Thirty-Four Weeks

6 more weeks, yo. This is no joke because I'm quite pregnant these days:

I've definitely noticed a difference in my tummy lately and thought it would be fun to do some comparison shots. For instance, the shirt I wore for my 24 week pic is the same one I'm wearing for my 34 week shot. I remember this shirt being pretty roomy, a little ridiculous for such a tiny tummy at 6 months. Well now? Take a peek:
Yeah, it's bulging away from my hips alright. :)

I feel like the top of my belly is rounding out a lot more, giving me that 'basketball belly' appearance that so many predicted I'd have during this pregnancy. In just the past 3 weeks look at how baby Carlos has plumped me up. And yes, that is my semi-outie belly button you see there, too:)

And just because we are headed to the home stretch, let's look at the "4's" for fun, shall we? This is insane. Also, there will not be a 44 week shot no matter what, so this is all we have for the weeks ending in 4.
Enough fun comparisons for you? Good. I never cease to be entertained by the changes my body is making on a daily basis and I must say I'm still loving pregnancy in general. Sure, it's a little harder for me to roll over in bed, and sometimes I can't fall back asleep after I get up to pee in the middle of the night. It's difficult to tie my shoes and if I drop something on the ground I spend a few seconds considering the possibility of just leaving the object there for awhile or perhaps using my monkey toes to pick it up instead of actually bending over. But overall, I'm still a happy pregnant lady. And yes, I know the last 6 weeks might be a little rougher for me but I'm thinking positive thoughts for the time being.

Well, mostly positive thoughts. It seems like in the past week I've let some of my first trimester anxiety creep back into my head. Instead of constantly worrying about losing the pregnancy, now I find myself fretting about the actual delivery process. Will he be positioned in the right way? Will his cord do unruly things and cause major issues? Am I going to be one of those women who needs an emergency C-section due to complications and unforseen events? What if I go into pre-term labor....will baby boy be okay? I mean, can one person really be THIS lucky (or blessed, however you want to look at it) and have an enjoyable pregnancy AND an easy birth? It's taking some mental will power to stay positive and relinquish control to the Big Guy Upstairs yet again....which is what I constantly had to remind myself to do in the beginning stages of this pregnancy, too. I guess I'm just excited to meet mister man and obviously hoping that all goes well from here on out...and I bet that is pretty normal, right?

This week was a fun one because my Mom came for her last pre-baby visit and just left today. We did projects, of course, the main one being our fabric banner nursery project. Did you know that I am obsessed with prints and bright colors?

Picking out 25 fabrics at the quilting store is basically my idea of heaven right now. Henry is very pleased with our choices, as you can see:)


We busted out the sewing machine and both of us expected this project to be relatively easy, and although it wasn't hard it definitely took much longer than we anticipated. But we still managed to enjoy the project and have a little fun with Hank-ster:)

I'll show more 'final nursery reveal' pictures eventually but here is a sneak peak:
I love the end result because it pulls together the whole room and adds a 'cheerfulness' factor, if you ask me. Baby boy's room is almost totally finished but I'm sure I'll create new projects for myself out of boredom. Would you expect anything less?

So I have my 34 week appointment tomorrow, then my next appointment at 36 weeks is when internal exams start along with weekly appointments (I think...not exactly sure). It's hard to wrap my head around the idea that after next appointment I could go into labor and they wouldn't do anything to stop it. It's also hard to believe that it's February and therefore I AM HAVING A BABY NEXT MONTH! OMG, right?

Little blueberry Carlos is really excited to see the world from the outside. I can just tell. And I cannot freaking wait to see his cute face but at the same time, I'm trying to be present in this moment. I have a feeling I'm going to miss being pregnant and I only have 6 more weeks or so. Does anyone else but me find that to be insane??


  1. Hi! I don't comment often but I do follow! I wanted to say how excited I am for you! You look beautiful (I'm totally jealous that you don't have stretch marks!) and I can't wait to continue reading about your journey!

  2. You are absolutely adorable! And no, it's not insane that you think you'll miss pregnancy after it's over. I mean, you'll be so so glad to have carlos here and hold him but you just miss it. I had a pretty painful pregnancy and I still missed my belly when it was gone! That was unexpected.

    It's hard not to worry about all the what ifs of labor. So so hard. I find that you have to let go and let God and that's what I'm planning on this time. I finally (a year and a half later) just posted my birth story on my blog. Reading through it reminded me that we are most definitely not in control. Like you said, relying on the "big guy upstairs" is sometimes the best option when it comes to anxiety.

    Love the banner!

  3. Julia, I love how the banner turned out! What a cute idea and how fun to do another project with your mom! Can't wait to see how the last 6 weeks go. Hang in there and remember be in the moment and know God is faithful.

  4. Oooh, I definitely see the round little basketball belly now. :) I don't think you're crazy about saying you'll miss pregnancy--I'm super looking forward to it, and even though you'll have baby Carlos at the end, I can see why some women are sad to see it end.

    The banners look great!

  5. Your belly is getting so big! How exciting!! Love how the nursery is coming along! :)

  6. Oh my gosh, girl. I cannot wrap my head around the fact that you are ALMOST there!! I feel like it was just yesterday you told Erin and I your big news at Trocadero. Time flies! I'm so excited for you!

    Your belly is going to be perfect for the photo session :) Great timing!

    The banner turned out adorable. How much fun you get the liberty to choose from so many fun fabrics. I've limited myself to blues, browns and tans and today at the fabric store with my MIL, I couldn't help but drool over all the cute options. I really can't wait to see the nursery in person :)

  7. How cute! I love the wall color too!

  8. i just absolutely love being on this journey with you. it's been so fun from the beginning (being one of the people who spotted that magazine) all the way until baby carlos is born! what a cool story! thanks for sharing your life with us!

  9. I can't believe how much you've grown in the past couple of weeks. Carlos is really taking off on you.

    Do you think your doc will estimate the weight at all? I would be really curious.

    I also can't believe that you're almost done! Don't stress about labor -- whatever it is, it is. You just roll with it -- for instance, a girl that I work with was due Feb 12th and had her baby the 23rd -- she walked around work in labor all day and had her little guy early the next morning!

  10. Ah yes, the pregnancy magazine...seems so long ago now, doesn't it? :)

    Angie~I might ask her to guess weight tomorrow. Can they really do that without an ultrasound, though? I'm curious, too!

    And I never really addressed it, but it's great to see lots of new commenters out there. I'd love to peruse all of your blogs if I had time...maybe slowly but surely I can visit you all. :)

  11. Don't usually comment either, but had to on this post : ) You're totally not insane for thinking you might miss being pregnant. I have the most awesome 9 month baby boy ever, (well, I'm a little biased I guess) and I totally miss being pregnant. I don't really want two babies right now, (got my hands full with one busy crawling boy thank you) but I would love to feel those sweet little baby kicks again in my belly. But the baby hugs are pretty darn sweet too : ) Congratulations!!

  12. I was curious what your fabric store of choice I, I also live on the west side of Milwaukee. (I heart Juniper 61 too)

  13. Kelly~We love Patched Works in Elm Grove. Obsessed with that place!

  14. The nursery looks really good and I love the different pops of color. I also really like the fabric for the banner, in particular the owls!!

  15. 34 weeks already? Really? You look fabulous as a pregnant lady. And the room looks expected :)

  16. wow! what a difference just a few weeks make!! I guess you had to take some of your decorations down w/ Baby's name?? did Pam try to sneak around for some clues!?!? haha. . .

    p.s love the nursery!! it looks awesome :)
    p.p.s i haven't commented on this thing in forever
    p.p.s.s in laymens!

  17. I think they must be able to gauge weight - my BFF knew about how large hers was going to be. If he got any bigger they were going to take him out early.

  18. Wow, I can't believe you're 34 weeks already! It seems like just yesterday I was reading the "Hidden Baby Chronicles." Good luck these last few weeks of your pregnancy!

  19. Hi! I follow your blog often and I just have to say your nursery has such a creative flow - I love the colors and artwork! You've truly personalized this room and it's been fun to watch the progression.

    I saw there was a 'Show Off Your Nursery' contest on Pear Tree Greetings website, and I thought of your nursery right away. At least worth checking out with the gift card prizes available.

    Best of luck in your final stretch of pregnancy!


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