Baby #3: 13 weeks

Thirteen Weeks: 12.31.13


Bare belly shot time

Photo thoughts: Hello, bump. You are so much bigger than previous pregnancies. Sure do hope this evens out by the end somehow.

Size of baby: A peach.

Cravings/Aversions: Big news! I can drink coffee again!! Hallelujah, praise the Lord. I kept trying it each morning around Christmas and finally it tasted non-gaggy. I allow myself one (large) cup on my days at home and am loving the ritual of coffee again. Still tastes slightly different than before but I will manage. I do love my caffeine and OB says 'everything in moderation.'

What I'm loving: Food in general (sugar is back in my good graces), having an appetite, and feeling energetic again with the ability to exercise a few times per week. Also notable: boobs are inflating again, which is much appreciated. I can find baby's heartbeat really quickly now and it's usually around 160ish. Still higher than my other babies!

What I'm anticipating the most: Feeling lots of movement. Can't wait.

Miss anything? Had a low moment of being in close proximity to amazing margaritas over the weekend. Wanted one so badly I was salivating. I really don't remember missing alcohol this much before. Perhaps it's the fact that I have two kids right now that makes me want to booze more than ever? (Love you, T and C!)

Worries: Birth defects, finding something is horribly wrong on the 20 week US, you know---really positive thinking like that.

Differences between pregnancies: Truman's 13 week post makes me smile, yet again, because of my hilarious 'bloat'. Cecelia's 13 week post is fun because I still hadn't made it official to the world just yet, and was loving sugar while contemplating maternity pants. Feels pretty similar this time around! I also just realized that my pregnancies have all started in odd years, then I have a baby in the even years. So I got pregnant in 2009, 2011, and 2013. My babies will have birthdays in 2010, 2012, and 2014. Guess we need to be extra careful in 2015!

All three pregnancies at 13 weeks. Hilarious!


And seriously. Look at my first time around compared to this last time. Insane! I was in great shape this time when I got pregnant, too, so I don't think my abs were super stretched out. It's just my uterus is all 'Yep, I know what to do this third time, no worries'.

How I'm feeling: Pretty awesome in general. Must be the coffee and the appetite.

Sleep: Yes. Love it.

Movement: I think so! Not every day or anything, but there have been undeniable flutters this week.

The Bump: Big. See above. Wondering when people will flat out ask me if I'm pregnant without knowing. I know that didn't happen until about 30 weeks with Truman but hello, this is pretty obvious I think. Might start digging out maternity tops pretty soon because I feel like most of mine are getting a little short.

Milestones: Second trimester, baby!

Best moment of the week: Christmas of course. Imagining next year with three kids is pretty much blowing our minds, too.


  1. The bump is blowing my mind. Shocked at how much bigger it is than even CC's pregnancy. Whoa!! (But it's super cute and I think early bumps are fun!)

  2. You are so cute!!! Craaaazy how much faster people show with #3!!!!

  3. I'm working on baby number two and am only 7 weeks, but am as big as I was with my first at 17 weeks, insane!! I already dragged out the maternity clothes to take inventory because I'm sure they will be needed much sooner!

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  5. Julia - I have followed your blog for well over a year now. I've never posted anything or replied to any of your posts but feel totally compelled to now. I read you blog week for week when you were pregnancy with CC. I had a baby 7 months ago and we were within weeks of one another in the pregnancy but a year off. We too lost a baby between #1 and #2 - which is actually how I initially found your blog. Your stories of going through that experience with Wren helped me realize that I wasn't alone. I kept wondering and waiting when I would click on my IE favorite to your blog and find out that you were pregnant with #3. Congrats are in order. We were essentially on parallel kid paths until you doubled down for another kiddo. We were done at 1 and then had 2. So there is no way we are going for another. I wonder if another bundle of joy will have any impact on your craftiness, design and art projects...something tells me it will not. Happy Holidays and Congrats!

  6. Yup, that's a true bump! I showed much faster with my second & third, but in the end carried pretty much exactly the same with all three. I also found that my pregnancies were all so different in some ways and totally the same in others, so I could never gauge what I was having based off of old wives tales. My guess was only correct 1 out of 3 times. Oddly enough the only one I was correct about was my second, whom we didn't find out of the gender of until she was born. Can't wait to hear what you are having!

  7. Hi! Longtime lurker here. Congrats on baby #3! You have an absolutely beautiful family!

    Random question: what app do you use to write and draw on your pics?


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