that he swiped the cheapy phone and returned it and got me a new BB pearl and I love it so!

    I like being able to drive and get directions with the snap of the fingers. I also love my facebook application!

    I do twitter and the mobile application I use on my phone is ubertwitter. From your phone go to www.ubertwitter.com and click download! Its tons of fun!

    If you need any help let me know the curve isn't that much different from my pearl.

  9. BD is the best IMO! I loved it! I am ready for the movie too! Though, i am oddly exicted about the next movie....

  10. Glad you liked Breaking Dawn. Those first few chapters are totally worth it!

    Sigh...everyone will think I'm a freak - I might be the only person who has zero interest in cool new phones. I hate getting a new one and always pick out least technologically advanced one. I'm still in the pre-camera phone phase :) But I promise you...I'm no Zach Morris!

    Glad you like your Blackberry..let me know how addicting it is. I might change my mind :)

  11. We have the exact same phone! I also have the pink one from Verizon.

  12. Ooooh, pretty phone!

    I am still so conflicted about #4. The beginning was great (like, whoa, loved it), the whole middle was lame and the end was too neatly wrapped up in a bow. But I still loved it and may or may not have read it more than once... Go read Midnight Sun on her website now. :)

    My run on Saturday ended with me in a puddle of sweat with a face the color of a tomato. I was one hot mess, I tell ya. But, I thought the same thing..."I need to get up earlier to do this. Duh!"

  13. I, too, have the "new every two" plan with Verizon. I loved this concept until I got my recent phone last August. I despise it, it doesn't work as well as my last one (which, by the way, I had for nearly 3 years because I loved it so much and ONLY got rid of it because it was gasping for air near the end). I have always stuck with a regular phone, but I am thinking my next one will be a blackberry as well. Like you, I feel old, so having a phone that's JUST a phone and not also a computer/calender/GPS/everything else in the world, makes me feel even OLDER. Like I'm not up with the times to have the phones that young people have. So yeah, I feel you on the BB. Unfortunately, my inner tightwad has to wait until August of 2010!!!! Dang.

  14. i have a blackberry and i'm addicted. my only advice would have been to never ever get the blackberry pearl. haha. i have the pearl and i'm dying for the curve-- my pearl messes up all the time and i know i'm not the only one. todd has the curve and loves it!

  15. Another CrackBerry owner here! I have the Pearl. I'm due for an upgrade in December, and think I will make the move to the Curve.

    I am jealous of your $15 data plan, though. What the heck--why am I paying $30/month?! My husband was just up for a phone renewal as well and passed on the BB because we couldn't swallow paying $60 extra a month for data plans. He's going to be pissed if I tell him we could've gotten it for $15/month!

  16. ahhhh I LOVE my Blackberry. Simply obsessed. The new every 2 is the best, love it!
    I haven't joined twitter but have been considering it...something else I'm sure I'll be addicted to!
    glad you like your new BB!

  17. Congrats on the new baby.
    I'm so 2000 and late.....My phone doesn't even have texting.

  18. I have the BB Pearl and I love it. I do not have an internet plan for mine though. While it would be nice, I refuse to be that connected all the time. Socially it would be ok, but I know I'd check my work email and end up doing work when I shouldn't be. The thing I love most is having my calendar right at my fingertips and I can sync it with my outlook at work.

    I twitter from it, but just as a text message. I recently learned that I can send pictures via twitpic or mobypic as an MMS message to an email address without a data plan. Very exciting. I'm enjoying Twitter even more now.

  19. Congrats on the new phone! I have a long way to go with technology as I just upgraded to one that takes pictures. Fancy! I am considering joining Twitter only because I found out you can follow without posting yourself. I could follow important things like cnn or npr or instyle magazine. But I'm afraid to be a slave to one more thing on the internet. Difficult decisions...Oh and I think filming of "Eclipse" starts really soon.

  20. take advantage quickly of all the great applications because it's bittersweet when you have had the phone for a while and finally take advantage of the apps. you're excited because life is now easier and more fun but you feel like and idiot because of how much easier life could have been. and be careful, the internet on blackberry's is addicting. I'm obsessed with facebook and have now become a FaceBerry-whore.

  21. I love my blackberry, yes you are going to become obsessed! ENJOY :)

  22. julia,
    yes she is lovely. i have the red model and it is hard to stay away.
    you will love twitter. ;) one more thing to help you stay connected.


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