With clothes on, plus Chicago!

As per your request, dear readers, here are two pictures of my belly with shirt down (that makes it sound like I run around lifting my shirt for every picture like a hoochie mama, doesn't it?)

So this is me, at 17.5 weeks, in my work clothes. This is what I look like when I get the majority of my 'OMG you aren't showing, when are you going to look pregnant?' comments.
17.5 weeks work clothes
And really, with a loose shirt you really CAN'T tell that much, right?

But here is me in my lounge wear and when Nate looked through the camera view-finder for this one, he literally said, 'Holy cow.' Yes, literally.
17.5 weeks lounge wear
Maybe if I start wearing really tight tops to work everyone will get off my back?

And in other news, this weekend is the Chicago Marathon! If you do recall, both Nate and I were training for this bad boy all summer long until my pending motherhood forced me to step aside for Nate to shine solo on this one. Allow me to collect my thoughts for a second...

One year ago, I completed the Lakefront Marathon without my husband although we both trained together for that one, too. He injured his ankle on our longest training run at 22 miles and basically did not have enough time to devote to running in the midst of his most difficult semester in grad school. And so, what was supposed to be OUR first full marathon became MY first full marathon. Nate was the most amazing supporter ever (aside from my other fans who stuck it out in the cold weather--my in-laws and parents!). He didn't whine about feeling sorry for himself because he couldn't do the race. He simply yelled for me on the sidelines and then ran the last 5 miles with me constantly saying things like, 'You are doing so awesome, baby. I'm so proud of you. You look great and are kicking major A.' Even though I didn't believe him and was a raging witch while he coaxed me through he was my lifesaver. I know, without a shadow of doubt, that my time would have been significantly slower if it were not for my biggest fan. I'm sure I would have finished but I might have had a mental breakdown and...heaven forbid...I might not have beaten Oprah's time without Nate.

So fast forward to this year: we signed up for Chicago in March after I pushed for it, saying that I really wanted to do Chicago and beat my time. Nate decided to saddle up and pray for no injuries this time around and so we began our training together. But of course, when I got knocked up and later could not run at a decent pace to save my life, I had to be smart...just like Nate had to do last year when he was hurt...and bow out. This means that Nate will get to run in his first full marathon without me, just like I did last year. We will be on an even playing field with one and one for fulls:)

But part of me SO wishes I could at least run the last 5 with him. I just know that if I did, I wouldn't help speed him up at all. And if I felt awful, with my thick pregnant blood, I wouldn't want him to worry about me and lose focus on his race. I just don't think I will be helpful, like he was for me. So most likely, I will just cheer him on with all of my might (and baby will be cheering for his Daddy, too) and know that maybe someday we'll actually cross the finish line at Chicago together. Sure we've done two halves together but it's just not the same.

I am so proud of Nate already, you guys. He has kicked major training butt lately and even on the long 22 mile run, he stayed healthy. Training by yourself totally sucks sometimes but he stuck it out. And when I think about seeing him at different points during the race, it makes me a little emotional already. All of his hard work is truly going to pay off this time and the feeling he will experience at the finish line, 26.2 miles behind him, will definitely be indescribable. I know that feeling and how amazing it is. And I cannot wait for him to get his moment in the spotlight.

He's totally going to represent our family like the stud he is....and I betcha a hundred bucks he beats my time from last year. Secretly, I think that might be his goal even though he says he just wants to finish. :)

Here's to Nate, kicking butt in the frigid cold Chicago weather on Sunday morning! I plan on being a psycho photographer wife all day long, don't worry:)


  1. You look great!

    Good luck to Nate! I can't wait to hear all about his race!

  2. Good luck to Nate! I'm doing the Baltimore half-marathon next week, and am glad it won't be nearly as cold here!

    PS - You look great!

  3. I don't know if you'll consider this a positive or not, but I think the bump sticks out further than your boobs in the lounge wear shot.

    And good luck to Nate!! I can't wait to head all about it.

  4. fantastic bump! i love your hair. :)

    good luck to nate!

  5. I'm new to your blog! Love it!

  6. you're just precious! and tell those people to watch out-- that bump will pop out one day and just grow and grow. i have a feeling that you're going to be the cutest pregnant gal i've ever seen!

    can we have play dates when baby arrives? e-play dates then? :)

    and go nate go!!!

  7. Yay for Nate! Good luck! I am sure he will be great. Reading about his 22 mile run the other day makes me feel like such a wimp for complaining about this 5K training. It really is amazing that you each did the end of the training alone. I honestly wouldn't be able to do this without Mike!

  8. I want to run a half or full marathon at some point. Just because no one believes that i can do it. Good luck to both of you! !!

  9. Whoo hoo! Have so much fun in Chicago this weekend, and best of luck to that stud husband of yours!!

  10. Yay, best of luck to Nate on Sunday!! Have fun in Chicago, can't wait to hear about it!!

  11. You are def looking preggo!! You look great!

    Wish Nate luck on the marathon. I live in Chicago and I hear it's going to be cold on Sunday.

  12. You could make a cute sign to cheer him on that says something like, "Run Daddy Run!". :)

    Good luck to Nate!!


  13. Yep - Kristal is right. Your bump is definitely bigger than your boobs. I'd say that some serious progress :)

    And best of luck to Nate! I have some friends running it to and I'm hoping for good weather for all of the runners. Let us know how he does!

  14. I love your hair cut in your belly pics! Super cute! And i think you got the right rug...it looks GORGEOUS in your nursery!

  15. P.S. - My pastor is running the Chicago marathon and is trying to qualify for the Boston marathon. So if you happen to see this guy:


    Be sure to cheer him on for me!!

  16. Kristal~I'll look for him in the midst of 45,000 other runners! :)

    And yes, the bump is protruding more than the ta-tas. But let's remember, that IS my smallest confining bra. If I broke out my big boy B cup that I can now fill out it might be different? :)

    Thanks ladies. Nate is appreciative of your good luck vibes.

  17. You do look preggers... but you just have to remember that you're still smaller than something like 93% of Americans.. so just ignore the haters who say you aren't showing :)

    AND... GOOD LUCK NATE!!! I can't believe it's already here... MCM is in TWO WEEKS!!

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  19. Good luck to Nate! And yes, you definitely look like you are preggers now.

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