Bow Tie Baby Shower

I've attended and planned plenty of baby showers in my days and I am kind of obsessed with the whole concept of a baby shower. Especially for a first baby, it's just so exciting to think about the massive CHANGE a baby will bring for the soon-to-be mommy. I think back about the end of my pregnancy with Truman and smile because life was on the cusp of changing in the most enormous way, and in the best way imaginable. Something about preparing a friend to become a mom makes my heart happy. Also, I love craft projects so showers are right up my alley.

My friend Kim is the last of my St. Louis friends group to have a baby. She is the one who runs Dino Bebe USA, so obviously she is a hip fashionista more than I will ever be. When she and her husband found out they were having a boy, us St. Louis veteran moms knew we had to throw her a shower for this dapper little dude sure to be the best dressed in the midwest;) The theme of 'bow ties' came to mind after we all searched on Pinterest a bit and the party fell into place after that.

Hannah hosted the shower at her house and she pulled out all of the stops with her sewing machine (makes me want to finally take the plunge!), she taught me how to make the most amazing royal icing cookies (and I'm going to try and teach my Milwaukee friends soon), and everyone else chipped in with food, and decor. I was in charge of a low-key 'game' and making a little album to hold cards that guests filled out, placing their guess for baby's birthday and giving Kim well-wishes. It all turned out SO cute that I just have to share this baby shower with you.

Decorating the cookies using the technique on Annie's Eats:

The most adorable baby boy onesies in the history of ever. Hannah sewed these. Yes, I'm being serious. And no, she doesn't have an Etsy shop but she should!!

My measly, travel-friendly contributions:)

The table set ups were my favorite. Love these spring colors and how it all came together.

Oh, HI Cecelia! And food. And more of the tables.

If there was any doubt, Kim is the most adorable pregnant lady ever. Seriously. It's too much.


Well, she is pretty cute, too---for a baby;)



It was seriously so much fun and I was in shock with weather in the 70s. Cecelia and I almost melted. Poor baby in her sweater dress;)

Other pictures from our St. Louis portion of the trip, heavily revolving around Cecelia and Hannah's two adorable girls. Girls everywhere in STL!!





Cecelia's hand on her hip here is cracking me up.

What a trip. I love babies! I love baby showers! I love crafts! And now that this event is over I can really get going on Cecelia's first birthday projects. Love.


  1. LOVE this theme idea and might have to steal it for an upcoming shower :) Also, love your shirt/tunic/dress (???) that you wore--where's it from?

    Your friend really should start an etsy shop--I'd buy!

    And can I just say Cecilia looks so much like Truman in the group shot of you ladies?

    Okay, done with my random comments!

    1. Natalie--thanks! The top is about 5 years old and I got it from a local boutique back in the day.

  2. This is seriously the cutest baby shower theme ever. LOVE!!!

  3. Umm wow! Such a cute shower! This makes me want to have a baby boy!

  4. This is such an awesome party theme. Every detail is just perfect. I love the little cookies and those onesies? I die. My Henry man needs one, stat.

  5. Oh my gosh, what a FABULOUS shower! You girls did an incredible job. Adore the cookies and onesies and that gorgeous table! And your sweet book, of course. So fun!! Very exciting for Kim - yay for babies. :)

  6. Such a cute theme, decorations, and COOKIES! Yum!

  7. Love the bow tie idea! So cute for a baby boy and your friend is darling. Look at Cecilia too... she's so cute!

  8. What an adorable shower! Love the theme and the colors. Those little sweater vest onesies are to die for. So stinking creative! Did your friend Hannah go to Mizzou? She looks so familiar.

  9. Can you tell me which size bow tie cookie cutter you used? They come in 4, 5, and 6 inch. Thanks!


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