Baby 3: Ten weeks {Hidden Baby Chronicles}

Let's get these weekly pregnancy posts rolling, shall we? I'm not sure I want to do a 'form' style post or not, so we will just go with it and switch later if needed. Love being sneaky and drafting a few posts before the internet world can read them.


Ten Weeks: 12.10.13


Photo thoughts: I'm not sure I can keep this belly a secret much longer. Holy early bump! Definitely showing earlier with each pregnancy, I guess.

Size of baby: going off memory alone, I remember week ten being the prune week.

Cravings/Aversions: Two things come to mind for aversions, and both are slightly devastating to admit. I HATE sugar so much right now. It makes the back of my throat feel really puke-y and this is so far from my normal sweet tooth, it has me worried. I hope I can eat desserts for Christmas. I want to love sugary cereals and never even tried a single Royal Iced cookie that I made the other day. This.Is.Insane. Another really sad part of my daily menu? Coffee is disgusting. I know, this really is Julia typing here---but I cannot handle the acid taste of any coffee. Regular,'s all horrible. Again, praying my love for a hot cup of joe returns soon or my sense of identity might be at risk. I don't even love downing my usual crazy amounts of water anymore---it just takes effort and tastes gross. I don't know who I am anymore.

I'm loving cheese, though, and can't get enough salt. Port wine cheese is my new best friend and Nate's buffalo chicken dip is also extremely satisfying for me. Which is odd since I HATE anything spicy---this flavor is just amazing, though. You can often find me slicing off pieces of colby jack cheese and combining that with potato chips. My ideal lunch for now consists of cheese, salty chips, a pickle, and a diet soda. Weird. But I will take it because a week ago I was still dry heaving at the thought of most any food.

What I'm loving: Feeling a little more energetic and less like ralphing this week!

What I'm anticipating the most: Hitting 12 weeks, moving onto the second trimester, announcing the big news to the internets, and Christmas;)

Missing anything?: Red wine. Like, woah. I dream about it sometimes.

Also I feel like I'm experiencing true 'pregnancy brain' or maybe I'm just losing my marbles in general. For instance, I spaced on a hair appointment being at 3:00 and my brain told me it was at 3:30 (without double checking the clearly marked calendars in my phone). I HATE being late to appointments, let alone being a 'no show'! I think my IQ is gradually fading into the distance this time around, so excuse me if I seem a little flaky.

Worries: Miscarriage thoughts still hover in my brain at all times, even though we had a great ultrasound and I've been hearing the heartbeat on the doppler. It's just a hard reality to shake, especially when this all seems too good to be true.

Differences between pregnancies: I honestly think I've been a lot sicker this pregnancy, and pretty sure I've never turned up my nose towards desserts before. Then again, maybe I just forgot how awful the first trimester was and having two kids makes it just a liiiiiittle bit harder, too. At week ten with Truman we announced our news to everyone. At week ten with Cecelia we were finishing up our weekly ultrasounds to check on my giant bleed, and I remember that last 'little baby' ultrasound being so cute since we could see her moving.

How I'm feeling: Like a different person compared to last week, that's for sure. Still a little queasy at times, tired but I haven't needed a nap in a solid few days, and emotional. I'm glad that food is semi-tolerable again and that I don't crash on the couch every chance I can get. My boobs aren't as sore, I'm not dizzy or crampy anymore, and I'm not so short of breath.

Sleep: Love it, can't get enough. I did have a few weeks when I couldn't fall asleep at night but that has changed. I make it through the night without peeing but have to book it as soon as I wake up. Not too shabby. Having two kids that seemingly learned how to sleep well is certainly helping.

Movement: Maybe, but I realize that makes me seem a little crazy to claim this early. But truly I feel flutters sometimes and I don't think it's always gas. It probably is gas, but whatever.

The Bump: Present. Undeniable. I know it's not HUGE or anything, and it struck me tonight that I will be much bigger than this post-partum anyway, so this is still relatively 'flat' for now.

Milestones: Heard baby's heartbeat on my home doppler last week, right at 9w0d. AMAZING. Trying not to check every day but it's pretty close;) Heart rate is in the upper 170s-180s and there truly is no better sound in the entire world right now. Also, home doppler = life saver for my anxiety. Fantastic purchase, if you ask me.

Video of one of the first times with the doppler:

Best Moment of the Week: When Nate, Truman, and Cecelia all heard the baby's heartbeat on the doppler. Truman was amazed and kept saying, 'You found it! You found it!' and Cecelia wanted to hold the probe. Nate and I both agreed it's freaking insane to think about another little PERSON being inside there! I think we are still in denial a little bit and can't wait until it seems real (probably after the birth).

Other belly shots I've taken so far:

5--after I took the test but I didn't have a clue that I was five weeks pregnant here.

7--still didn't know how far along at the time


Double digits, baby!


  1. Wow, I can't believe you didn't know at 7 weeks. I guess I didn't realize from earlier posts. What a great way to get thought the first trimester - oblivious! Ha!! Maybe I can get so lucky as well :)

    Hated sweets love salt with Miri's pregnancy. So unlike me.

    And so glad you are feeling better. First tri sickness an exhaustion is no joke!

  2. Congrats on your pregnancy! 3 is a wild ride! When was pregnant for my first (a July baby too) i had the same aversion to sweets. It lasted my whole pregnancy, and funny enough, he doesn't have a sweet tooth. At all. At 3 he chose asperagus over candy on Halloween. He's 5 now, and i don't think he's ever finished a piece of cake that was bigger than a sliver. Maybe this baby will have the same personality quirk!

  3. Holy canoli! You for real have a bump already. I'm so excited for you. I have one WEEK of pills left before we are officially "trying" aka not preventing

  4. I loved salty vinegary foods in my first tri. Cannot believe you're on to number 3!


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