I'm just so lazy that I can't even spell out the word M-I-S-C-E-L-L-A-N-E-O-U-S. You know it's bad when that becomes M.Monday. Next week it might just be 'MM'.

1. I didn't exactly make a formal announcement about my weekend plans, nor did I make an announcement that I'm back in one piece. But hey...I flew to St. Louis Thursday night, then drove to the Lake of the Ozarks Friday for the most outta control bachelorette party ever. Flew home Sunday and am seriously still recovering from the hilariousness. A few random smatterings of miscellany will suffice for this trip, as there were too many inside jokes and X-rated happenings to share with you publicly, dear internets.

2. A few things I can share: it was effing 100 degrees on Saturday, without including the humidity or heat index. Seriously? Great day to be on a boat ALL DAY LONG whilst drinking ourselves silly. Also, we are total meat heads. And we're old. That was the last b.party in sight for awhile now. Plus every single one of us on this trip was either married, engaged, or in a serious relationship. What losers!! How times change...

3. Okay, I lied. I will show you exactly 5 pictures of my 75 I took. I apologize for the hideous quality. It's really not that my point and shoot is THAT bad, but I was entirely preoccupied with partying to really pay attention to any settings on my camera. Whoops!

The whole crew Friday night. Don't even ask about her shoes....definite inside joke [a hilarious one, at that]:

The 3 of the Fab Five who were present. Did I mention that Hannah is pregnant. She is! More to come later. And since Kim is still living in freaking Korea.....it's just a trio right now, partying it up.

Click this one to make it larger. You get the full effect of before and after. Also, our boat was the freaking bomb. And Party Cove is probably the most frightening yet entertaining place on earth. I'll let you know when I get E.Coli from the disgusting water.

Ready for round three [after a long night Friday, all day on the boat Saturday, then showering up and ready to rip at the bar Saturday night]. The drumsticks are another inside joke. Pay no attention to the inflatable [dark] willie. This is a g-rated blog, remember?

And finally, the oldest man at Topsider: 'Doctor Bill.' Originally we thought he was the cutest thing known to mankind, with his impossibly short self. Then we discovered he was the world's biggest perv. Harmless, but pervy for sure.
More on facebook, if you happen to be my friend...

4. All of our husbands/boyfriends/fiances attended the groom's bachelor party up here in Milwaukee, while us ladies were chilling [no pun intended] down south. Nate was of course in his own little heaven with all of the boys on his home turf. I must say that our party seems to have been WAY more eventful. What can I say....my friends are just the most entertaining people alive. My how I miss them. But I do not miss the two-nighters anymore. I simply can't do it, you guys. Ick.

5. We are going to the Brewers game tomorrow [Tuesday] night. I might dry heave if I smell the beer. Such social butterflies we are these days!

6. Because we are also going to the fireworks at Summerfest on Friday [eeeeek! It's Summerfest time!], then The Fray concert on Saturday, and then next weekend I'm back to the STL for Lindsey's shower. After that we are off to KCMO for a wedding and a small trip to JCMO as well, to see my parents. I could go on with our hectic summer plans but really, what is there to complain about? Freaking awesome events coming up. I just hope I don't die of exhaustion.

7. Henry got a haircut and it's the cutest thing on the planet. Not at all like last time with the butcher-job.

8. Oooh, I just thought of a G-rated quote that I'd like to share from the bachelorette party. Some random dude who looked like Borat told me two things. One: "You remind me of an east coast girl." WTF? I mean, I definitely take that as a compliment but I'm pretty sure I'm a die-hard Midwesterner. Maybe he mistakes a hybrid Missouri/Wisconsin accent for a Boston one?

Then secondly: "You must date men who are subserviant to you." I informed him that I was married and flashed my rock. Then I added the funny little fact that my husband is quite the opposite of subserviant. He's the most stubborn person alive and I wish I could train him to get my way more often. Alas, I just have to put up with his non-subserviant ways. Woe is me. But isn't that a weird thing to tell a girl? Perhaps I was coming off as a wee bit strong willed. Hmmmm.....

9. I might take a little blogging hiatus for awhile. I just haven't been feeling it lately and with our insane summer schedule it might be difficult to keep it updated. We shall see. Hang in there with me, ladies. But don't be surprised if this post stays at the top for some time.

10. I'm so not into marathon training right now. Obviously, I think it has a little to do with my incredibly unhealthy weekend. Just so unmotivated.....17 more weeks. Ugh. Do I have it in me this time?

That's all I got right now. Perhaps I will go to bed at 9:15 tonight. Yes, that sounds delightful, doesn't it?


  1. lake + boat + cocktails + girlfriends = so much fun!

    I have mixed feelings about traveling so many weekends during the summer too - but mostly everything is so fun that it is hard to complain!

    ...and we are going to summerfest on fri and sat too! I can't wait.

  2. Now that looks like a fun weekend. I'll take a Saturday on a boat anytime!

    You have my curiosity piqued about these crazy Bachlorette party antics :)

    Not feeling blogging lately? - I totally feel ya!

  3. I'm totally there with the not blogging thing. It's just like when summer comes and you don't eat like a pig anymore. or something.....

    I've had the biggest running slump since moving. I tried to run in the heat last week and threw up all over Kirkwood... welcome me to the neighborhood ;)

  4. 1. Holy Hannah.
    2. You've grown up and you got your heat that you've been wanting.
    3. I'm glad your priorities were straight. (I hate pervy old men)
    4. I don't think I could handle a two nighter and I'm younger {yes, I'm jst taking this opportunity to say that I'm younger than you}.
    5. I hope even if you heave that you enjoy yourself.
    6. I'm envious.
    7. You're withholding cute images of Henry's cuteness?
    8. You are definitely a Mid-Westerner {could also be a come-on}.
    9. I'll miss you.
    10. Yes you have it in you.

  5. Looks like you guys had a rocking good time at the Lake. I haven't been down there yet this season.

    Thanks for your sweet comment. I'm on the mend and know in the end I will be ok and that there is something or someone better out there for me!!

  6. You take beautiful photos and was wondering what kind of camera you use? I just got a Canon Rebel XSi and any help would be appreciated because I know nothing!


  7. Mackenzie~I have the Xsi as well! Of course, none of these pics were taken with it, but the other ones were. Check out my 'faq' tab up top for lots of info about camera stuff. And welcome!


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