Worth it in the little moments

Friday | June 13, 2014

This morning, both of my kids slept in extra late....because it's a work day, of course (and it won't ever happen on a weekend). I watched the video monitor as Truman started to stir finally around 7:30. Baby girl was still passed out, looking extra angelic. Both of them have been sleeping so well lately, it's hard not to feel extra in love while watching them snooze. Especially when I know how exhausted I am just being a pregnant mom, and those two are a constant blur of activity---learning and taking in the world around them. I'm tired just thinking about how tired they must be when they sleep.

Truman climbed down from the top bunk and I saw him stand next to Cecelia's bottom bed. He seemed to talk to her a bit but I couldn't hear him. She stirred and rolled over, then sat up in her bed. Truman lingered there a bit and I heard CC start to whine, so I headed upstairs.

When I got into their room, I didn't see Truman standing there anymore. 'Good morning, guys,' I said as I looked around for T, and opened the shades.

'Hi, Mommy. I'm in CC's bed with her,' he told me. Sure enough, my two little beings were sitting together in Cecelia's bed. Both looking mighty small and so innocent.

'She was still tired and whining, so I asked her if she wanted me to lay with her a little bit. She said 'yeah' so I'm here with her now,' my big helper informed me.

Cecelia looked over to me with a grin and shook her head 'yes' when I asked if she liked have Truman lay with her.

And then my heart exploded.

These two kids regularly make me want to cry---sometimes happy tears, like today, and other times out of frustration. But that Truman and his caregiver heart towards his sister? I can barely take it. That's just him---nothing we can take credit for instilling in this child. He is just sensitive and loving and empathetic....some of the time, at least. He is 'already' four but he's 'only' four, as I constantly remind myself.

I dropped them off at Lori's and got two very special hugs and kisses from two very special children. Truman paused, ran back over to me, and hugged and kissed my belly saying, 'Bye, baby. I love you, too.'

Thank you, God, for this sweet child of mine. And for his sister and for his unborn baby brother. Being their mother is the best and the hardest and worth it.


(kissing her owie)


  1. I pray my children are as sweet to one another as yours are!! You are definitely doing something right, good job mama!

  2. They are just the sweetest. That Truman is really something. My boys have their (rare) sweet moments together, but oh how I envy how well your kids get along. Henry and Ben could certainly learn a thing or two from them!

  3. such a sweet moment to top off kiddos sleeping in :) what a good start to your day and thanks for sharing - made me smile :)

  4. This is absolutely precious!!


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