dogs, fruit, and me

We are back from our fabulous trip down south and I must say, something must be wrong with me. I just went through the pictures I took from our 5 day trip only to find a mere 50 pictures....and not a single one from the wedding last Saturday. Am I feeling alright, I must ask myself? Apparently I was not in my usual photographic mood. In fact, all I managed to capture are the following subjects: dogs, fruit, and myself. Hmmmm, I wonder if that symbolizes something really deep?

Well, anyway, here is Henry totally peeved at me because we are making him wear this 'Gentle Leader' when we go on walks. It's an extra collar that loops around his nose and the leash attaches underneath. When he tries to pull our arms out of our sockets in delightful excitement, his head pulls to the side and he HATES it. So much that he stops pulling. It's genius, if you ask me, and not cruel or gruesome. But don't believe this face, you guys...I promise it's not that bad:

gentle leader=death glares

Then little Lucie, my mother's pride and joy, agreed to a few snapshots as well. Note: she does not wear a gentle leader and she pulls my mom around like a toy doll. I love her spiky fur around her eyes, don't you?
lucie lou

Mom outdid herself cooking as usual and I got really into the fresh fruit she served. I figured it'd make for a nice 'bowl of cherries' shot:
life is just a bowl...

And this watermelon makes my mouth water right now.

I liked this moment Nate got of me and Henry, smooching:

Then....peeved again. That is just his signature look, I suppose.

Oh yeah, I did actually get to visit with my family! Mom, me, and Memaw....three generations. I think we are looking more and more alike these days, don't you?
3 generations
(Sorry Nate, Dad, and Michael...apparently no boys allowed in my photo journey this time.)

And lastly, Nate squeaked this shot by me so I decided to play around with editing. I've discovered that turning an image to black and white, then warming it up a tad is my new favorite thing to do.
yours truly
So yeah, sorry for the awful representation of our trip. I'll do better next time.

Also, I could SO get used to a three day work week. Wow. Tomorrow is Friday?

And Coldplay is Saturday. Eeek! I'm calling right now to ask about SLR cameras...cross your fingers!


  1. I swear your mother does not age! You all three look fabulous! Cute dress and cute b/w image.

  2. You look so much like your mom and grandma! You ladies are beautiful!

  3. i die a little every time i see henry. the cute factor is fatal! i love him!!!

    and i saw coldplay back in 2005-- amazing! can't wait to hear how you like it!

  4. You always look great in pics even if you post them as sweaty running pics. Love that last one especially.

    Glad you had a good weekend with the parents. Have fun this weekend!

  5. We use the gentle leaders as well (after an incident where I was actually dragged across pavement). Our older one hates it and usually has the same depressed look on his face. So funny!

  6. We got Riley a gentle leader last year and it is the best.thing.ever! When we were getting ready to depart, I worried about him pulling my mother over. At first, he would try to remove it with his paws (did Henry try that? I know how you love the dogs using paws as hands thing...). But then he got used to it and started doing his normal acrobatics when we pulled it out. Funny story though... Mark's mom was walking Riley with the gl and her batty neighbor told her that it was "animal cruelty" and she was going to call the humane society on her. :)

  7. Adorable pictures. I love the editing on the last one! And it must be in the air, not taking pictures on trips, because I am also in the same boat :( better luck next time

  8. your mom's dog is super cute! is that a lhasa apso??

  9. Lucie is a Havanese, actually....just a little ball of energy::)

  10. Looks like a fabulous trip, I can't wait to hear about coldplay!

  11. Me likey the watermelon shot. The b/w is awesome.
    Henry is such a drama king.
    (Did I mention I'm taking photography classes?)

  12. love your site...that pic of the three generations reminds me I need to get a picture like come from some pretty ladies...

    thanks for the blog love...and love the new TV...jason is always geting lost on that aisle at costco :)



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