Things I've learned this week

-Super early bedtime for the kids = longer, better sleep for them, including sleeping nearly 13 hours in a row (!). Not always, but at least this one time it worked well, although I feared they would be awake for the day at 4 am ready to go. Nope! On Tuesday, Cecelia only took an hour long nap, which is a lot shorter than her usual 2-3 hour stretch. Truman didn't nap, as always, and by the evening both were whiny and exhausted and I was TOTALLY spent. And so? Bedtime began at 6pm and they were asleep at 6:30. And they didn't wake until 7 am. GLORIOUS for everyone. It hasn't happened since and definitely cannot happen every night, but when those evenings occur they are awesome. I mean, from 6:30-10pm we had peace and quiet and adult time...and lots of Dexter episodes. Yessssss. I love my kids so much but I love it the most when they sleep well.

I also love when they give me unprompted hugs, like this. Truly, I was just taking a picture of Cecelia and her long legs when Truman came over to hug me. Cecelia followed suit. And I frantically flipped the phone's camera around to capture this moment. My babies!
Camera Roll-298

Camera Roll-299

-Carving out time at a coffee shop with my laptop for 1 hour alone = the perfect kind of 'me time' right now. The more I get into this parenting thing, the more I realize that I will burn out and bottle up resentment towards my kids if I don't regularly take time for myself. Who knew, right?

I need that time to recharge, to return emails, to focus on the blog a bit, and to feel energized and ready to tackle more hours at home/my real job. It used to be that going for a run would be my favorite stress reliever but now I enjoy coffee shop/computer time to reset my sanity levels. A nice walk outside is great, too, but there is just something about sitting in Starbucks with my computer and my coffee that feels luxurious.

The only way I'm making this work right now is because Nate will not teach any classes this summer, so he is back to working 'just' 40 hours per week. He will still have his late days on Mondays and Wednesdays, getting home at 7:30pm, but now instead of getting home around 5pm on Tues/Thurs it will be a GLORIOUS 12:30pm. Incredible, right? Fridays will continue to be a 6pm return time, so really Tuesdays and Thursdays are our cherished days as a family.

Camera Roll-362

I love spending time with the four of us but if I take just an hour out to be alone, now that Nate can watch the kids for me, I find that the rest of our time together is *that* much more appreciated. So I plan to keep my dates with myself from now until baby is born and am thankful for my parenting partner on this one.

-These first two bullet points make it seem like I don't love being around my kids and prefer them to be asleep or prefer to be at Starbucks alone. NOT TRUE. But I am realizing how important it is to balance my attention on them and also attention to myself/hobbies/husband/etc. I feel very strongly that this will only amplify when baby #3 arrives but I'm positive that the balance is going to be very skewed away from 'me time' for many, many months. Which is another reason to take advantage of it while I can, I suppose. Maybe I can 'bank' both sleep and me time to last me awhile? Ha.

-Cold and rainy days at home are such downer when it's SUPPOSED to be Spring and nearly summer. We are just totally over any and all indoor activities at this point in the year because (broken record alert) it's been a really long winter. On Thursday, the kids and I just didn't feel like going anywhere at all. Truman even turned down a Target trip! It barely hit 50 degrees that day and was just gross outside, so we came up with a fun way to stay warm inside: daytime baths! I let the kids take a looooong bath that morning, with colored water tablets, and every single bath toy we own. They seriously had a ball----they've always loved their dual baths, and I've been known to take many-a-bath pictures over the years. But that's alright. We just like baths here, I guess.

Camera Roll-328

Camera Roll-331

-Antibiotics are awesome. Truman is back to his old self and we are one week out from the scare of last week. Thank you, God. Cecelia seems fair, although she does have a little cough. I'm watching her like a hawk but so far no fever, no hives, no signs of being sick.

-Hair cuts on little boys = aged 3 more years. SO stinking handsome. Love how shocked he looks here, not sure what I said to get this look from him.

Camera Roll-345

Camera Roll-340

Sorry, Truman, but you are just so beautiful sometimes.
Camera Roll-305

Also, he really HAS grown a ton in the last year. Ignore the maddening typo in this picture. One year of growth. Woah.
Camera Roll-303

-Hair cuts and a brow wax on mom = luxurious, and much needed. I'm honest with myself and my hair dresser when I say I probably won't see her again until after baby. Mind blowing!! Growing out the top and sides a bit to make my cut more of a bob, so hopefully I won't want to yank out the nasty 'mullet' part on my neck when it gets too long again. ;) Still loving shorter hair for the ease of styling, so I'm not growing it out for REAL. I just needed a different shape and really like it again. Note the lack of a rat tail now.

Camera Roll-374

-Html code is still beyond me, but not impossible. I emailed Erin asking her if she had any idea how to update my Moms Make it Work page, because having one giant picture per post is not going to work moving forward. I have now returned over FORTY emails to readers who want in on this series, you guys! So freaking exciting. We are nailing the 'must find' groups of moms like bosses and I cannot wait to share these stories with you. I think I will have to post twice per week through the summer, since otherwise I'll have to schedule them out through the fall or beyond....not sure yet. What a great 'problem' to have!

ANYWAY, Erin helped me figure out a way to make each smaller icon click right to the post, and it looks fabulous. Check it out. I wanted a 'hover title' for each icon and figured out how to make that happen for a better description of each poster without 'labeling' too much. You can only see the roll over title on a real computer, not the mobile site, but I like that you can roll past each icon and search for other SAHM or WM or whatever you feel like reading at the moment. I guess the page is ready for 70+ posters total now. Eeeeek!

Screen shot of said changes if you really don't want to click to see;)

Camera Roll-317

-I am not 'big' compared to other 32 week bellies, but I am 'big' compared to my own previous 32 week bellies. Especially at the end of the day, the bump just feels so STRETCHED and tight. I snapped this picture on Thursday and compared it to my 38 week picture with Cecelia's pregnancy. Not too far off, right? I am not complaining because I freaking love being pregnant still, and feel really good. I just cannot get over the crazy changes pregnancy brings. It never gets old to marvel at the differences between pregnancies of my own, and although most people still say I'm 'so small' I know that FOR ME, I'm very very pregnant. Not sure how this belly is going to stretch even bigger for the next 8ish weeks. Cray Cray.

Camera Roll-370

-I just counted it up and have 7 more weeks of work remaining before maternity leave. OMGOMGOMGOMG. Yes.

-Nate got new surround sound speakers for the TV (such a guy thing, do not care at ALL but he is very adamant about this). When moving the old subwoofer to the basement we heard little rattling sounds inside. And? The kids were hiding the following:

Camera Roll-320

-Cecelia is being trained to be my own personal masseuse. Observe

-In summary: It's FRIDAY!!! I crave balance between 'me time' and 'every other responsibility time'. I like random bullet point posts. And we've had a great week so far, iPhone pictures above to prove this statement.


  1. I totally hear you on the "me" time. I was taking prenatal yoga on Tuesday nights but it's over now and I think I will still go out for an hour alone. I also really crave "me" time...especially during pregnancy. And that's OK! I also stopped napping Henry most days so he would go to bed at 7pm and fall asleep immediately. I need that time at night with my husband! And when he is away for work, I just need that time alone since it's the only break I get. So I get you. I'm glad T is feeling better!!

  2. Confession: I often put my kids to bed at 6:30. Their bedtime is 7pm but sometimes the day has just been way too long. Luckily they can't tell time yet, haha! They usually don't actually fall asleep that early, but they are at least in their beds and reading quietly. You do what you've got to do, right?!
    And AMEN on the "me-time" - do it now while you can! I'm juuuuust now starting to carve out some me time since life with 3 began. It took an exceptionally long time to get back into the groove where anything other than my little trio was my only focus, but now that W is a bit older and I've managed to detach him from me for small periods of time here and there, it's opened a whole new world back up for me…and I'm loving it!
    Of course I ADORE my kids and love all of the time I get to spend with them, but being away from them, even for that short time between their bedtime and mine, helps me to recharge and be the best mom I can be to them! No guilt here :)

  3. Truman's haircut! Adore.

    Also, one of the (very few) things I loved about Chad's restaurant management job was his flexible hours - he'd work a few late days, but then have a day or two when he was off mid day. It was awesome - I loved that "extra" family time. Glad y'all are getting that now, especially before you have the newborn craziness that is just around the corner!


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