Baby #3: 31 weeks

5.6.14: Thirty-one weeks. Totally had to look it up to be sure which week I hit today, yet again, because this pregnancy is flying by at record speeds.

Camera Roll-636

I feel like a broken record here, but I cannot believe I'm *this* far along with my pregnancy. In some ways it seems like yesterday that I saw those shocking two lines on the test but in reality, early November was like a lifetime ago. I blame the loooooongest winter ever for playing tricks on my hormonal brain with this one.

Big happening this week: I filled out my FMLA paperwork and decided to say that July 2 is my last day at work (my due date is July 8). Which, as long as he doesn't come earlier than that, means I won't go back until September 29. That's actually about 12.5 weeks off instead of 'just' 12 because of the holiday and my MWF schedule....and seriously, having less than two months left at work? OMG. Big time 'light bulb moment' that made me want to squeal. It's so soon!! And September 29 feels like forever away, although I know my maternity leave will soar by in a blink. But still! This whole concept of being away from work for 12 weeks to care for my newborn child is really making me extra emotional/makes it real. Holy smokes, we are having a third child.

Yes, I know I might be overdue and will hate watching my maternity leave tick by without a baby in my arms. But I also know myself, how exhausted I was doing home care PT when 39 weeks pregnant with Cecelia, and truly believe that it's best for everyone (myself, my family, and especially my patients) if I just tap-out a few days before my due date. I'm exhausted *now* on work days, and I cannot imagine being a great therapist when it's actually hot out and I'm even bigger. So yes, done with work before my due date and not sorry in the least about that one.

Time for a big old comparison of weeks:
I'm actually craving spinach salads and fruit smoothies these days, in addition to my usual junky sweets. I've also been walking up a storm with a solid four purposeful walks last week, and it seems to be a little more comfortable than before with less contractions/cramps after. Flip side to exercising more is that my feet KILL me by the end of the day. Maybe hauling around an extra person is starting to get to me but it's nice to get some fresh air and feel somewhat active again after a long winter indoors.

My OB appointment last week went well, nothing too eventful and I still can't believe I am going every two weeks. I'm now on track to gain more weight with this pregnancy than I did with Cecelia (34 pounds) and it might be closer to Truman's grand total of 43 pounds. I've gained 26 pounds at the 30 week mark which I know is not awful or abnormal, I know that I am not 'fat', and I know that weight is a touchy subject for many women. So originally I had a big long string of complaints about gaining these 26 pounds, but I just deleted them and tried to re-word the entire paragraph to be a little more sensitive to how others might perceive me complaining about weight gain.

Pregnancy is a miracle, it's beautiful, and amazing and I love it more than I hate the scale. By far. I apologize if I come across as selfish or psychotic about the superficial changes our bodies make during pregnancy.

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Sleep is my number one lately, and I'm finally starting to go to bed consistently before 10:00pm. Just.So.Tired by the end of the day! No naps this week and overall daytime energy was high to very-high, but wow--I hit a wall around 8 pm each day and can barely get muster the strength to climb the stairs after that. I frequently lament to Nate that he is not the type of husband to carry his pregnant wife up to her bed at night, when she is just too fatigued to do it herself. And he rolls his eyes at me, like, 'Duh---what guy WOULD haul their extra-heavy wife up a flight of stairs?' Don't say anything to me if you husband would/does do that type of chivalrous thing for you, okay? Mine just mentions something about hospital bills and broken backs and I growl back at him before groaning my way up the stairs.

I truly feel like this child is practically falling out of my body already, which is really really scary/ creepy. Every time I stand up the pressure down there is insane and I definitely do not remember this feeling hitting me so early with the other babies. Mostly I think I need to do one million Kegels and rest a bit more, but I almost had my OB check me last week to be sure things are normal down there. Third time around and my body is just like, 'Oh yes, I will grow you a baby boy and then let him rest directly on your cervix just to freak you out about pre-term labor.' Nothing like feeling a bowling ball between your legs when trying to run after existing children.

He's a mover and a shaker and IloveitSOmuch. Many videos of my bouncing belly this week. He seems to be all over the place and kicks can range anywhere from my ribs to my girlie area, so yeah---hope he settles down into position soon.

At 31 weeks with Truman: my face was looking pregnant, we took a childbirth class, found out we were getting FIVE baby showers, and I finally bought some maternity clothes of my own. I was marveling at my new porn star boobs.

At 31 weeks with Cecelia: I was preparing to move into our house, taking care of a sick little boy, and marveling at belly movement. Which apparently peaks around now! People were finally being kind to me with their comments and it seems like my belly wasn't quite as big as it is now, but it's hard to tell from that photo.

There was a bit of a stomach bug rounding the house this week. First Truman had a low grade fever and just didn't feel good Wednesday night. All day Thursday it was pretty touch or go and required Ibuprofen every 6 hours for comfort. He was decent on Friday, all better on Saturday, and then by Sunday Cecelia was extra fussy and had a nasty diaper. I took them to Lori's on Monday and within an hour, Lori called me to come and get CC with horribly watery diapers. Poor babe. I hate having to call patients, move their visits around to other days, and ask for help from other therapists but being a mom comes first. My girl needed me on Monday, and ended up puking three times in an hour that night, so we will just hope the bug moves quickly and everyone else is spared! 

We had a lot of great moments over the weekend as a family, just enjoying the sunshine and being generally productive with nesting/spring cleaning in the house. I attended my friend Erin's kick-off even for her non-profit Grateful Hearts Giving Network and we had to get a few belly shots.

This one makes me laugh. We are not animated at all when we talk.
Camera Roll-608

Almost 23 weeks and almost 31 weeks. Love.
Camera Roll-609

Sharing our third pregnancies together is fun! There is probably a blog post to be had all about how each of us has taken turns 'going first' with all of our kids, how we've grown as moms through the years, and how awesome it is to be able to complain and celebrate while pregnant with good friends. And yes, Andrea is adorably petite compared to Erin and I ;) Not 'short' but 'petite'.
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I also noticed that Nate and I have been laying on the couch once the kids go to bed, flipping through our iPhone pictures from the day saying, 'Man our kids are awesome.' We love to relive the adorable things they've done each day....all while they are sleeping peacefully upstairs. Funny how we don't take a lot of time to reflect on their amazingness while they are actually AWAKE and running wild, but as the little angels sleep? Totally a time to gush over them. And both kids are a ton of fun right now despite Cecelia's roller coaster of emotions and Truman's occasional whines. Can't quite believe they are getting a baby brother so soon. Three kids. Wow.

Love them so much. Want to write each child a focused letter from their hormonal mother very soon.
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Camera Roll-570

Classic CC.
Camera Roll-591

Camera Roll-618

Coffee house mother/son date. Loved our time together!
Camera Roll-623

Big helper with the guys, assisting with hanging dry wall in the basement!!
Camera Roll-630

Another week down!


  1. I love that purple shirt! Where did you get it?

    Also - I read your blog often but can never come to your actual site (just read in feedly) since the site always looks like it's having a spasm! It cuts in and out and scrolls up and down weirdly. Not sure if its my computer of what. Just FYI.

    1. Robin--have you updated your Flash player recently? Sometimes the rotating picture banner messes up if the Flash isn't updated?

      The purple shirt was a consignment score a few years ago---I want to say it's an oldie from Motherhood Maternity!

  2. That belly is a-growin'! Love it!! You do not look like you've gained 26 pounds - but who really cares? You are a thin, thin woman and you know it'll come off again!! Skinny people just need to gain more.

    Before 10 p.m. each night - that's impressive! I so need to get better at that, and maybe in another 8 weeks I'll be there - I remember I somehow got to bed pretty early in the first tri since I was just so darn exhausted!

    Love our pics together! I'm a total dork in that talking one, but oh how I love the belly pics. I'm still just so excited by the fact that we're all doing this together again once more. :) It's so awesome.

  3. You look amazing, seriously, you do. I'm not just saying that, you really do look great. As I'm reading this, I keep saying "ugh" because I can remember all of these things as I was getting close to the end of my pregnancies - feeling so tired at work and just wanting to stay home, but not wanting to waste my maternity leave, the intense pressure like the baby was going to drop at any second, using the bathroom countless, COUNTLESS times each hour. But, the end result is just so amazing, it's easy to quickly forget those things :) I'm so happy the weather is so nice and we've been able to play outside a ton too, makes the weekends and even workdays so enjoyable!

  4. How are you possibly this adorable and this far along? I think you look amazing! Our bodies will do (and gain) what they need and we'll just deal with it later. Not much we can do at this point. I hear you on being exhausted these days. Ryan and I both went to bed at 8:30 the other night and it was glorious! I also feel like this baby is going to just fall out of me too! I'm carrying so low with Mim, where I carried so high with Mac. And yay for a long maternity leave! I'm so jealous.


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