Fourth Burfday

Hello readers,

It is I, Henry. Today is my fourth birthday. Please take a moment to jot the date on your calendar for next year. I'll wait.

My mother made me pose for an obscene number of pictures today with that stupid hat she makes me wear every year. I was less than thrilled.








But then she regained her title as best mom in the world and decided to skip the healthy, gourmet treats from the local pet store. Instead, she went for the gold with a peanut butter plate of goodness. I thought I died and went to doggy heaven, no joke.

Mom and Dad keep saying things like, 'We can't believe you are getting so old' and apparently, I'm exactly the same age as my parents when you take into account dog years (four years old, times seven is twenty-eight....same as the folks). My crazy Mom got a little teary and said, 'Oh great, now you will always be older than us. Stop getting old, Henry!' and gave me a big hug.

I guess I'll put up with their antics for another year. As long as there is more peanut butter involved, of course...


  1. CUTE! Oh gosh- that makes me miss my dog!! He's turning 9 in November... imagine that! (That's way too many when you multiply by 7).

  2. Happy 4th Birthday, Henry!:)

  3. Happy Birthday Henry. And Happy Bday to yall too. Yall are very good puppy parents!!!

  4. happy birthday henry! you look so handsome with your burfday hat!

  5. Happy Birthday Henry! No matter how old you are, you'll always be your parent's baby :)

  6. I remember thinking that at four, my sweet furkids were getting too they're 10. :(
    Henry has oodles of happy, peanut butter lip smackin' years ahead of him!

  7. Happy Birthday to the best Grand Dog ever! Love Grandma Pammy

  8. Happy Birthday Henry! You look so handsome in your birthday hat!!

  9. Happy Birthday, Henry!! May you have many peanut butter filled celebrations.

  10. Sorry Henry, gotta side with your parents on that adorable hat. :-) Happy 4th birthday!

  11. Oh Henry, surely you can put up with the hat for a few minutes every year-look at how happy your mom looks seeing you in your birthday hat! I hope you enjoyed your peanut butter- and photo shoot-filled 4th birthday!

  12. Happy Birthday, Henry! Hope it was a good one!

  13. This post cracked me up! It looks like Henry had a great birthday! :-)

  14. happy birthday henry! this is charlie. my mom makes me pose for crazy pictures too, and she says tomorrow that i have to wear a lion costume all day. sigh - MOMS!


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