Hello from CO!

I think I failed to mention that we are in Colorado for a little family vacation right now. My camera, iPhone, and Flickr are all nearly exploding with pictures and I will probably do a detailed post (or seven) at some point. But holy man. Colorado is so awesome. Cannot complain about this new state my parents call home, even though we've visited here a few times before (and I lived here for two years when I was 3 years old). It's just awesome. Especially this time around.

Also awesome? My parents. My brother. The mountains. No work for TEN DAYS. Perfect weather. Relaxation. Memaw and Pepaw are coming today. The scenery is simply unbeatable. Built-in babysitters. Need I go on?

I wanted to mention something in this little drop-in post: my kids are freaking awesome. I have to admit that I didn't have high hopes for their behavior on this trip. Not that I expected them to be monsters or anything, but I figured the lack of routine, undivided attention from their grandparents, and general excitement would mean lots of meltdowns and very little sleep. We have been blown away by how well-behaved they have been, how happy, how grateful, and how flexible they've been. Sure, sleep hasn't been the best but is it ever for us? Not really. ;)

Truman couldn't stop hugging my mom and dad the first few days, and said, 'I missed you, GoGo' a few times. He said, 'Thank you for taking us trick-or-treating, mommy. It was really a lot of fun, you were right,' after he was skeptical of going ToTing at a little local farm yesterday. They are getting totally spoiled by my parents and even got two 'just because' toys on shopping trips already. This NEVER happens and I figure it's a special grandparent thing to do. But hearing Truman thank my mom for his special toys makes me feel like maybe he won't morph into a total spoiled brat after our trip;)

One last story: yesterday at the trick-or-treating, my 'little' brother was with us (he goes to grad school 2 hours away from my parents in CO) and he hasn't seen the kids since last Christmas. CC reached up and grabbed his hand and wouldn't let go as we waited in line for our turn. Michael sort of froze and said to my mom, 'Oh man, my heart just melted.' Cecelia totally owned this hip 26 year old college kid, and both kids had so much fun with Uncle Mike. We are gearing up to see Memaw and Pepaw today and will travel back home on Wednesday after a glorious week here.

A few of my favorite pictures so far:

They have lots of microbrews here and New Belgium was the bomb. Beer!! IMG_4505 Pumpkin hats made by GoGo and two very tired kiddos;) IMG_4663 Top of the world, er, at least 7200 feet up there. We hiked up Horsetooth Rock and the view up there was breathtaking. IMG_4763 Untitled In front of my parents' new home, lots of new memories waiting to be had here. IMG_4877 Pigtails, fall leaves, walking the dog with GoGo IMG_4949 Be still, my heart. I have about 100 more from this 'mini car' series that make me weak in the knees for these kids. IMG_5124 Vacation! BBQ lunch in the foothills IMG_5270 Another hike, with Mike this time IMG_5292 Trick or treating Sunday night. Little Tinkerbell and Captain Hook (sans hook) were a big hit. IMG_5353 IMG_5411 IMG_5406 IMG_5467 More to come. Vacation continues;)


  1. Vacation is THE BEST! Glad you are having such a wonderful time - I'm loving the peeks! :)

  2. Just discovered your blog, what a sweet little family you have. I'm a new mommy myself, so love hearing the wisdom of those that have gone before me!

  3. Love love love. Trips to see the grandparents are the best! Definitely doesn't hurt to have such a gorgeous location to visit now too!


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