Bedrest, it is

Welp, she pulled the plug on the whole working thing. I'm officially starting my maternity leave early and on 'modified bedrest' at home. The good news is that she will NOT let me go past my due date no matter what so we are talking a little over 2 weeks max that I have to wait to see my baby boy. And if I cut out 2 weeks of my full 12 weeks leave at work then so be it, I'm mentally and physically done working anyway. I hate thinking about missing time with 'Los after he's here but there's not much I can do about it now, and we'll just have to cross that bridge when we come to it, you know?

Basically, my pressures have been a little higher this whole week. Plus, I've gained 5 pounds in 3 days which is obviously NOT good and a sign of retaining fluids or swelling, which could mean the start of pre-eclampsia. I admitted to my OB that I've had a slight headache since yesterday, that my rings don't fit anymore, and my ankles are a little swollen. Combine all of that with my higher BP numbers and my doc didn't hesitate to say, 'You are done with work now.' Okay then!

She's having me do the dreaded Pre-E labs again for the fourth time but really, peeing in the jug for 24 hours at home is going to be so much better than lugging it around at work. I go back to her on Monday and we'll see if my cervix is favorable and using that as a factor with my labs, my BP, the non-stress test, and how I'm feeling might give us a better game plan. Ugh, I'm just so ready to be done with this stuff you guys. Such an emotional roller coaster!

Part of me just wants her to induce me next week to meet my mister man, end this chaos, and to avoid cutting into too much of my leave before he's here. But the other BIGGER part of me knows it's best to wait it out and see if little 'Los wants to come out early on his own before getting induced. It's really not in my hands anyway so there's no point in worrying about it now, but I really want to avoid a C-section. I think that is my bottom line and the only 'birth plan' I'll be hanging onto at this point. And you better believe I'll be trying some of those 'natural induction' ideas out there to jump start my cervix into doing SOMETHING by Monday. That is my best shot at avoiding a C if I am induced so bring on the pineapple, spices, and some marital relations:)

But enough about that, I was thinking one night as I couldn't fall back to sleep YET AGAIN and realized that these are my last few days of pregnancy. Even though it's been a whirlwind over the past 3 weeks and a little stressful, I have still loved every second of this ride. I'm sad to move away from pregnancy yet incredibly excited to meet my little guy. Lots of mixed emotions to sort through and luckily I'll have plenty of time on the couch to do so:)

I wanted to make a list reminding myself of why I'll both miss pregnancy and be happy when it's over. Perhaps some other people out there can relate:

What I will miss dearly about being pregnant:

-feeling baby boy move inside my belly. There is nothing like it in the world.

-that special honor I have as his incubator. Little talks we have to each other without words. Protecting him from the cruel real world.

-sheer anticipation: excitement, nerves, not really knowing WHAT to expect but having lots of happy thoughts about the future. I realize I'm totally naive no matter how many books I read and I'll never get this time back before I have a baby in my life.

-watching my body morph into a baby making factory, being amazed that it knows how to grow this little guy. And I really do like my pregnant belly.

-big ol' boobies! Holla!

-getting a little extra concern from co-workers and patients, the 'mother hen' mentality from people watching out for this very pregnant lady

-smiles from strangers, questions about when I'm due. Everyone loves a pregnant belly, right?

-eating without worrying about calories. Hey, it's for the baby, you know.

What I am looking forward to after pregnancy:

(besides the obvious of having baby boy in my arms, being a mommy, and embarking on a new journey of parenthood with Nate. Let's talk a little more superficially here)

-RUNNING AGAIN. Double digit mileage, the feeling of accomplishment after a long run, and sore leg muscles. Seriously, cannot wait.

-Walking normally again. Less waddle, more glide:)

-Not feeling fat when I look in the mirror, hopefully fitting back into those pre-pregnancy clothes I took for granted before.

-One word: wine!

-Sleeping on my stomach again. Oh, and my back. Basically, finding a comfortable sleep position will be nice. Plus, rolling over in bed without yearning for a fork lift will be REALLY sweet.

-Real coffee, the caffeinated kind. Enough to make me all happy and jittery:)

-Being able to hug my husband without my belly getting in the way.

-the luxury of putting on my shoes without grunting like an ape, or picking something up from the ground without doing a little jig to get down that low.

And with that update, I'll leave you on this note: big brother Henry is totally freaking out lately. He knows something is going on and he does not like it one bit. Please note his face in this maternity picture and try not to laugh at his pathetic-ness:

Sorry for not updating more and making some of you think I'm in labor! I really hope to be one of those bloggers who can post a little something when I'm headed to the hospital...although I can't promise anything, that is a goal of mine. But for now, I'm going to cozy up to the couch and get acquainted with a few of my Felicity DVDs. It's been too long!


  1. Hang in there momma! Even 10 weeks is a long time to have for maternity leave- I don't get any so I'll be lucky if I can save up enough to take 8! Thinking of you :)

  2. Well, I think you deserve a much-needed rest before 'Los arrives. I will be on pins and needles to see whether he creates his own birthday or gets one picked on his behalf. Either way, it will be the most AMAZING and EMOTIONAL day of your life. I would tell you to get ready but there is really no way to get ready for this!

  3. I'm sorry about the bedrest! But, it'll be so nice to have that extra alone time to just take in these last few days and mentally prepare yourself. I hope you get to meet little man soon!

  4. I am sorry! I know that's not how you wanted things to go, but maybe its good that you'll get a little rest and time to yourself before he arrives. And Henry is cracking me up...he is in for such a shock!

  5. Enjoy some rest! 10 weeks is still great!

  6. Awww - I will have my fingers crossed that little man is cooperative and wants to come out before you have to be induced!

  7. Take care of yourself and little 'Los right now. by the way, I love the new header, especially as it pays homage to that sweet nursery you created for your son. There are so many people praying and pulling for you and your blossoming family!

  8. I totally agree with your "what will I miss, what do I miss" - especially wine and sleeping on stomach!

    I was on bed rest for 7 weeks with Mr. T. My number one advice...if you can, make your bed every day and lay on top of the comforter (with another blanket). That way you are just ON the bed and not IN bed all day. Definitely made a difference for me ;)

  9. I'm sorry to hear about the bedrest, but you sound like you've got the right mentality about it. Like you said, there's nothing you can do, so make the best of it!

    Love your list of what you'll miss and what you're looking forward to. Oh, and since you are BF'ing, you can take the not worrying about what you eat off your things you'll miss list. Cause you can totally still eat what you want while you BF, as long as is doesn't give 'Los a belly ache. ;)

  10. Enjoy these last few days!!!!! Not long to go now YAY :) Sorry to hear about the bed rest though....

  11. hang in there!!! insomnia was the worst.

  12. I have been reading about your journey since you first blogged that you were pregnant and I must say that this blog has been one of my favorite blogs as a result of your beautiful insight and thoughtful analysis. I am so excited for you and your husband and your puppy to finally get this bundle of joy in your life and anxiously click on your blog every time it shows that you have updated in hopes that you will tell us the good news. Can't wait! Sending positive thoughts your way.

    In the meantime...

    List of reality TV shows you should be watching while on bedrest:

    1. Kell on Earth
    2. Keeping Up With the Kardashians
    3. Real Housewives (NY Marathon was on today)
    4. The Bachelor
    5. And if you REALLY want to you can watch old school The Hills. They run two episodes a day.

    Because seriously...when are you ever going to have the excuse of "I was on bedrest and there was nothing else on TV!" again!


  13. I am thoroughly enjoying my delicious glass of wine as I read your post. ;) No, but seriously, little 'Los will be here before you know it! Spend this last little bit of time relaxing, and get excited (Ha! As if you aren't already!)!

    Your list of things you'll miss makes me really excited to get pregnant--I cannot wait to feel a little baby moving around inside me!

  14. Hang in there, you are almost done baking little C!

  15. Hi Julia, I've been following your blog for awhile, but never commented. Good luck with the following two weeks. I wouldn't be able to stand the wait! Can't wait to see all of the babe's pictures!! You're going to be such a great mom! :)

  16. I love that you're already appreciating and "missing" the things you love about being pregnant. For some reason my favorite thing was driving home in the car at night, just me and the baby. I loved feeling her move around. Oh, except for when she stretched out her leg and I could actually see her foot sticking out :D. Keep on enjoying this time!

  17. Darn bed rest! well I'm glad you're staying positive. I think it's for the best. Maybe you can get caught up on some much needed rest, find a few craft projects to keep you entertained, make some meals for you and hubby before baby C is born. Just a few ideas!

  18. Henry's FACE!!! He looks so grumpy! That's too funny.

    I guess modified bed rest is better than strict bed rest, right? And having a guaranteed delivery date within 2 weeks means you'll still get a very long (for the US, at least) maternity leave. They only give 6 weeks at both the places I've worked. And I'm sure you'll think up dozens of projects you can do from the couch/bed to keep yourself busy. :)

    I miss Felicity -- I used to watch it when I was in college, and I loved seeing her adventures in NY! Maybe I should rejoin Netflix and get some DVDs.

    Hang in there! Thanks for the update!

  19. Oh! Hang in there. Fortunately, you've had a healthy pregnancy thus far--it could be much worse. Enjoy these last few days as much as you can. I'm sure Carlos will be here soon!

  20. Sorry, I just couldn't help it...I took one look at Henry's pitiful face and I absolutely CRACKED up!!! Poor boy!

    Enjoy your sofa time! Think of it as "energy conservation" before your big J-O-B!

  21. Hang in there Julia! Try to enjoy some crummy daytime television (and have lots of cuddles with Henry). Thinking of you...

  22. The picture is too cute! Thank you for sharing this wonderful journey...your writing is beautiful!

    Take care!

  23. I'm sorry about the bedrest...hopefully you can keep busy with a (low intensity) project and keep you're eye on the prize.

    And there is nothing like keeping a baby move inside you, but holding that baby and everything else to come, is one million times better than anything else in the world. :) (I know you'll know that, I'm just trying to keep the light at the end of the tunnel on!)

  24. I love your forklift comment as I can totally relate! :)

    I think the bedrest came at the perfect time and my heart I don't believe you'll make it to your due date. So you'll have plenty of time with 'Los and all will be wonderful :)

  25. Keep your head up! You've had such a great attitude the whole time I know this bedrest will be nothing. I can't wait to "meet" little Carlos! TWO WEEKS!!

  26. Sorry to hear you are on bedrest.

    I love the lists of things you like and are excited for when Carlos gets here. Sleeping on my tummy is number one on my list right now, followed closely by wine :)

    I hope everything goes well!

  27. Felicity DVD's are the best! I spent last summer watching the entire season (for the second time). It is my all time favorite show ever.

    I've been meaning to write a comment ever since you started to mention Pre-E. My sister had Pre-E with both of her pregnancies. With her first, her doctors didn't pay attention to the signs and she had a scary delivery. She delivered 3 weeks early. Her second pregnancy was worse and she gave birth 7 weeks early. But her daughters are absolutely perfect in every single way. Thriving, amazing girls. And my sister is doing well and bounced back so fast!

    This is the best thing for YOU and the babe! Keep remembering that. I can't wait to hear an update!!


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