Bye Bye, Bangs

Alternative title: First Haircut (but not really, because it was just her bangs and I'm not going to count it as her first, because then she would be too old)

My girl was rocking the long bangs look. But they were just becoming out of control, always in her face, tickling her lips, and being generally ridiculous. And yet, I couldn't bring myself to cut them. I even got a 'real' braid out of them last weekend.


But for some reason, today I decided that it was time to do the chop. I just got tired of brushing them out of her eyes every other second and I realized that it's just hair. It will grow back even prettier/less hilarious than before.

So after her nap I put her in the highchair, grabbed the camera and the scissors, took a deep breath, and cut them. I'm not kidding you---my heart was racing! But it turns out that she still rocks her red locks even without the fine stragglers touching her chin.


And After:






Oh, my baby girl. You are so beautiful no matter if you are having a good hair day or a bad one. Don't worry---I will still decorate your head with a multitude of bows and headbands and clips with your new do.

Now please don't stop giving me this awesome face:

And don't stop being adorable with your big brother.

He needs a haircut himself, but his eyes in the sun always take my breath away. I love how they are multicolored, or not really a color at all. This little stink pot cracks me up so much.




I was home all day with both of the kids today and yesterday, due to a schedule change at daycare. Today was one of Nate's long days at work, and I was worried that two days in a row plus a LONG day together in the midst of it would be a lot to handle. But we had two of the best days we've had together---things just seemed to click. Few tantrums, decent naps....crappy nights, but whatever. The days were still great.

She is doing a lot of this nonsense lately, shaking things back and forth with her mouth (?) :

And loving to play with her brother's toys:

And that new haircut! It somehow made the back of her hair curly, as noted tonight after her bath.


She is just too much sometimes.


  1. The curls in the back are to die for! What a cutie pie

  2. OMG her faces are TO DIE FOR!! I'm jealous, Luke won't give me any face other than his mouth open with drool hanging out. Ugh.

    Also, I love Truman's eyes, maybe mostly because they are almost the exact same color as mine :)

  3. Oh my goodness. She is a little ham! Love it! I have one of those too :) I love the photo of her looking over her shoulder with the braid, that is just a gorgeous picture. Your little man is such a handsome little guy. He is going to be a little heart breaker for sure. You have a beautiful family :)

  4. Love, love, love the new 'do! Still as cute as ever!!!

  5. You did a great job and I think she looks SO cute with her hairs cut!

    Love T's eyes, too. Ben has those what-color-are-they type eyes, as well. So pretty.

    And yay for two awesome days with the kiddos! Adore those (rare) days when things just seem to click so well.

  6. I cut my daughter's bangs a couple months ago. Same "style" and she wouldn't keep a bow in. After I made the cut I thought "what have I done?" I think she needs a trim in the back because it is mullett like. Oh well. Your kids are adorable!

  7. I am not gonna lie - I will miss the bang. She is so cute with her shortie bang now. Curls!? SO cute.

  8. She's a character!

    Love the new look! Very cute and still looks like a baby... no worries there!

    Just less annoying.


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