Things I've Been Meaning to Blog

aka 'Miscellany'

-Did I forget to tell you that my iPhone 4 catapulted out of my sweater pocket one night, directly into the toilet? I screamed, grabbed my baby phone from that putrid water, and ran to the kitchen to find rice. Since Nate likes to pretend he is in charge of the kitchen, I did not know where he hid the rice. Yelling to him frantically only made him chuckle, which in turn made me dangerously angry. First my beloved phone might have just committed suicide, and now my husband thinks it's funny? Well, we did find the rice. And everything seemed totally fine with my phone. Until I realized that the speaker didn't work for videos I would take of the kids, and Nate couldn't hear us talking when we put him on speaker phone during calls. Not cool. And so? I got an iPhone 5 and it's glorious. Siri is my new best friend. And I'm in love with the camera, of course. Somewhat shocked that Nate didn't upgrade at the same time, since we were both due for a two year contract. But I guess he is holding out for the next model or something--and in the meantime he loves giving me hell about dropping my phone in the toilet. I'm so glad I can entertain him daily.


-I don't even want to post about this, fearing the blog gods will seek their revenge on me with a curse. But Cecelia has slept through the night TWICE this week. Pretty sure that has never happened in the history of her short life. She was averaging a stellar night once every 3-4 weeks and now she has me foaming at the mouth for more of this lovely thing called sleep. We've done nothing different so I have no clue what 'worked'---probably just time. And let's get real: it's not like the sleep woes are over or anything, but maybe we are finally on the road to REAL rest? Please keep it up, darling. Sleep is the most amazing gift in the entire world.


-In a similar vein, Cecelia is still nursing like a champ. In fact, she is nursing for longer sessions and more frequently than she has in many weeks. She seems happy, satisfied, and I can tell she is actually gulping down milk for most of the time she is latched so I'm trying my hardest not to worry about the pump. Which, I've decided to only torture myself with pumping once during a work day now instead of the three times I was doing previously. It makes my work day about a hundred times easier to just pump around lunch time and not deal with it first and last thing of the day on top of that. At first I was getting about six ounces in that one session and now I'm down to about four ounces, but whatever. I have started to add an ounce or two of whole milk to her breastmilk bottles at daycare and I will just use a frozen bag to cover the second bottle she gets there. When we are together she nurses great. When we are apart my pump just doesn't seem to be as effective anymore. And I'm going into this long weekend of travel feeling like she will nurse just fine. Hopefully ;) Very happy that I only work three days per week this time around, so bottles are needed less often than we can nurse.


-I was going to do a whole Easter post but then I didn't really feel like it. So here are a few pictures instead. Easter happened and it was awesome. The End.











-Half marathon training is coming right along and we are up to 8 miles as our longest. I've been feeling pretty good during each run, but I will admit that I just feel OLD this time around. I turn 32 in a few weeks, folks. This is no joke anymore. But I still love running and therefore being guilt-free when I eat enough to fill a 400 pound man. Seriously, my appetite is ridiculous. And I'm not complaining.

(Me, pounding coffee before our 8 mile run. Because I had a decent amount of wine the night before and I'm almost 32 years old, so I'm feeling it here).

-I started packing for our Missouri trip already. CC and I fly out on Friday night and I'm already picking outfits and putting them in a pile because packing seems to make me more anxious each time I do it. Also, apparently it's actually spring-like in Missouri (in the 70's?!) and it's a balmy 36 degrees here as I type this. How do I even dress us for warmth? I do not know. But also, I hope I can handle my child alone in the airport and on the plane. Other than that minor detail I'm really excited!

(a day when it was above 40 degrees for a change)

-Brandy Old Fashioneds are the best drink ever. I did not know about them until recently and now I'm hooked. It's a classic Wisconsin drink which means I'm officially a local now.


-My baby girl is going to be ONE soon, you guys. Soon enough that I'm planning her first birthday party and beginning some crafts already, stalking Pinterest nightly. I have a theme in my head and a huge list of things I want to make for the party because it's her FIRST birthday party and I kind of want to go all out. Also, I have realized that I truly enjoy crafting projects---they aren't a burden and don't feel like work to me, so when I make a huge list of ideas I want to complete it doesn't feel all that stressful. Trips to Michaels and Home Depot are right up my alley;) We will see if I get everything done but for now I'm enjoying the planning stage. Here is a sneak peek of something I'm painting--spray paint is my new best friend, btw.


And here is her birthday dress I ordered from Etsy seller Charlie & Mills. To say that I'm obsessed is an understatement.

-Things about Cecelia: she is into everything now, like for real this time. No kitchen cupboard is safe, no stair left unturned. I'm not sure this old house has seen baby-proofing in 40 years but it makes me all sentimental to think about how the previous owner raised her kids here (literally 40 years ago) and now here we are, thinking about putting latches on our newly updated cabinets.





And she is all up in Truman's biz, which is both hilarious and exhausting.

-Our neighbor is going to move in the next year because she is retiring. So she is cleaning out her house and we were gifted a set of AMAZING handmade wooden blocks, and a vintage wooden highchair. The blocks are a favorite of the kids right now and I'm totally going to spray paint the highchair hot pink and use it for Cecelia's cake smash at her party. Both gifts are awesome.


-I'm back to watching Breaking Bad with Nate again and have only witnessed about three gruesome murders in the last week. Eesh. But I finished all of Downton Abbey and OMG, I can't even. I knew something bad was going to happen and I had two options in my head. Neither of which were correct and the way it ended? More heartbreaking than I could have imagined! Gah!! Loved it and cannot wait to watch it in real time for season 4. Also, I don't hate Thomas anymore and feel bad that I said that earlier. He was just really annoying and mean and horrible early on and now my heart has warmed up to him. Seriously. That show!

-We've been having some hilarious and amazing bathtimes lately. First there was Cecelia giving Truman tons of open mouthed kisses.

Then we decided to ditch the Bumbo and it only caused me to have two heart attacks, when her big brother knocked her over with his giant waves. It's sort of hard to actually wash them when my hands are hovering around her body the whole time so I think I'm going to get an anti-slip mat. Because they both loved it and she didn't seem to mind getting tossed around. Something about two kids sitting in our tub that gets me every time.



And you know what? How could I not end this post with two of the most adorable butts on earth? I can't help it. Sorry, you two! You can tell me I'm an annoying mom someday but for now I can't stop laughing at these cheeks.


  1. hey, julia! just wanted to say hello - found you through google reader (le sigh that it's leaving!) and noticed we have a few similarities. our kiddos are the same age and we're also living in wisconsin and are from missouri. :)

  2. Thank you thank you for posting the link for Cecilla's birthday dress. They have a blue and pink one that would be perfect for our little girl's 1st birthday in a couple months. I love it! Your family is so funny and precious!

  3. About CCs sleep... Ashlynn by herself just started sleeping through around 10.5 months. I stopped feeding her, I would just hold her for a few minutes when she woke and cried and eventually she just started sleeping through. Sure, I could have ST and dealt with CIO and been sleeping 5 months ago, but she's still not waking 10x a night and going to college :p

  4. First of all, YAYYAYAYA for sleep! Second, I adore the naked bum pics. So very sweet (and useful for blackmail later)! Third, great minds think alike- I am also painting an old wooden highchair for E's birthday- but going with pale pink over here- cant' wait to see how both turn out!!!

  5. The tushies!! I die. They are the best. And Truman looks like he's on his way to being 7 feet tall! Lucky kid. Must be nice to have tall parents :) We're hoping Eli doesn't get my genes in that arena.

    Holla to the new phone. I can relate to the toilet incident every time I watch my phone crash to the ground....always seems to be in slow motion too ;)

    Can't wait to see C in her birthday dress! She's gonna be the cutest. I'm excited to see your theme too. Oh and send your non-stressed energy over here when it comes to crafts and projects. I'm a big ball of nerves when my to-do list is 20 feet long :)

  6. My phone met the same fate about a year ago, and the same thing happened with the speaker. Seems to be a common problem!

    Invest in a lifeproof case for your phone. They are expensive, but so worth it!

  7. Seeing the pic of your kids height differences (with the adorb little wrinkle butts) just made me look back at my kids. They are less than 5 inches apart in height now (with the two year age difference) and it made me sad to think there used to be this much difference. I need to rent a baby from someone, because now that I was thinking about them growing up, I just realized that my youngest will be 5 in a few months. Geez...

  8. Love the Easter pics.

    Brandy Old Fashioned - holla!

    Slip mat in the tub is a must with the kiddos - helps a lot!

    Glad Cece is maybe learning how to sleep - keep it up, cute girl!

  9. So happy you got the nursing thing figured out, enjoy the awesome weather in MO, can't wait to read all about CeCe's bday, those blocks are killer, and the butts are TO DIE FOR!! :)

  10. PS - what is a brandy old fashioned? Sounds like something old ppl drink. Which, according to you, I guess that fits? :)

  11. Sleep, jealous.

    ALso, one? I'm in total and utter denial. DENIAL. Benny is so little and it helps with my denial :)

    I love the way C is looking up at T in the last bootie pic too :)

  12. Just realized my last comments were under my mom's account. I was doing work for her from home and didn't realize. Gah, I'm such a dork!

  13. The butt cheeks are so stinkin' cute! I'm dying! And love, LOVE the birthday dress - I'm obsessed with chevron and Etsy!!

  14. Love it all... cannot wrap my mind around CeCe's birthday coming up!


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